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Micro Nano Engineering

Recent topic on micro-nano laser processing of material

1) Introduction
History Big Picture Classification Application

2) Laser Forming 3) Laser Rapid Prototype 4) Laser Machining 5) Laser Joining 6) Laser Surface Engineering 7) Laser Nano Fabrication 8) Summary

Laser Development History

Date 1916 1928 Name Albert Einstein Rudolph W Ladenburg Achivement Theory of light emission Confirmed existence of stimulated emission and negative absorption


Gordon Gould

First document defining a laser; notarised by a candy store owner. Credited with patent right I 1970s.
Invented first working laser based on ruby. May 16th 1960 Hughes Research Laboratories.

1960 1961 1964

Theodore Maiman

A.G. Fox and T.Li Theoretical analysis of optical resonators at Bell laboratories. Kumar N.Patel Invention of the CO2 laser at Bell laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey.


GM Delco

First industrial installation of three lasers for automobile application

Date 1970 1974 1981

Name Nicholai Basovs group J.J. Ewing and Charles Brau Arthur Schawlow Nicolaas Bloembergen

Achivement First Excimer laser at lebedev lab, Moscow First rare gas helide excimer at Avaco Everet Lab. Awarded Nobel Physics prize for work in non linear optics and spectroscopy.

Big Image of micro-nano laser processing

What kind of laser processing should be used?
Laser Ablation
PLD Femtosecond laser beam machine Laser Edging Compound laser beam machine Vacuum-ultraviolet-laser process Laser 3D Laser annealing Laser Micro Heat Processing

Laser excitation reaction

Laser CVD

Laser-thermo process
Laser Processing

What kind of material should be focused

Light and an electronic physicalproperties raw material Highly efficient constituent material Organic and a biopolymer raw material

semiconductor thin film

dielectric thin film Diamond thin film

Ceramic film
Ultrafine particle Fullerene

Organic thin film

polymeric membrane DNA

Expected product and technology

Light and an electronic physical-properties raw material Micro device Photonics Crystal Quantum Dot Mechatronics MEMS/NEMS Fuel cell Solar cell Micro censor Energy and Environment Chemistry/Bio/Medical Bio chip Micro chip Laser treatment

Micro reactor

Classification of laser material processing

Laser Forming
Laser bending Laser manufacturing ication1.htm

Laser Rapid Prototyping

Laser Machining
Laser Cutting Laser Drilling ml

Laser Joining
Laser Welding Laser Soldering

Laser Nano Fabrication

Femtosecond laser two-photon polymerization nanolithography

The recent micro-nano laser technology have been step forward into a new stage. This give a big contribution to engineering and biological field such as mechatronics, material science, medical science etc. This kind of technology have a huge potential to be expand to others field such as in agricultural and marine. This technology should be the opportunity to improve human civilization.

Video Uv4

Concept of the time used at pulse width for laser

Second Millisecond

1 sec






Nanomanipulation System

Source : T. Fukuda al. IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine, Vol. 2 Issue 2, pp. 1831 2008