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Hebrew Christians fight Beginings for the Gospel of

1esus - 1ehosuah
Essay Documentary
AMV Dessign
June 2011
Motto: ,God is ONE; mankind made him many:
One Mosaic. one Christian. one Muslim`
It is a text that presents Iacts happened two thousand years ago. In year 5, boiling
between Judea revolt against Roman occupant, split between recipients and outcasts oI
Iortune, the moral degradation and mesianism. Among insiders raises is a Hebrew
prophet: Jesus oI Nazareth. He teach, by curing, miracles oI God's love Ior all people, in
their spiritual oI esenian communities: work, liIe and Iaith together. Things practiced by
the ancient Hebrew people, but unknown to other nations. It was the Hebrew apostles to
lead our evangelism among Jews, to transgression The Ten Commandments, Torah and
the Laws oI Moses in adapted Iorms, accessible cultural level oI the new non Jews
In a hundred years, the Hebrew Christians Communities came as messianic role, the
stage oI history, but the mission IulIilled. When Moses built A PEOPLE FOR A FAITH,
Apostless has generated A FAITH FOR ALL THE PEOPLES.
Mesaros-Anghel Vasile. /2010


A three - the Gospel. called 'Luke` with 'Acts of the Apostles'. were originally one book.
reference document on the origins of Christianity. In the years around 1150. the two parties
were separated. The first part was included in the organic of the New Testament`. It can
be assumed that the reason that do not introduce the text 'Acts of the Apostles' in the New
Testament` of the eleventh century that a theological motivation of the Crusades that were
to be held was that Hebrew people are Crucified 1esus. Or that text describes the Hebrew
Christian struggle for The Gospel of 1esus ... therefore was not included! This text will be
integrated into the 'New Testament' in the eighteenth century.
Title: 'Acts of the Apostles' is given after the Greek fashion. which give reports about
ancient heroes: ' Acts of ... '(such as the campaigns of Alexander of Macedonia or Hanibal).
The fact that the two works have the same author suggested the style and language used.
Luke. belongingn to Hebrew Christian apostolic generation. has a realistic vision the
religious conflict between Mosaic 1ews and Hebrew Christians. generated by social and
religious movement whose leader was 1esus of Nazareth. Originated from a family of
Hebrew richest of Antioch (in Syria today). It was initiated in sacred medicine. Converted
to Christianism under conduct of Apostle Paul (Rabbi Saul. himself to Yeschiva Rabbi[1]
Gamaliel the Elder. initiated in Mosaic Law). He will follow the missionary Paul route to
Greece and Rome.
[1] 'Rabbi' was initiated in the mysteries of Mosaic Law. able to train others to observe`
Mosaic Law (Law text interpretation).

Amount key Lucanian text consists of the author's immediate participation in the
latter part of the Missionary apostolic Hebrew-Christians. The apostle Luke isa fine
analyst. able to identify the significance of key moments of the primary expansion of
In the 'Acts of Apotres' there is a rich cargo information showing the daily life and
problems of large communities of Hebrew Christians in the Middle East and in the
Mediterranean region. About Hebrew Christians from 1erusalem. are indirect reports on
the activities Apostle Peter (p.9.32. - 11.18.) And Filip (p.8.4-40). Another segment of the
history of Hebrew Christians movement is about Hellenistic 1ews[1]. Override in
1erusalem after lapidary deacon Saint Stephen. they will be put to the Greek colonies in
the continent and the Islands. the territory of Palestine and Syria. Become missionaries of
the Gospel of 1esus and initiate the first expansion of the Christian Church. Thus.
compact deacon Saint Stephen by fanatics of Sanhedrin[2].
The establishment of the Christian Church of Antioch (Syria) (p.6.1.-8.; 11.19.-30.
13.1.-3 ) opens the way to the Hebrew Christians Apostles to build communities outside
[1] The Hellenistic 1ews (from strong 1ewish community in Greek cities and colonies. some of
them. such as Rabbi Saul having Roman citizenship). that he lay deacons (diakonein -- Acts
6.1.. 6.3.. 6.6.).
[2] : The Rabbi leadership Group of the Great Temple in 1erusalem. Superior court decision in
Mosaic Temple of 1erusalem in what was regulations and court of civil and religious life of the
1ewish Communities in 1erusalem and indirectly more or less of most communities of
Palestinian territories and Small Asia; activity tolerated by the Roman occupants.
1ewish Communities of Iudeea. In this first period of twenty-five years are receiving among
the Hebrew Christians Communities members of other nations: A SIGN OF EXPANSION
Center of gravity of the story text is about Paulian Missionary. Overall the work is a
fresco of themes and arguments of first Christian approach. It also address: to 1ews by
mosaic comments of sacred texts. to Greeks by philosophical reflections of Hellenistic
nature. For all. apostolic approach evokes the essence of the Christian mystery: a crucified
Messiah. witness his resurrection and the call to conversion by Christian Baptism and the
Eucharist mystery. The text was attacked that an apology of the Paulian Missionary. The
fact is that Luke plays direct testimony about religious conflict between Mosaic 1ews and
the Hebrew Christian rites; branches of the same monotheist religions.
The author relates the apostle Paul militancy. messages addressed to its mosaic co-
religionists and to 'pagans'. Roman knights. Roman justice and to the Roman Emperor
(Cezar). Luke made a testimony. as a witness and participant in to setup them.
Key ideas in the Lucanian text could be:
!The Faith in Revival of 1esus and his quality of 'Son of God'.
!The main arguments of the apostles against mosaic Rabbi. that denied 1esus as Messiah.
the harbinger of the prophets.
!The Missionary Acts of Apostles by facts. sermons and personal example. in the
conversions to Christianity.
!Primary forms of Christian ritual practices.
!Issue of access to divine forgiveness; essentially common problem in all dogmatical of
esoteric religion.

