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Unik Aloe Vera Health and Beauty Products

Aloe Barbadensis
Aloe Felox
Nutritional and Medicinal Value
• Aloe Vera contains more than 200 active
elements/nutrients that support health.
• It contains 8 essential amino acids, 12
non-essential amino acids, 12
anthraquinones, 10 enzymes and many
minerals and vitamins
• Increases fibroblast production in the skin
tissue thus accelerating wound healing
• A Polysaccharide in Aloe vera called
Glucomannan works as an anti-
• Another one, Aloctin A, has immune
system stimulation and anti-tumor
• Contains Salicylic acid, which is the main
content of aspirin
• Contains Magnesium
• Contains many other medicinal and
dietary elements
Historical significance
• Aloe is one of the oldest known therapeutic
herbs. It has been used as a medicinal plant for
generations. It dates back to 6,000 years ago.
• It was mentioned in Egyptian “Papyrus Ebers” in
1550 BC for its and embalming value
• Aloe was supposedly used to embalm the body
of Christ
• Both the Greek Historian Dioscorides and the
Roman naturalist Pliny recommended aloe about
2000 years ago as an effective remedy for
constipation, burns, wounds, bruises, skin
irritations, kidney problems and more.
Queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti of Egypt gave tribute
to Aloe Vera as one of their most important beauty
Queen Cleopatra the VII of Egypt 51 BC–12 August 30 BC

Queen Nefertiti of Egypt 1370 BC to 1330 BC

• Hindus call it the “silent healer”
• Chinese call it the “Harmony remedy”
• Even Christopher Columbus mentioned its
• Alexander the Great (356 BC – 323 BC-
king of the Greek) carried aloe plant into
battle to treat wounded soldiers
Aloe in Modern Times
• Many recent scientific studies have proved
Aloe’s medicinal values.
• Over 200 worldwide scientific research papers
have been published on the effects of aloe vera
• Dr. Robert H. Davis of the University of
Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine
remarked; “Aloe Vera contains the greates
number of active substances of any plan I’ve
looked at”
Unik Aloe Vera Health and Beauty
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Uni Aloevera Skin Care Cream
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Unik Aloe Vera Beauty Soap
Muddu Herbal Cough Syrup
Pain inhibitor/Killer.

• It reduces pain upon application on the

affected area. It has ability to penetrate
the skin and ease inflammation.
• Aloe Vera gel inhibits the synthesis of
prostaglandins from arachidonic acid. It
has the similar functionality as steroids
but without harmful side effects. It
contains compounds like Glycoproteins
which inhibit Bradykinin (pain and
inflammatory mediator), Anthraquinones
and salicylates (the same as those found
in aspirin).
anti allergenic.
Healing action.

• Aloe has components that enhance

wound healing through biosynthesis of
collagen(protein) fiber in the wound area.
It contains high levels of calcium,
potassium, and zinc as well as vitamins
C and E. These are good especially in
wound healing.
Keratolic action.

• It’s the action of removing dead skin,

replacing it with new skin cells. It also
allows the flow of blood through the
veins and arteries, clearing them of small
Stretch Marks

Poisonous Ivy
Vaginal Dryness
Man Power!!!
Antimicrobial activity.
• It stops action of bacteria including
salmonella, staphylococcus that produce
pus.Very effective if used at greater than
75% concentration to the affected area.
Antiviral activity
• Effective if used at 75% concentration
directly to the virus. Very effective
against vaginal tricomona because of the
Anti fungal activity

• Acts as a fungicide when applied directly

to the fungus.
Cell regeneration
• It contains a hormone that accelerates growth
of new cells, also eliminating the old ones.
Aloe helps protect the skin’s immune system.
• It contains 18 amino acids necessary for
protein and tissue formation, in addition to
calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron,
manganese, magnesium, potassium and
sodium essential elements for metabolism and
cellular operation.
Examples of therapeutic abilities
of Aloe Vera Barbadensis.

• Wounds, scabs, skin/tissue openings.

