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Projects involved H/W Platform: S/W Environment: Appln. Type: Project Type : BOSSMANT (B-Source) Mainframes NATURAL and ADABAS Private Banking Maintenance and ReEngineering

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Private Banking An Introduction

Features Why Private Banking ?

Private Banking and Retail Banking

Services and Products

Trends in Private Banking

Major Players

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Private Banking An Introduction

High quality range of asset management and financial services for High Net Worth Individuals Any specialized banking service that the client wants and is ready to pay for the service Client driven banking with customizable services catering specifically to individual client needs Covers almost all forms of Financial and Wealth Management services Extreme form of Retail Banking. Target is less number of clients but with high net worth

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Features Why Private Banking ?

Confidentiality - High Bank-Client confidentiality maintained. Identity of the client is not revealed under ordinary circumstances

High Return on Investments Various investment options and expertise in investment domain
High Quality Professional Services Client is actually the King

Services Customization Tailor made services to suit individual client needs

Expertise in all kinds of Financial and Investment domain

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Services and Products


Private Banking
Portfolio Management Advisory Services Financial Planning

Retail Banking Services - Credit Cards, Savings, Personal loans, Mortgage loans, Payment orders NON CORE BUSINESS Tellers
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Services and ProductsContd

Portfolio Management Manages the portfolio of the client Advising the client on the management of its portfolio Different investment options included in portfolio can be - Equities - Currencies - Hedge Funds - Fixed Income - Commodities - Investment Funds

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Services and ProductsContd

Advisory Services Advisory services to client on Portfolio Management and investment decisions. Advising the client in assets allocations Financial Planning Takes care of entire assets and wealth management of the client Other services under Financial Planning include - Tax Planning - Corporate Advisory Services - Real Estate Services - Retirement Planning - Art Advisory

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Private Banking and Retail Banking

Private Banking Less Number of clients with high net worth Confidentiality is the key Advising the client in wealth management Services customization for individual client needs Return on investments can be altered according to client Retail Banking More number of clients with less/average net worth Confidentiality is comparatively less Wealth management advise is usually not provided Services customization is not done

Return on investment cannot be altered by the type of client

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Trends in Private Banking

Switzerland is the world leader with around 350 private banks

Mergers and acquisitions of small private banks with the large players has been the current trend
Private banking is shifting focus from European to the Asian region

Singapore is emerging as the closest competitor for Switzerland in Private Banking

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Major Players
Major players in Private Banking (assets under investment) include

UBS Group Merrill Lynch Credit Suisse Group Wachovia Corporation Deutsche Bank Private Banking HSBC Group Citigroup Private Bank Morgan Stanley Private Clients Dresdner Bank

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