Luke made a testimony. writing some facts from the beginning of Christianity. as a
witness and participant in to setup them. In place of conclusion to this introduction. can
give the example of Rabbi Saul conversion to the Gospel of 1esus. became Apostle Paul. In
this single decision of a human drama we find the 1ews convert to other religions. lasting
two thousand years. The apostle 1ames the young will continue to respect the Mosaic Law.
but they point to Council of 1erusalem that pagans` will support the final request of a
minimum of restrictions on converts to Christianism. Martyrdom of Saint Stephen deacon
will break 'umbilical cord' that is tied to the Hebrew Christian its Mosaic 1ews fellows. The
Council of 1erusalem (48 year. from other sources 50 CE) will enshrine the principles of
'Divine Forgiveness' gospel through faith in 1esus. Will break the hold converted to
Christianity by 'cut around' ritual and respect 'ad in' a severe Mosaic Law. But this was
not true for devotees Hebrew Christians (they fully respect the old Mosaic laws). The to be
underlined fact is the moment of rip between the two twigs of Hebrew Monotheism: the
Mosaic and Christian. As a drive away 'brothers to brothers'. The Christian Hebrew
Apostles will convert Christians among 'peoples idolatry'. a phenomenon which will be
continued after first century from non Hebrew Christians along 2.000 years: in the Euro-
Asian borders. then the whole world. Initial divergence of theory and social in nature.
between Hebrew. crhristians and mosaic. will lead to rupture of the Hebrew Christians and
the Mosaic Community in reducing the share of Hebrew Christians.
In approximately seven hundred years will appear Islamic monotheism. Although 1esus.
the prophet Muhammad did regarded Moses as a predecessor. The thrue followers` have
built HATE to prevent LOVE. Why ... in truth only God knows! Maybe religious
Ecumenism unity under the sign of a moral belief in the existence of 'UNIQUE DIVINE'
will give grace in the soul of those who are our shepherds. to overcome the mirage that
deliver at a time in seclusion TO HOLD THE SECULAR POWER.

In the Prologue of 'Acts of the Apostles' Apostle Luke is addressed to a comrade. Teofil (1ew
in the Attic. switched to Christianity under Paul's conduct) summarizing in a few
paragraphs (Acts p.1.1-2.6) one of the essential prophecy of 1esus Christ. after
resurrection. and announcing the coming of the Holy Spirit Baptism. In simple words we
communicate the essence of the Gospel message of 1esus. In the forty days that after 1esus
resurrection. He communicate with the apostles on the Mount Olive trees (which guards the
old city of 1erusalem). with the prophecies of what would happen. he asked his comrades to
leave the city. to receive over few days 'Baptism by Holy Spirit':
'1ohn the Baptist baptism given water. but you will be baptized in the Holy Spirit light over
a few days' (Acts p.1.5.).
Apostles still did not think to rupture between faith following people whose children were.
They asked:
'The time has come to restore the Kingdom of Israel?`
The answer was:
' We can not to know when and when. But you will receive a Force: that the Holy Spirit.
which will down on your beings. Then you'll be my witness. in 1erusalem. in all 1udea and
Samaria. just in all the world' (Acts p.1.7.).
There are many previous viewing state. envisaged by the prophets and magus. every part
of the earth. Viewing condition. known as 'the clear vision' is relative in India vedas books.
find text entered in stone or papyrus by insiders from Memphis (Egypt). in his reports on
Herodot predict polytheist cult and priests Eleusian from Delphi. To mention and those of
the first biblical text ('Old Testament'). The explanation for the occurrence of clear-state

vision is to briefly in the intensive use of brain resources through training and a great way of life.
which take between four and fourteen years (depending on the stage reached by the start). He
was. keeping the proportions. somewhat like a gymnast training for performance ...
bewilderment that year watching Romanian Nadia Comaneci in parallel or beam is also the
outcome and equipping native and a large number of hours of training done on devices. Years of
deprivation compared to the life and joys of children her age. Result are similar: the maximum
possible individual performance. I invite those willing to consult among each other and
bibliography of this text. 1esus. like Moses. Pythagoras and Mohammed. are the Prophets. They
have reached the ultimate maximum degree. by grace and training. and were meant to use this
power. genetic and acquired. in moral and religious revival of the era in which they lived
temporal destiny with a vision that will result and foreboding.
So 1esus explained in a few words that 1erusalem as the place of departure and arrival. a
mutation that will trigger a 'Gospel of 1esus'; major stages of history and the Christian apostles.
But equally true is that without faith and tenacity of early Hebrew Christians missionaries. those
who have followed the dedication. the prophets would have remained in the wilderness ....
After fifty days crucifixion of 1esus. followers gathered in the precincts where there has been
'The last Supper`. They were Peter. 1ohn. 1acob. Andrew. Philip. Thomas. Bartomlomeu
(Natanael). Matthew. 1acob (son of Alfei). The Zealot Simon. 1udas (other than Iscariot 1udas.
who handed 1esus to the Roman troops. together with servants coming to Temple it captures).
Together with them was Mary. 1esus mother and a group of followers. Followed Resurrection
facts. well known. came news of 1udas's suicide and replacement with Matthew. Barnabe.
although it was not elected. will continue to tenaciously disciple of 1esus. Typical Hebrew
Christians of the time was the absence of envy and pride. None of the twelve are not considered
at best only among the twelve TO BE.

At fifty days after Easter and Passion of 1esus Resurrection. a storm of noise that
surrounded the building where they were. Strange phenomena took place: 'streams of fire'
which is down from top of each apostle. Divine grace (in fact the Saint Spirit Baptism)
come. The effect was observed on days that followed by city inhabitants. Not small it was
surprising when each of them heard the words of the apostles: 'Resurrection news of 1esus'
on his tongue. It is known as the apostles were simple people. not trained at schools near the
synagogue. More: they talked about 1esus in Elamite. Arabic. Part. Preached the coming of
Mesopotamia. 1udea. Capadochia. Ponte Euxin. Libya. Rome. Temple higher response is
that Peter and eleven other apostles. was the result of ... drink. In the crowd gathered in the
courtyard of the Temple. recalls that nine coming to preach morning. Either 1ews
practicing Mosaic Law. are prohibited before a pray this morning beverages of any kind[1].
They explain the strange phenomenon with the message transmitted by 1esus on the Mount
Olive trees:
'I will do that Meisanics times. My spirit to descend on the bodies. Be will prophesy. young
people will have visions. old men will have thoughts. I will down on the Holy Spirit
committed. I conjure mysterious signs on the sky and down to Earth. The sun will change
the shadow and the Moon in the blood to come before the day of God - the Great Day. And
everyone will invoke God's name will be saved'. (Acts 2.17.-21.)
Apostle Peter say: Then you remember how those present that the Sent of God. with grace
of recover and true Mosaic faith was crucified by those same ethnic group. children of
Israel's. But Yehoshua (1esus) of Nazareth Resurrection is similarly as King David had his
own vision of resurrection. In this approach was presented with a revelation:
[1] What has been sent to Christians in the sacrament ritual.