• Aloe Vera contains polysaccharides called
“Acemannans” which increase fibroblast
replication in tissues, thus healing burns, ulcers,
and wounds.
• Wash wound with soap (aloe Vera soap if
possible since it kills germs).Then pour aloe
Vera gel or juice directly on to the wound. Let it
penetrate if possible. (Enrique, pg 314)
• Being rich in Minerals, Amino acids,
vitamins and fiber, Aloe Vera helps cell
regeneration thereby boosting the
immunity of the body. Helps sick people
recover faster.
Energy boosting
• Aloe Vera boosts the body energy
Stomach gases.
• Symptoms include numbness, stomach and
abdominal discomfort, need to expel gas. May
be due to swallowed air, putrefication of
undigested food by bacteria or chemical
reactions by some foods (sugar fermentations,
vegetables, and beans), also dairy products on
people who do not produce lactase.
• Use of aloe Vera juice improves digestion.
(Enrique, pg 290)
Heart burn, Acidosis.
• Caused by excessive digestive juices in the
stomach including hydrochloric acid. Juices flow
to the gullet (esophagus) causing a burning
sensation (heart burn).
• It may also occur when a problem exists with the
liver and kidneys, or bad combination of foods
e.g. consuming fruit/ juice after taking meat.
Fruit ferments easily as meat is digested.
• Take aloe Vera juice or gel regularly to control
digestion. Its suggested to take juices 30 mins
before a meal. (Enrique, pg 170).
Liver and kidney detoxification

• These organs clean the body of toxins

from foods, drugs, and the environment.
e.g alcohol, smog, smoking, and foods
high in toxins like red meat.
• Take aloe Vera juice to detoxify the
organs of the residue waste material.
• Aloe Vera Stablises the body sugers.
Athlete’s foot

• Caused by a micro fungus in and around

the toes (mycosis).evident by irritation,
swelling. One may mix aloe Vera
juice/gel with aspirin since it contains
salicylic acid, then cover feet with a
plastic or bandage .Do this for several
days until irritation disappears. (pg 143).
Bleeding gums.

• Take aloe Vera juice regularly to facilitate

gum hardening and resistant to bleeding.
Or rather one could use an aloe Vera gel
on a tooth brush.(pg 66).
Body and foot odor
• Characterized by unbearable body odor,
mainly from armpits and feet (perspiration and
bad odor).its caused by perspiration with
bacteria in addition to substances from foods
like meat, garlic, fish…
• Aloe Vera is one of the known bactericides
.one may shower daily with soap containing
aloe Vera (liquid or bar soap) in addition to an
aloe Vera odorless deodorant. It’s
recommended to consume vegetables and
fruits with less red meat
• Reaction by body (immune ssm) to
certain substances e.g. foods, fur, dust,
plants. Aloe Vera juice contains
antiallergenic compounds.
Brown Skin Spots
Ring worm of the scalp
Scalp Rejuvenation
Sun Burn Effects
Skin Rashes
Gall bladder stones

• Stones or calculi are toxic products made up of

cholesterol crystals, phospholipids, and
lecithins.These swell and block the bile ducts.
• Regular taking of aloe juice helps in expelling
the stones towards the intestines.
• An infection in the vagina.Causes
irritation, pain, burning, excessive
discharge of vaginal fluid (white or yellow
in color).
• Produced by a virus, they generally
occur on hands or feet, on the sole of
ones feet or in the face mainly in
children. (Gray or dark brown in color).its
contagious by contact with other people.
Use aloe Vera extract mixed with gelatin
or aloe Vera with bee propolis and cover
with a cloth so it doesn’t spread. Take
large quantities of vitamin E.
Tooth decay
• A hole/cavity that grows in the teeth and
grows until it destroys the tooth. It
causes pain, and bleeding. Caused by
lack of dental hygiene and consuming
refined sugars favoring the formation of
bacteria and acids. Clean mouth and
rinse regularly with aloe Vera juice or
one could put some aloe Vera gel into
the cavity for some time regularly. (pg
Phlebitis (swelling of vein walls)
• Symptoms include redness and swells in the
veins (mainly of the legs), accelerated pulse,
pain in the affected area. At high
complications, a blood clot may form in the
vein. Main causes are childbirth, operations,
and vein infections. Aloe Vera juice reduces
internal inflammation and improves circulation
while strengthening capillary walls; one may
rub aloe Vera extract on the area several times
a day.
Insect bites
• The bites produce swelling, irritation, and
some times infection or poisoning e.g.
scorpions. For simple bites (ant,
mosquito, bee, wasp) squeeze area to
expel as much liquid injected as
possible. Soak a cotton ball in aloe Vera
gel on the area. Drink aloe Vera juice
and a lot of water in case the bite causes
an allergy. (Enrique, pg 200)
Infectious Erythema
(slapped chicks)
• Caused by a virus. Cheeks become red,
red blisters on arms and legs,
headaches, and itching. It lasts mainly
four weeks, its common in children of 4-
10 yrs.
• Aloe Vera juice strengthens the
immune system. Some aloe gel may be
put on the affected area to relieve
symptoms. (199)

