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Curriculum for Playgroup

January English

Theme Myself

Healthy body, healthy food

My hobbies

My ability

My Body Parts

Curriculum for Playgroup My Body parts

face mouth eyes nose ears

Parts that come in pairs Part of organ which is only one Size of the organ

Science Sensorial motor activity Smell taste

Music and movement Head, shoulder, knees and toes

Lesson Plan for Playgroup English Language

Objectives Task Procedure Able to identify Introduction of the parts of the body. Show their body parts the flash cards and then let the children show their body parts as the flash card is flagged. Knowing what actions they can do with their organs Make actions what their body can do like blink your eyes, sniff with your nose, open your mouth wide and turn your head.

Playgroup - Mathematics
Objective Task Procedure Able to identify Knowing the parts that come in pairs and the body parts count that has two -eyes -ears -hands -legs Can show the parts and name it. Knowing the parts with only one pair -nose -mouth -belly -chin Tell the children different sizes they can find like hand is shorter than your leg, toes are shorter than the fingers.

Able to make comparison.

Playgroup - Science
Identify the smell Put a coffee powder inside a bowl, cover it and poke holes. Let the children smell and tell them what is inside. Can tell the difference of the smell. Put a talcum powder inside another bowl, cover it and poke holes. Show them how to smell and tell them it is the powder that they use it daily. Bring some food like biscuit and orange and ask them how they taste. Tell them about sweet and sour taste.

My Hobbies
Language Reading Watching Television Drawing Playing Collecting stamps Mathematics Draw shapes Counting the manipulative toys Sorting colours

Science Do action that requires energy Show action that requires your senses

Music & Movement

All around the circle

Healthy body, healthy food

Language hopping Exercise Jogging Eating healthy food

Mathematics Counting while doing physical activities Identify different types of food

Science muscle Taste the fruits Music and movement The good food song

f plants Foods come from

My Ability
Trace Counting Colour Sing

Mathematics Draw shapes Count number in sequence

Science Rainbow colours

Music and movement ABC song Little indian boys


All around the circle

Images of food
Healthy food & body