The first steps of Christianity. the apostles were referred to an ancient esoteric concept:
RESURRECTION SOUL as a result of its passage through a long line of temporal
existence. until one of the two possibilities: destruction in Hades - (Hell) or passage in a
higher plan (called the Kingdom of God. Olympus. Heaven. Nirvana. etc.). A contemporary
has a vague perception of the existence of this ancient myth. Prophts Hebrew people. among
them Moses. David and Isaiah. I knew. History and presence of this myth in the esoteric
texts now nine thousand years: the vision of Hermes Trismegistus (about whose existence
we talk Shoure). His followers. priests of temples of Memphis (Egypt). and later Indian
Rama Krishna. shared the inside on the last steps of initiation. mystery resurrection spirit
into another biological body. throughout the existence of a number of which degrade HIGH
or towards life without death. Pythagora you disclose eleuisan myth about goddess Psyhe.
His disciples. took him in Greek colonies. One of the disciples. Zamolxe (the ancient Lord of
Dac People. in the VII century before e.c.) has grown with death smile on the lips of those
killed on the battlefield. confident in the next life will be rewarded for the courage and
dignity. Moses. who was the first Submitted` (Mesaiah) of the people of God` was a 1ew
initiated in Teban temples (XIII century before the Christian era). Moses reveal
Resurrection Mystery to the 1ewish people on the way from Egypt to the banks of 1ordan.
The reason was to create a people for a religion. For 1ewish tribes that have been conducted
in the wastes of Sinai forty years between Nil Delta and Erihon (distance that would be gone
in a few months). The aim being that the new born on this road to be educated and trained
monotheist religion - to trust in ONE GOD - and the new spirit of moral and social laws of
Moses. which in turn underlie the organization of human civilization for nearly three
thousand years. If thirsty and hungry 1ews had certainly a life ahead would be specifically
waived in place at the present ... After Moses no Ahaaron (Aaron) or Iehoshua (1oshua)
have not revealed the esoteric resurrection mystery. But he was perceived by some of the
rabbi (Pharisee and Essenes) during the existence of 1esus.
Gospel of 1esus will be the first to disclose the mystery of the occult as Resurrection
mosaic pillar of faith. The prophet was crucified because that means final death of soul for
insiders mosaic. Reappearance before his disciples was an acknowledgment of the mystery:
'The death of death to step on'. And explains such tenacity and virtue with which the first
Hebrew Christians Resurrection filed testimony of 1esus. most often at the cost of life.
Apostle Peter in his first lectures (and later Paul kept preaching in synagogues and in his
letters) claimed between the unity and the Gospel of 1esus and the Old Testament. It was an
attempt to persuade priests to accept testimony resurrection as proof of quality for 1esus to
be Messiah. This was greeted with intolerance disguised to us today. But 'Love Divine' and
hope in 'Life After' will force them to expand by followers of 'pagan world' throughout the
hole mankind.
In those difficult moments and that was not to be a possible consensus. 1udean Kingdom.
occupied by the Romans. divided his inside. was not an environment for theological 'cold'
debate. with the objective of finding lines emerging between Hebrew: Mosaic insiders and
Christians. because of three major conflicts:
NATIONAL CONFLICT - 1ew people opposed to a 'suicidal tenacity' (Emperor Adrian
statement) Roman domination by frequent riots led by zealots. Another part of the Hebrew
society. the richest. find a modus vivendi with the Roman occupation force. That create an
internal split between followers of the two pathways. An example is the head of hostile. 1ew
1oseph Ben Matitahu. who taught the Romans the name being removed from people's
history (the irony is that it becomes one of the historians cited for the 1ewish life and
Roman - 1ew wars of that age. then under Roman 1hosefus Flavius). The 135 year bring to
him the occupation of 1erusalem. 1ews driving away from the city; Romans destroying
buildings. rarely land with oxen and build a Roman city called Aelia Capitolina (century II
INTERNAL CONFLICT - It consists in the degradation of civil society and atomisation
Hebrew civil solidarity based on wealth. The result was a series of riots against submitting
an administrative nature that overlap tribute the Roman authority. For simple man coming
of the Messiah. the incarnate 1esus. was not only echo the prophets Moses. David. or Isaiah.
but a means to express rebellion of the people against castes and tribal administrative 1udea
and Roman authorities and bear money. It is almost superfluous to mention that then. as
now. these conflicts have led to internal failures and a lack of unity. can be used by the
Romans to maintain possession and finally destroy 1udean state.
RELIGIOUS CONFLICT opinionated at that time were three groups with different
interpretations of the theological and practical aspects of the doctrine of religious mosaic.
Saducees (Tzadokim) - surviving conservative branch of Leviticus. Tore requiring
compliance with the letter. without any deviation. They claimed Dogma existence of a single
(single life). Life 1ew was driven by fear of breaking your mitzvot (commandments sacred).
the punishment of God. They had at that time control Sanhedrin (religious decision-making
forum of the Great Temple). Among them are the Caiphas - High Priest in the time of Saint
1ohn the baptiser and then 1esus.
Pharisees (Peruschim) were those who. in approaching the problems of '1ew in the
street'. Tore practice teaching in a spirit of flexibility and adapt them to practical reality (
'Oral use Torah'). They do not deny the Resurrection. Some of them such as Rabbi
Nicodemus. Gamaliel the Young. have expressed in Sanhedrin to find a compromise with
the Christian sect of 1ews. both before and immediately after the killing of 1esus.
Essenes (Hasidim) were the core of the esoteric body of Rabbinate Corpus. Their centers
were open in Ein Gheddi (Ein Gedi) and Qumram near Death Sea and Nil Delta. Their
egalitarian organization (life and property in common. mutual brothers of faith wherever
they are. banning the practice of speculative activities. trade. military) will be taken over by
the first Christian communities and Christian later monastic orders. regardless of rite.
Among them would be those who have supported the material and logistic support missions
preached of 1esus (the assumption is based on the observation that the Gospels are not
mentioned many of those who have been hosts of the Apostles. which fits with the tradition
of protecting links between members of the Essenes congregation). Claimed that their
doctrine Resurrection myth and existence in time of several sent (Messiah). They. in various
moments of the 'War on the children of light sons of darkness' come to the ' divine will '.
Essenes. Saducees. Pharisees is constituted in the past councilor of 1udeea Kings.
Internal conflicts were not wiped out by now ...
