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Component 4a: Reflecting on Teaching

Can all my students reach content understandings by using traditional classroom materials? Did the grouping of students help or hurt my lesson?

No matter how good a lesson was, it can always be improved -Charlotte Danielson As a future teacher I know that sometimes there will be great lessons and often times there will be bad lessons. However, it is important that I train myself to reflect on what went well, what went wrong and how I can improve my lesson for the next time. Reflection will not only help me improve my lessons, but it will help me grow as a professional. As a teacher I plan to make time to have professional conversations with my colleagues. By engaging in professional conversations I will have the opportunity to view other individuals perspectives and find solutions that I might have missed. Reflection will definitely be a part of my routine.

Component 4b: Maintaining Accurate Records

A well designed system requires very little ongoing maintenance Charlotte Danielson I want to spend all of my time teaching! In order for me to do so, I need to come up with a good record keeping system. My idea is use three approaches: electronic filing, student portfolios, and an organized file cabinet. With these three approaches I will easily find information that is needed in regards to my students. I will know where to look right away if a parent, administrator or colleague needs information about a student. My three approaches will house non-instructional activities, student assessments, skill inventories, my grade book and artifacts. By organizing my records I will have more time to dedicate to my students and allow for learning to take place within my classroom.

Component 4c: Communicating With Families

Communication with families is vital for the success of our students since it enhances their learning experience when family is involved. As a future teacher I plan to create an environment in which parents feel comfortable addressing any concerns about their child. Once I form a relationship with the family I will get a better understanding of the child and his/her needs. I will encourage parents to contact me at any time and if they cannot reach me I will return their calls within a timely manner. At the beginning of the year, parents will have a detailed copy of how my classroom is run along with our schedules. Throughout the school year my objective is to send weekly newsletters to inform parents about our classroom and school events. I will also inform parents of their childs academic and social progress. Overall, I plan to create a welcoming environment to encourage the success of our children.

Component 4d: Contributing to the School and


As a novice teacher I want to get all of the exposure I can to inform myself of the schools culture and activities. I will do my best to take on additional responsibilities whether it is a faculty party, PTA or other extracurricular activities in order to socialize and get to know my fellow teachers.

Component 4e: Growing and Developing


rowing is ongoing

ead books, take courses and workshops

bserve other teachers and their styles

ork with colleagues and specialists

ntroduce others to new findings ever give up

et help when needed

Component 4f: Showing Professionalism

My honesty, demeanor, dress code, compliance and daily interaction with students as well as colleagues shows my professionalism. I know professionalism takes intellectual honesty, proper and moral conduct, as well as an open mind all of which I possess.