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Tolani Institute of Management Studies

Tolani Institute of Management Studies, Adipur

The Process of teaching new or current employees the basic skills or some specialized skill if they require to perform their job. In any case, Training is a hallmark of good management. Always having high-potential employees does not guarantee the success of the employees & the work carried on by them. Big software companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys have intense trainings for their employees.

Tolani Institute of Management Studies


Not only software companies, but also many PSUs like HPCL also go for training for their engineers. In this trend of training Giant retail stores also are included. Like Wal-Mart, Carrefour & Tesco. Training is considered to be booming for the employees. The best example can be taken from United States, they spend huge amount on training & offer about 28 hours of training in a week.
Tolani Institute of Management Studies

Four step training process

Need Analysis

Instructional Design



Tolani Institute of Management Studies

An attempt to improve the current or future management performance by imparting knowledge, changing attitudes & increasing skills. It is not easy to decide where Training ends & Development begins. It is an excellent task of the managers to pick the actual need when they think that development programs should be organized.

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Tesco is a retail store working on huge level across Europe, USA, Asia. It has expanded with the combination of acquisition of new stores, retail services & by adapting the needs of the consumers. Working on such a huge level definitely requires too many employees.

Tolani Institute of Management Studies

All of them are not skilled & familiar with job process. Thus training is must for them. TESCO requires staff who can be flexible and who can adapt the changes. Also they ensure themselves that they have the right caliber of staff to build the management team.

Tolani Institute of Management Studies

Inception of business

Initiative by Jack Cohen. Selling Groceries from a stall. Cohen bought tea stocks from a company called T.E. STOCKWELL and they had a venture named TESCO. It started selling its product as TESCO TEA. First store was opened in 1929 in London. Since then TESCO has expanded by launching new stores, providing retail services & they have molded themselves as per requirement of customers.
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TESCOs original range of product of grocery & general merchandise has diversified & includes Banking, insurance, electrical goods & Telephone Equipments. TESCO has also expanded its customer base through its website which attracts one million regular users. From one man & a stall, TESCO now has approx 280,000 employees in UK & 460,000 employees worldwide.

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Tesco in India

TESCO also operates from Bangalore, India named as TESCO HSC. It provides critical services for the TESCO global retail chain: IT services Business services HSC Finance Operation Development HSC commercial Enabling services.
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Challenges faced
Despite the fact that TESCO has only 27 % market share, competitors always are one step behind. Being so giant, they offer online delivery services & offline retail stores. TESCO thinks that if any market share left, there is potential for growth and expansion in that area & they move on to grab it.

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Its everyone's job here to help customers first. Whether its Christmas or Easter, our staff will be seen working. And last but not the least. TESCO says: Wed love to hear from you

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Value for customers, to earn their lifetime loyalty They do this by being creator of brands To give customer the better price. Wide choice of products. With these they want the customers to me more & more loyal to them and come back again & again to buy their products.

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They want to be the best not only to their existing customers, but also to all the community which it belongs too. They want to be strong in all the areas of selling & they want to be an outstanding retailer both in store and online.

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They talk about Every Little Helps a lot. For them this is not just an marketing slogan, but it stand s for everything they do. They do everything best for their customers, by selling groceries to selling mobile phones and giving loans. They have spread themselves in almost all the directions of things required by customers and they provide them the best possible they can. They rely totally on Every Little Helps


They follow this philosophy to bind all their customers together. Their Employees play a very important role in defining their service. They also make sure that their team feels encouraged to work a lot & in return expect to be recognized and valued in the organization. They believe that if they get continuous rewards for heir work done, they will go miles ahead to serve to their customers the best.

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Value of TESCO

To create value for customers to get their lifetime loyalty

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7 strategy plan

To grow the UK core. To be an outstanding international retailer online and in stores as well. To be strong in everything we sell. To grow retail services in all our markets. To put our responsibilities to the communities we serve at the heart of what we do. To be creator of highly valued brands. To build our team so that we create more value.
Tolani Institute of Management Studies


CSR by Tesco
TESCO also has a charity trust which helps local and national communities. It was established on 1st June, 1987. It is handled by the main board of TESCO.

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Fields of Tesco

Banking Telecom Film Making ISP VOIP Phone Shops.

Tolani Institute of Management Studies



Wal-Mart & Carrefour are the biggest competitor of Tesco.

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Working Environment
Employees work in wide range. Both store and non- store functions. Assisting customers on the shop floor directly if they need any help & also if the customer has placed an order online, employees work on for on time delivery to their customers. Department Managers leading a team of customer assistants. Warehouse employees help in fulfilling the needs at the stores of TESCO.

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Office operations are carried on in different departments including Finance, purchasing, Personnel & Marketing. Logistics staff who plan and carry out the distribution of products to stores. TESCO recognizes that increasing knowledge, improving skills and job satisfaction of employees are the factors which lead to growth of the company.

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Identify training needs

TESCO is very huge & if new stores are opened in new locations clearly means that TESCO should adapt the requirements of the people of those areas.