Internal fighting superpose to the final Israel State disintegration of the year 135.
Making 'Spiritual State of Israel'. by structuring its doctrinal and pragmatic. is initiated by
Iohanan Rabbi Ben Zakai. to IASMINA (70). This organizational structure has enabled the
survival of Spiritual disparate communities abroad Eretz Israel (Galut). Congress in Basel
in 1897 was the beginning of Coming Back. Ended in 1948 with the founding of Eretz Israel
State. In none of these moments has not been accepted as a 1ew to the Hebrew adherent of
Christianity. And to be fair ... for any other religion than Mosaic.
After the first lecture of Peter begins to convert the 1ews by Christian 'baptism with
water' and Eucharist[1].
[1] About CHRISTENING OR ADULT BAPTISM - 'Repent. and each of you will be baptized in the
name of 1esus Christ for the forgiveness of sins' (Acts 2.38.). EUCHARIST - Hebrew. the first
Christians 'home break bread '(Acts 2.46).
They were almost 'three thousand souls". The first Christian community in 1erusalem
arises. Followers to respect the ritual Eucharistic; goods were made in common. mass and
prayers were shared. and training to Apostolic School.
They observe the tradition of organizing a type of Hebrew Essenes community. Love God
and fear not. good neighbor and made no mercy. joy to learn alongside others in faith and
not revel the 'elected' and made the first Christians to sell their assets. bringing in new
material goods by the Hebrew Christians community. They continued to observe traditions.
holidays and ritual commemorating Mosaic (of they not feeling apart) and to go to the
Great Temple.
The miraculous healing. realized by the Apostles. they reinforced the confidence in the way
chosen. For example he recovery in a lame way to morning prayers in the Temple. In one
day. when Peter and 1ohn go to the Temple morning prayer. a cripple from birth they
stretched hand to receive the dole. Peter and the fixed intensity of his eyes while he told
1ohn: 'Look It's US!. Being unhappy and he raises his head on. always hand stretched.
Peter continues to view with intensity when he says:
'Silver and Gold I have not. BUT WHAT AM I give you: In the name of 1esus Christ of
Nazareth GET UP AND GO! "(Acts p.3.6.)
Peter helped cripple stand up and feel that they are vigorous. Go through the Temple
courtyard thank God. I see the faithful present crippled begging going on.
That caused bewilderment among they are there. Peter and 1ohn going to the front gate
Esplanada Solomon and addresses crowd there. The recent recalls how many of those close
to death they asked 1esus. His Resurrection testimony is that lame that recovery through
faith in 1esus and the Apostles invoking his name The words of Peter and 1ohn:
'People of Israel. why are amazed. Why we look like we have committed this miracle with
our own forces or by the power of our prayer. God of Abraham. of Isaac and 1acob. the God
of our fathers and the holy grace descended. glorifying him his servant. 1esus Christ. which
linked you and renegade before Pilate; him when he wanted to liberate him. And you have
accused the holy servant of God asking for life in exchange for an assassin [Barabas]. While
to kill the Prince of Life. God resurrected from the dead. And through faith in His name.
this man who you know. the invocation of the name only has played one you see on full
health. (Acts p.3.12.-16.). He urges conversion among 'the People of God' quoting from
Moses and Abrahaam. Encouraging to convert was accompanied by apostle with a
quotation from Moses:
'God will send among you a prophet like me. Those he will not listen to this prophet will be
excluded from among the people of God '. (Acts p.3.22.). He recalls Abraham prophets of
globalization on people's faith in Hebrew Gospel of 1esus:
'In the name of this prophet. Son of God will be blessed all the families of the Earth'. (Acts
Meanwhile the crowd closely approaching Rabbi and the Temple guard. Apostles are
arrested and brought before the Meeting Sanhedrin. They were asked which try mock their
faith. Peter's response was. in addition to the arguments presented crowd. the motivation of
faith in 1esus as the cornerstone of human salvation of the 1ew people. Also there was the
lame healed. vivid testimony to the words of Peter. Outside the world demanded their
release. Apostles are released ... Measures inconsistent due on one hand by fear of riots. on
the other speakers endorsed the Sanhedrin where Rabbi Gamaliel to urge caution. In the
next period increase massively the number of entering the Hebrew Christians community.
Increase its welfare. People brought the sick on the way apostles to heal. Convinced of the
reality of healing. with Hebrew as Barnaba fortune selling their property. providing the
money along with their reconversion. For the daily distribution of goods within the
community the twelve apostles appointed seven deacons of the 1ews from the Hellenistic
space (diakonein - Acts 6.1.. 6.3.. 6.6.). Organizational success made rabbis or potentate. to
panic. Grand Rabbi Caiphas asks to Apostles not to preach saying:
'Blood of 1esus will avenge all Israel'.
The apostle Paul replies:
'Who must obey. God or people? "
Rabbi response was:
'On God'
Then apostle answered:
'God of our fathers raised 1esus in order to give the people of Israel the forgiveness of sins.
We are witnesses' (Acts p.5.28. - 32.).
Before a meeting in which the roar and threaten in a confused state. Rabbi Gamaliel
requires that the prisoners be removed from the courtroom saying:
UNLIKELY TO BE IN CONFLICT WITH GOD '. (Acts p.5.34.). Apostles were beaten and
were forbidden to preach in the name of 1esus.
The 1ews from the Hellenistic space were Hebrew from 1ewish strong communities in
Greek cities. Some of them. such as Rabbi Saul had Roman citizenship. In their synagogues
we read and observe Torah Commandaments in Greek. They demanded that the Christian
Gospel to be preached in Greek. When the apostles chose seven deacons for the practice of
ritual in the Hebrew language similar to other territories. Not only in aramaic as practice in
the synagogues. Were: Stephen. Philip. Prohor. Nicanor. Timon. Parmenas and Nicholas of
Antioch. Saint Stephen the deacon prove the most inspired people and spread recovering
deeds. Therefore extreme persecution mosaic focused on him. First they tried to to combat
him at meetings and theological debates that took place in the Temple. the Sabbath[1]. The
most aggressive were the so called 'release' : the surviving 1ews from Cirene. Alexandria.
Cilicia. and made slaves of Pompei after occupation of Palestine (60 bce) and subsequently
released by Caesar.