• Inflammation of the sub cutaneous tissue

e.g. in thighs, abdomen, forearms.
Comes from accumulation of fat,
proteins, and toxins in abdomen, waist,
and hips. Causes fatty deposits
appearing like orange peels.
• Tightness in the chest, cough, and
periodic bouts with breathing difficulty.
Aloe causes bronchi dilation allowing in
more air.

• Inflammation of the bladder by a

bacterium (E. coli).Frequent use of the
bathroom, sensation of pain, urine with
blood or pus, and fever. Aloe helps in
detoxification of the organ.
• Wounds, glaucoma, hemorrhages,
cataracts, sties, black eyes, and general
eye health. Put 2 drops of aloe extract
into the eye at least every 4 hours.

• Bad breath, usually due to bad digestion,

infection in the throat, nose, gums, or
improper oral hygiene. Aloe improves
• Dilated veins in soft tissue covering the
inner part of the colon and
anus.Protrusions in the skin (rectum and
anal opening).aloe reduces inflammation
and repairs the tissue.
Parkinson disease

• Reduction in dopamine causing an imbalance

in acetylcholine. It affects the nervous system
(confusion in nerve impulses that control
muscles).repeated involuntary circular
movements in hands, head, speaking
difficulties, stern facial expressions and loss of
appetite. Aloe Vera reduces chances of its

• A childhood disease by a virus. Itching

with red pimples which burst and cause
ulcers.mainlr on the face arms and legs.
Aloe eliminates itching and helps
healing. Also include garlic which
strengthens the immune system.

• Inflammation of the mucous membrane

of the colon. Diarrhea and frequent need
to go to the toilet. Blood in the
excrement. Consume foods with fiber.


• Difficulty in defecating, pain and
intestinal discomfort, swelling in the
abdomen, cramps, may cause
hemorrhoids and acne. Take a diet with
fiber, enough water, take aloe juice
preferably before a meal.
Cramps, muscular pain

• Involuntary contractions of the muscles

occurring spontaneously, during
exercise. Deficiency of vitamin E or
imbalance in calcium and magnesium.
Aloe juice helps as an anti-inflammatory,
pain inhibitor and energizer.
Ear infection

• Sharp pain and ruptured ear drums.

Earache caused by inflammation. apply
about 2 drops of aloe extract every 4
hours to the ear to reduce inflammation
and fight the infection.
• An infection by bacteria (streptococcus)
affecting the skin causing contours (red
in colour) and pain. It takes 5-6 days and
ends with skin peeling. Take vitamins A
& E, also use antibiotic aloe Vera and
bee propolis on the area.

• Inflammation of the liver. Abdominal

discomfort, fever, loss of appetite,
vomiting, eyes and skin turn yellow,
brown urine, whitish excrement

• Inflammation, infection or irritation of the

larynx and vocal cords causing pain and
itching. One may fail to speak naturally.
Aloe Vera preferably with lemon and
vitamin c.
Mouth sores

• Viral infections causing swellings with

blisters, which burst releasing a liquid,
forming an ulcer on the lip or mouth.
Rinse the mouth with aloe Vera extract
several times a day.

• Inflammation of the tonsils due to an

infection or filling with foreign
substances. Pain, inflammation and
irritation in the throat area causing
difficulty in swallowing. Clean body of
toxins using orange juice mixed with aloe
Vera. Consume green vegetables and
fresh fruits. Gargle with salt water.
Compiled by Unik Aloe Vera Health and
Beauty Products.