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For e.g. TESCO opens a new store in highly populated luxurious area, then the customers in that area will be of high level & they will require the goods accordingly, so TESCO here has to train their employees so that they can handle these luxurious peoples. Whether store or back office, both post require different technical skills & competencies. Employees with wide range who can work flexibly are more productive for the business.

Tolani Institute of Management Studies


Establishing Learning Objectives Identifying the components Assembling Specific Methods
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Training & development at TESCO

TESCOs aim is to expand and diversify the requirement of people in the business on right place at right time. TESCO also thinks that the key point of business success is also to train & develop their employees.

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TESCO believes that the investment in their employees will be the best return for the company itself. Training here is upward & onwards. They ensure that people who join TESCO get the best learning, training and development to do their job and develop at TESCO. TESCO Says We have trained ourselves to be obsessed about training. There is a training program for every major and minor careers at TESCO.

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Training needs are recognized through identifying the gap in knowledge and skills. TESCO employees belong from wide range of skill levels and it is important to evaluate the performance. So any possible skill shortage is estimated. Gaps are identified through Personal Development Program. Employees and Managers negotiate with each other to find ways to fill those GAPS through these activities.
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In the first session of training, the trainer talks about history of TESCO. Then trainer talks about working system (working time), Day-off and other labor related things. For e.g. how to wear working clothes. The second session is about safety. The trainers talk about labor-safety, accident prevention regulations & fire regulations. The third session focuses on punctuality.
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How to arrive and leave. Time should be mentioned. How to prevent stealing. How to behave in the organization.

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On the jobtraining

Off the jobtraining

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Job Rotation or Secondme nt

Tolani Institute of Management Studies



Communication skills Presentation skills

Employees who are new

Areas like Team building

Induction Training

To teach some new skill

Development of individual skill

Meet new trainees

Know more about the company

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Training Schedule
Month 1

Month 12

Month 2-4

Month 6-12
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Month 5-6

Training Benefits
Helps in increasing sense of ownership. Employees become more organized, productive & flexible. This helps them to meet the needs of customers.

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Development at Tesco


Apprenticeship in Retail



Tolani Institute of Management Studies


Apprenticeship in retail
Retail Apprenticeship is a chance for Tesco staff to gain nationally recognized qualification by CITY & GUILDS. It starts every September for selected stores. Lasts for 12 months. Here the employees get chance to learn new skills & go for technical turn in their existing skills.

Tolani Institute of Management Studies


It is a program for those who want to do grow big in the organization. OPTIONS is a flexible program that looks upon the personal needs of trainees. It lasts minimum of 6 months to a period of 2 years.

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TESCO Week in store together (twist)

This is a phase where Managers in HEAD OFFICE have a store experience called TWIST. It involves spending 5 days in store by doing once a year, every year. It covers all the aspects of store operations right from back door to shop floor.

Tolani Institute of Management Studies


Other development programs

Store Development Programs

Commercial Development Programs

Tolani Institute of Management Studies


Store development program

A team leader from day 1. This program requires a trainee to attend the university affiliated with the degree. It runs for 2 days. Helps in gaining knowledge about the Retail Environment, Personal Development & Professional Development. This program also offers facility of earning while learning.
Tolani Institute of Management Studies


Personal development program

This includes Activity Plans, a learning log as to what they have learnt. They keep plans of what to do & how to do and they keep a checklist. This allows trainees to carry out their own analysis of progress. This also helps employees to be more positive, productive and valuable to organization in the long term. This also helps to increase the motivation level of employees.
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Training evaluation at TESCO

Highly structured monitoring for Training Evaluation of employees which includes scheduled task, Timetables, Measures & checklist are required. Employees assess themselves by setting objectives in Activity Plans, Personal Development Plans & Recording outcomes in learning logs.

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Activity Plan



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TESCO uses different methods to get feedback from subordinates & Managers which helps more in making ordered & structured. They also use informal approach and interact with employees directly. Managers and trainers weekly held informal review session as well as formal session to track the process against the development plan.


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Feedbacks are carefully monitored & scored. TESCO also uses 360-degree appraisal method where all the stakeholders who have contact with employees, assess the performance & gives feedback. For e.g. A store department manager may get feedback from their manager, their buddy, Department managers, the HR Manager and their team.

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This helps to identify the areas that require further development. Trainees are given a color coded development rating: Red where progress is not on schedule Amber where some elements need more work. Green where all activities are on target. Blue where the trainee is ahead of the program and using skills to add value.

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Efficient & Effective Training and Development of employees is an essential element for TESCOs continuing growth. TESCO requires employees who are committed & flexible in order to aid its expansion of the business. TESCOs structured approach to training and developing its existing and new employees provides a strong foundation for its continuing growth.

Tolani Institute of Management Studies


The expansion of TESCO relies on retaining existing customers & acquiring new ones. TESCO says that all the customers entering should be confident that what they want they will get here & happy by what they wanted they got. This relies upon the committed & flexible employees delivering the highest standard of services to meet TESCOs objectives.


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