In one of the debates began by commenting the Torah text. which appeared to be contrary
teachings of 1esus. Unable to prove the theological plane. they incite the people of the
meeting stone at it. because Stephen claimed prophets Temple destruction and
disappearance 1udean state. thus a big injury to Moses and God. Is brought before
Sanhedrin. Rabbi Caiphas demand it to be justified. Before meeting Rabbi Stephen
pronounce an indictment of bigotry and hypocritical faith in those (and any) time:
'Brothers and parents. listen up: glory of God our father appeared Abraham from
Mesopotamia. before being set in Canaan. and said: leave your country and go back to the
country that you will show. Then he left Caldeea to Haran; there after the death of his
[1] Day of rest and glorified God. which begins Friday at sunset and ends Saturday at
father[1]. God called to the country you live now. Not given any property on this place. even
so far as to put your foot. But promised to take him endow after death. even if it does not
have children. God told his people that will live in slavery on earth and will be oppressed
for four hundred years. Iisac transmitted the Convenant and cut around`[2] his son 1acob.
and that on the twelve Patriarchs. his sons. The twelve Patriarchs they have sold their
brother 1oseph in Egypt. jealous on his grace. But God was with him. gave reprieve and
wisdom with which Pharaoh made it up to the rank of governor of Egypt. Hunger included
Hebrew home. 1oseph had sent aid and recognized its origin before the pharaoh. brought
his father 1acob and his family made up of seventy-five persons. After death the body was
brought to Sihem plot. People has multiplied in Egypt. The Pharaons taken it in captivity.
When he was born Moses. the beloved of God. He was trained in all of Egypt wisdom[3]. It
was powerful in words and deeds. When he reached the age of forty years. he went where
the people was his slave in Nil Delta.
[1] Terah: Abraham father. in the city of Ur support their family making idol worship of Baal.
[2] The Convenant by which God asked Abraham as a sign of the first Family of God. all men.
including family slaves to 'cut around' (ritual practiced in both Hebrew and other Semitic
peoples such as Arabs
[3] As written by Schoure. Moses. as the adopted son of the sister of Ramses II. was sent to the
initiation of fourteen years to Theban initiation School to. as the Egyptian Horsasip alongside
the pharaoh's son. Merneptah. It proved the best. Fear of not being chosen by the Great theban
priests as heir to the throne of the pharaoh (Egyptian theocracy Pharaoh allowed the choice of
another family. if so decided priests) he was appointed Grand Scribe and sent to inspect the
territory of the Kingdom.
Here. seeing how one is mistreated[1]. Moses was a refugee from Madian[2]. Here's how
they apostate Moses. who will save by using the Force and the mysteries of God. the country
of Egypt. on the Dead Sea and the desert for forty years. WHO WAS AT THAT PARENTS
refused our Home Let's listen. Moreover. were the heart of slavery in Egypt when they
celebrated the cult idols. dissatisfied with the prophet of God gave his people. He had told
Aaron. his brother. the one who appointed Moses to lead the camp while he was on Mount
Sinai to receive 'Tables of Law' (Ten Commandments) from divinity.
'Make us some goods to lead us: for that Moses. who was removed from the country of
Egypt do not know what to do'. They made a golden calf and have offered sacrifices of
animals.(...) David asked for divine pardon to build a residence for the God of 1acob.
[1] Schoure reported that it was about killing a 1ew by a satrap (Egyptian officer). Moses took
satrapy sword and killed him. From that moment he was liable to the death penalty. insiders as
having one of the sacred commandments - not kill !. killing the Egyptian satrap. He was sent by
God. BUT ITS BROTERS do not understood. Stop a two-day a quarrel between two of our. these
said: 'Who made you judge? You want to kill me. as you killed yesterday the Egyptian?. (...)
[2] Concordant the Schoure. Moses (named Horsasip yet). killing the Egyptian satrap had to
undergo trial for murder divine. He is heading for a temple of Osiris. at the foot of the mountain
Sinai: Madian. led by a high priest of Ethiopian origin: 1etro (to whose daughter would later
marry). This will to accomplish the ritual of penitence. Then. back to life. will change its name to
Moses Rescue. There. on Mount Sinai God will reveal that it will lead to to come back in Egypt
to free his people. God was revealed: 'I saw Suffering the slavery of MY PEOPLE THAT IS IN
EGYPT. I heard his crays AND I AM TO descend for his Redemption. Now go. I SEND YOU IN
Solomon built it. but God lives in a housing made man as the prophet says: 'Heaven is my
body and the earth is at my feet. what house you build. which will be the place of my rest?
Is not my hand I did all this? Souls. hearts not cut around` ears. yet you are contrary to the
Holy Spirit. So were the your parents. and so are you. What's your prophet was not
persecuted by your parents? They killed those who predict the coming of the law. that you
have betrayed and murdered. YOU. THE PEOPLE THAT RECEIVED THE LAW. BY
opened and the Son of Man standing at God's right '. (Acts p.7.01. - 7.56.)
Assembly of the temple. angry. led him out of the temple and kill him with stones. Rabbi
Saul (the future apostle Paul) guarding killers clothes... It's hard to play other than Luke
does. the atmosphere in those days that starts persecution by brothers to brothers. Recourse
to the understanding of morality and Divine approach is replicated by intolerance and
hatred of those moments: speech deacon Saint Stephen seem to a normal 1ew today.
coherent. even if no one agrees christianism with its mosaic fiber education. Any bona fide
thinker will appreciate Dialectics form specific art in speculative discourse rabbi in general.
Deacon St. Stephen in the depth of the dispute around the prophecies of 1esus concerning
the disappearance of the Great Mosaic Temple and 1udean state.
It could be said some of the messages:
St. Stephen finds past genesis and future Avatars of the people in Hebrew itself. The
internal divisions and disobedience of their own prophets.
Ritual acts are worthless as long as the believer is not the true faith. Whether you are
Christian or Mosaic. or fear of Divine punishment. either in the belief that God loves
coming back to Him through love of others and contrition. True devotee is pervaded by a
spirit of faith. Otherwise. in vain you pray. observe the ritual. charity acts doing.
how you hook your faithful. heart and soul remain in unbelief.
Rabbi Saul was the one who led the persecution against Christians followers. It will convert
to the Gospel of 1esus became the one who will teach and train new followers faith in the
Middle East and Mediterranean coast.
The fact that the crucifixion of 1esus and compact deacon Saint Stephen were two horrible
crime came to Rome. Tiberius Emperor (14 - 37) ordered him to Vitellius. of Syria. to
remove the representative of Roman 1erusalem (Pilate) and the High Priest Caiphas.
