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Report Abstract

RMG Selection has released the result report of China Talent-flow Survey in March 2013, on talent flow rate, its characteristics, and the function of headhunters and recruiters in 2012. The report includes: 2000+ participators. 80 pages & 52 charts packed with talentmarket data and insight. Key findings about the role of the recruiter/headhunter in talent-movement that might surprise you. China-wide analysis of 20+ industries, 20+ cities Information on what prospective candidates respond well to.

Through the attentive analysis, we find that China employment market is still active, and the phenomena of job hopping is becoming more and more popular active (once again)

Robert Parkinson
CEO & Founder RMG Selection

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Market Landscape The employment market is still active, last year over 30% of people even changed jobs. The percentage of job-hoppers from private enterprises is 39%; that of state-owned enterprises is only 25%. The highest percentage of job-hoppers is those grouped in the monthly salary of 10000&40000RMB. Both men and women are active on a similar level. Headhunter Role Nearly 60% of people are more willing to change jobs via headhunters. Nearly 80% of middle and high income earners choose headhunters. Headhunters are killing into state-owned enterprises. More than half of people believe headhunters are more professional on phone than direct contacts from companies own employees. MBAs are most favored by headhunters; the difference with PhD. is not big. Online CV submission results: PhD holders are less popular than undergraduates Flowing Appreciation 80% of people needed to job hop to get a salary increase of 20% or higher. The expectation of salary increase is slightly higher for men than women for job-hopping. The 30-40 years old age group, are even more eager to obtain a substantial salary increase. The higher salary people have, the smaller impact of annual bonus to job changing. Cross-domain Flowing 70% of people are willing to work in other cities. Half of people who are over 50 do not mind working in any cities. The higher the salary, the more difficult it is to change working city. Males are more willing to adapt to different areas.

China Talent-Flow Survey

Have you changed your employer in the last 12 months?

The changing job rates of employees in the logistics industry ranks first at 41.67%. The rapid development of ecommerce brings more business to the related industry, causing high demand of employees and finally leading to the high changing job rates.
Percentage of changing jobs in 2012



This data shows that 32.3% of the respondents changed their employers in 2012. This means that there is one employee changing job successfully among every 3 job seekers, which is notably high comparing with the weak world economic and slow developing Chinese economic last year.
China Talent-Flow Survey

How do you make career-change decisions?

The best hope from employees of changing jobs is through headhunters, the rate is 57.27%. On one hand, employees will understand thoroughly about the job opportunity headhunters recommend which is more attractive toward job seekers; on the other hand, through the communication with headhunters, it will not only save job seekers time and energy, but also improve the successful rate.
2% 2% 1% 13%



Headhunter Contacts Online job seeking Friend recommendation Meet new employers through industry conferences Others Job fairs
China Talent-Flow Survey

Of the responses you received, were most of the

responses directly from hiring companies or from 3rd parties (i.e. head-hunters/recruiters)?

5% 2%

There is no doubt that headhunters are becoming the main force in recruiting market. 67.88% employees say that the responses they receive are mostly from headhunting companies. Only 24.61% responses are directly from the hiring companies. As a 3rd party in recruiting process, the active market of headhunters demonstrates that a large number of companies are using headhunter to do the recruiting.

25% 68%

Mostly recruiters/headhunters Mostly direct hiring Not sure Other

China Talent-Flow Survey

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