Tiberius not see any attempt to state security in the movement generated by 'a 1ew prophet
Christus'. which could not be more than a specific product environment 1udaic and
tolerated as such. At 35 he even proposes a Senate bill that Christian worship should be
declared 'legal' (allowed). wishing to prevent ambiguity that allowed the 1ews as revenge
against the Christians mosaic to be put under the protection of Roman Law. But Senate
gives verdict: 'non legal esse Christianos' ...
Christian community attract the attention and of insiders. Simon The Magician offers a
large sum of money for the apostles Peter and 1ohn to reveal the secrets of apostle
recovering acts. Peter anathema to threaten him because he wants to buy what can be
achieved only through faith. Simon is not blameful (and he has asked forgiveness for this
offer). As then and now life. trained or not. is oriented towards tangible things; easier or
more difficult to obtain. Common sense. that of Simon is that anything can be achieved with
money. Second sense. that of Peter and 1ohn. is that Divine Grace is obtained by Faith. The
three-century sense. the concept is that God does not require the offering materials but
compliance Divine Spirit. the Ten Commandments. through faith and repentance. Sacrifice
in the Christian vision is to remove evil from the soul of every believer. 1esus (followed by
seven hundred years after Muhammad). ask God near by. and THE SOUL. Simon The
Magician shows that. being initiated in various Mystery spirit. with its own powers. training
and intelligence are not yet discerning enough to understand the Christian esoterya. that to
be assimilated by him own soul.
Override in 1erusalem. Helenist Christian 1ews. way to the Greek colonies on the
continent and the Islands. the territory of Palestine and Syria. Become missionaries of the
Gospel of 1esus and initiate the first expansion of Christian Church. Where is the apostle
Philip baptise a high official of Queen Candace: Ethiopian eunuch. St. Philip went in one
morning on the road that connect Gaza to 1erusalem. At noon. he came alongside a caravan
glittering. It was led by the great keeper of the Ethiopian Queen Candace. Moving towards
1erusalem. Divine impulse leads him to ask officials to take with him. On the way. he says
that Ethiopian read prophecies of Isaiah and he asks them to explain something about the
Gospel of 1esus. who heard that it would be a 'sent'. announced by the prophet Isaiah.
Philip it relates to the Miracles of 1esus curing made about it Resurrection after being
crucified and forces with which he and eleven other apostles were giving after the Holy
Spirit to descend on their during fifty days after Resurrection. of Pentecost. Impressed
Egyptian dignitary wants to become a devotee of 1esus. Philip he realizes that the meeting is
not held up. On crossing the 1ordan. he baptise with water. although he knew that the new
emule belonged to a people 'to idol worshiper`. Immediately after the ceremony. Ethiopian
finds that mysterious passenger was no longer beside him. In what concerns Philip. seen it
on the road leading to Azot. Philip will continue his Missionary work in Samaria. It is
followed by Peter and 1ohn. who will lay on us 1ews baptized by Philip. Missionary
develops Cesareea. Lidda. Giaffa. Antioch. Caiphas send most harsh Rabbis physically
destroy these prolific Christian communities. Among its Rabbi Saul. who converted to
Christianity. and after a dozen years after the episode on the Damascus road. Barnaba with.
take the road of converting Greeks of the cosmopolitan metropolis of Antioch. Here is the
first mention of name 'Christianus' (/poxono)[1]. They opened numerous decisive
conversions for the no cut around` baptism. The 'visibility' of the contract between
Abraham family and God. in which the male part is 'cut around'. Considered a mitzvot
(basic commandment). they constituted an infringement for many of the apostles new
[1] Cristianoi - Greek term appears in the' Acts' 11.26. . 11.28. Cristianus - Roman period.
appears in Acts 11.26. oyo agioi (Saints) - a period that defined Christians. appears in Acts
9.32. Kratistos: appellative given Teofil Luke's. which was part of the Roman knight class (in
Latin egregius). In the early years along the Roman knight class adopted Christianity in good
Christian Churche of 1erusalem. Apostle Peter calls the message - faith in the Gospel of
1esus is addressed to all nations (Acts 1.7. - 1.14.).
Hebrew Christians community in 1erusalem is going through a quiet period. Miraculous
recovery made by Peter at Lida (a paralytic recover) and Iope (Bringing life to a moribund)
reinforced faith followers. Start converting among Roman army. once the transition to
Christianity Roman centurion Cornelius Family. Legion of 'Italy'. in Cesareea. Centurion
Cornelius was with his family a fervent proponent of the Gospel of 1esus. But it was not
baptized in mosaic rit (cut around). So how to be baptized as Christian?!. In one morning.
while he was praying an inner voice tells him: 'Send some trust men now to the Iope. and
calls Simon. said Peter.' (Acts 10.15). Peter in turn two-day at noon is prayer for the vision:
'a large cloth. attached to the four corners. and descend the vent is down to earth. In it were
all kinds of animals and four-footed reptile on earth and birds of heaven. Take a voice said
to Peter get up and eat ... Not God. replied Peter. Any time we ate something dirty or
unclean. Voice has said: What God has purged not call foul. This was repeated three times.
'(Acts 10.15.16).
Peter meditate on the message of the Supreme Force. when the gate house some Roman
soldiers asked him. They say that centurion Cornelius invited to his home with his
attendants. A new opportunity for meditation and prayer to lighting what was done: a 1ew
was not allowed to step threshold to a 'goy' (unbeliever). Him decisions is to go and three-
day start to Cesareea. Cornelius expected him with his family. a group of intimate and its
slaves. Before entering Peter says:
'You know that it is absolutely forbidden to be a 1udean and to form a close friendship with
member of another tribe or to go to his house. But God called me to not think about being
can be dirty or impure. So I was hard to answer your call. Now tell me why you called?
"(Acts 10.28.29). Cornelius tells them about the vision were to call him. Strengthen the
related belief that the
apostle Peter to be baptized present. Assembly begins prayer along with him. At one point.
like the Pentecost in 1erusalem. a veil of light is lower on the whole Assembly. Peter and his
attendants. all Hebrew. notes that God. before he baptize them with water. descend baptism
by the Holy Spirit (as done by the apostles of Pentecost) ON ALL IN enclosures: masters or
slaves; cut around or not. Then say:
'We can refuse baptism by water on those who have received baptism by the Holy Spirit?
"(Acts p.10.47.).
All those are there. regardless of ethnicity or social status have been baptized with Water by
apostle Peter.
Coming back to 1erusalem. Peter has faced opposition from Hebrew Christians Apostles. to
convert pagan people. They charged that it failed to comply strictly observed the Mosaic
Law. The new convert. must be cut around` in advance. Always repeat the same slogan:
'We need them to be cut around and to impose the law of Moses.' Were joined by 1ews and
Christians of Antioch who claimed not to recognize the right to forgiveness of sins to those
who were not cut around. There Barnabe and Paul converted to Christianity on the pagans
who wanted to hug UNIC FAITH in God. It was the first conflict inside the Hebrew
Christians Church. Brew time to eliminate this ambiguity and to transfer outside 1ews
strictly respect of rituals conversion to Christ: The Hebrew Christians Council of 1erusalem
Cornelius. Roman centurion. with family. friends and intimate slaves were baptized in
the Cesareea by Peter. as I reported above. Baptism in the name of God. for some not
comply Mosaic rituals. seemed a sign of divine Hebrew. others something scandalous and
unthinkable; outside Law. What will happen and: two thousand years the belief that they
are. The bid was actually another: Who is God's people?. Tough question. which can not
only deliver a working hypothesis. to be taken into account or not. To motivate us back to
about 3000 years ago. Moses. the first great prophet of the faith in the spirit of Universal
Single play in 'Genesis' ('Sepher Bereshit') the two concepts that define the people chosen`.
Who are they?
'God told Abraham: Let my promise keeping you and your seed after you all that is male
between part I (...) will be cut around ' BOTH THE SLAVE BORN IN YOUR HOUSE
Where it first formed?
'People your family country give it the river of Egypt to the river Eufrat`.
So 'God's People' began with a family through promise concluded Abraham with God. The
including the slaves. They were also baptized by circumcision. Moses will bring tables Law
(the Ten Commandments). Moses will develop the 'Leviticus' laws of social organization of
this people. In 1300 years after Moses. the apostles. will establish a new concept of
belonging to 'the People of God'. for this to include nations ' to the edge of the earth '. as he
asked 1esus into communion on the Mountain of the olive trees in 1erusalem. Paul will
develop in the years of his missions. rules and hierarchy of the Christian communities. Over
700 years of. Mohammed will bring faith in God Single for Semite brothers (stepfather) of
the 1ews: Arabs.
'Sarah. his wife born Abraham not place children (...). Then Sarah. his wife took Abraham
a woman slave: Agar.(.) Agar was born Abraham his son. and son Abraham put on the
Agar at birth. name Ishmael. (...) Sarah became pregnant in old age (...) and said it drive
avay Agar and her son. (...) God told Abraham (...) do everything you ask Sara. (...) But the
son Ishmael I will make a People because seed is yours. God was with the child who grew up
(...) lived in the Paran and the kid take his mother took a wife from the Egyptians' (Genesis
p.16. 1.3.5. p 21. ). Sara baby is named Ishruel (Israel). Ishmael will be
Patriarch Arab people. Gene is common to both peoples - Semitic gene. Interesting is the
fact. reported by the apostle Luke. about stopping Paul's (the night vision) to preach
Christianity in Small Asia area (where the Arabs lived). about which we speak in a
following chapter. Which confirm the assumption that the people of God becomes universal
once with the prophet Mohammed. Abraham. Moses. 1esus are 1ews. Timothy is the Greek.
Cornelius is the Roman. ... Muhammad is the Arab. Peoples are only THE SOURCE
occurring OF 'THE CANDIDATE': from the simple faithful man or woman to the initiate.
EVERYONE and their lives put under the sign of faith in God only. Whether his name is
spoken: 'Iahve' 'God' or 'Allah'; in fact every respect their own promise concluded GOD.
Once a year the Grand Rabbi of 1erusalem pronounce this ' IE-HO-VAU-HE '-' I am who I
am Single .
Who uses this hypothesis? First it shows that people 1udean twelve tribes is first formed
in the true faith. The Hebrew Christians missionary opens up to other nations monotheist
faith. Deep faith and not ethnicity. love of others. not suffering and richness. giving spiritual
and not sacrifice the objects. beings and money: They are the sons of the 'people of God'.
Baptism of the Apostles invalidated sentence mosaic doctrine as the only owner of the
mystery of faith in a single God. but has not ruled it in any way! In a speech to the Apostles.
in any text of the Christian Gospel. Neither the 'Koran' Muhammad not blame the Hebrew
'in corpore' but only those which have killed his own prophets ... It is true that. over two
thousand years. were servants of the three denominations have urged to intolerance and
hatred towards those among them who have deviated inland or to other monotheist faiths.
Millions of martyrs of the three religions are testimony. But this is not 'the People of God'
butonly. the people. Omar Kayam poet. philosopher and initiated. an Arab. saying : 'God
is one. people made several`. Why? Indeed: God only knows ... Maybe the macrocosm of the
millions of years. the size of ten thousand years (in which people will drive by themselves in
God faith) is a small period.
Year 50 (from other sources 48) represented a peak moment in which the dispute take place
some time in the bosom of the Church of 1erusalem. Some claimed that the new Hebrew
followers we must comply strictly with the Mosaic ritual. others choose for a minimum
number of restrictions. given that the population of new followers who came had no
preparation or training of youth in this respect. Training start any 1ew from the age of
three years in various forms. depending on the community that belongs to and not least the
religious requirements of their families of origin and the possibilities of materials for
parents. Participation in various forms of periodic 1udaic education includes the study of
Torah passages tailored to the age. contests for children with issues related to the
assimilation of 1ewish tradition. Sabbath meal is accompanied by songs and Bible stories.
ancient dances. participation in job Sabbath. holidays and the celebration of the Temple.
the choirs of different age. music bands. etc.. Adolescents participating in the job and are
nominated alongside the adults. to read and comment text in 'Tora'. At 13 years - Bar
Mitzvah the young 1ew are confirmed. following an examination of learning in the presence
of community members. in the synagogue. in teaching 'Tore' study and compliance
behavior of worship in the Mosaic community. All this spiritual and community training
create a habit of respect 'for themselves' Mosaic ritual restrictions. For those from other
nations. obviously that was not on hand to observe strictly the ritual that has not been
instructed to participate. The risk is to lose devout followers.
They decided to assemble a council to 1erusalem for cutting dispute. Group 'traditional'
formed of the rabbi who converted to Christianity. requiring strict compliance to mosaic
ritual by neophyte. was headed by 1ames the Young. The other group were part of Peter.
1ohn. Barnabe. Paul. Peter argued such a minimum of restrictions: 'Brothers. you know
that the days of Lord chose me through you to get to pagans the Word and the Good News
(Resurrection of 1esus.) So that they hug faith. God. you know deep down. testified in their
favor because they have heart purified by faith. Why try to put against God. requiring
disciples a yoke that our parents and we do not I could go? In fact the pardon of our Lord
1esus. we believe EXACTLY AS SAVE HER. (Acts p.15.10.)
They continued to advocate and Paul. Barnabe. Narrating convert people of different
nations and social conditions. of the true faith for which they gave evidence. regardless of
rank or religion considered old. Finally got the word at 1acob the Young. as the leader of the
Hebrew Christians Church in 1erusalem:
'Brothers. listen to me. Simon (the case of Simon Peter. apostle) speaks as of the beginning
God has making people GAVE US HIS NAME. The prophets said: 'When will they return. I
will rebuild David's work will be destroyed. I will rebuild the ruins and build. in order
that all mankind to seek God. so that all nations should be enshrined My Name is why I that
should not be required of those who converted pagans. Be required only to refrain from
meat for sacrifices idol links illegitimate. not to consume meat from animals and suppress
the blood. For in ancient times Moses has had in each town preacher they read in
Synagogues Sabbath '(Acts p.15.10.). Was prepared Epstle of Hebrew Christians Church
from 1erusalem` and were delegates who were to bring the knowledge established Christian
Churches. Because this document is crucial to further development of Christians on the one
hand and the relationship between Hebrew Christians and mosaic 1ews. on the other hand.
we give it full:
'Apostles. presbyter and brothers to brothers of people who are in Antioch. Syria and
Cilicia. say Hi! Because I heard that some of us go without a commission from us. you have
troubled souls through their speech. and you have shaken souls saying to cut around and
kept the Law. us. after we have gathered all together with a plan. We found the way to
choose some people and send them to you too with our sweethearts and Paul Barnabe. these
people who put lives at stake. for our Lord 1esus Christ . For it seemed to him the Holy
Spirit and to us. not to put you over any other weight than to be. ie: that you spared
immolation idol things. blood. animal suppress. adultery. things that if you will your guard
will be good to you. Be healthy! (Acts p.15.23.-29.).
Are appointed to lead and explain Epstle: Silas. Barsabas. Barnabe. Paul.
In the above I would add that Epstle marked the beginning of the end of 1ewish-
Christian Church of 1erusalem.
Already tetrarch Herod Agripa [1] decapitated heads of Hebraic Christian church of
1erusalem moving through the arrest of 1acob the Great and Peter in the year 42. Peter
miraculously escaped and fled to 1erusalem (Acts 12.17.). 1ames the Great was beheaded.
1ames the Young took over as the community. Isolated and marginalized by mosaic Rabbi
Hebrew Christians are spread in the 1ewish communities throughout the Roman empire in
the next hundred years. They will then bear mistrust and intolerance of Christians. as the
Hebrew. being of the people who killed 1esus. Hebrew Christians. and their communities
will disappear of the Messianic Christian way. Dialectics of God we did not once
acknowledge that any distance in the egg contains a revival. HOW? IN WHAT CONTEXT?
[1] Agripa I becomes King Philipia tetrarch of the region and Lisania in 37. 39 of the Galilee and
Pereea. in 41 of Iudeea and Samaria. At his death (44) the territory will pass (in addition to a
small territory around Cesareea attributed to Agripa II ) under the administration of a Roman
procurator. After the defeat of the 1ews by the Roman legions in the Roman- Iudaic war since 71.
Palestine became Roman province.
Rabbi Saul was born in Tarsus. Date of birth is located. after different sources. between
5-10. The family was of noble rank. the tribe of Saul. His father was the merchant who had
received Roman citizenship as a sign of cooperation with the imperial administration.
Young Saul followed initiation school scholarship under the guidance of Rabbi Gamaliel.
Become a member of the first rank of the Grand Temple Mosaic Sanhedrin. Take part aside
from the reported persecution of 'sect Gospel of 1esus'. After his testimony. when he held
compact deacon Saint Stephen. who was guarding the clothes of the killer. Request and
receive approval of the Grand Rabbi Caiphas to persecute the Christian community of
Damascus. where the leaves with a group of young rabbis: disciples and friends. On the way
to Damascus comprises a bright light group. focus on Rabbi Saul. He falls face down in the
road dust. A voice. that only he hears say:
'Saul. Saul ... Why persecute me? Who are you Lord? Ask the young rabbi terrified. I am
1esus the of Nazareth. whom you persecute him. Get up. come into town and tell you what
to do '. (Acts p.9.6.). Saul go look skyward. but do not see anything. His fellows its related to
the fear that their mentor is like a blind. They raised him from dust from the road and took
him by the arms to Damascus. Rabbi stayed three days in fast black and prayer. He was
initiated into the secrets that Law knew of vision loss is a sign of the Supreme Force. He
knew that he must pray. to rue. to find out why and what the punishment would be. In the
fourth day in. a 1ew he is respected in the community of Damascus and fervent proponent
of Christian sects in the city: Ananias. Get penitent shoulders and wondering if this man
deserves punishment saved. 'God. I heard many people talking about the evil done by this

man. your saints in 1erusalem. And now he came here. invested with all powers to the
faithful on your chain '(Acts p.9.10.). Vision has a voice inside that says:
'Do it! For through it you spread the faith among pagan peoples. will convert the kings and
the children of Israel. I myself will tell him that his suffering is the way in my name '. (Acts
Ananias received the grace to give the eyesight to Saul. After receiving its baptism with
water. He stayed with him until he recover. It is assumed that in those days there were
between two long dialogues learn Hebrew Gospel of 1esus. After he was able to walk. the
first Sabbath. Saul enters in the Mosaic Temple of Damascus. Before the assistance begin by
preaching the Gospel of 1esus and to submit testimony to the quality of the Messiah and
crucified the prophet resurrection it. People ask: how? it is the persecutor of followers of
1esus! Everyone knew that the rabbi was talking to them now was the high priest sent to
1erusalem to kill the followers of 1esus in Damascus. Soon ... the mosaic bigots[1] plan to
killing him. Saul is saved by the disciples. remaining faithful. They pass over the middle of
the night in the fortress wall of Damascus. After the return in 1erusalem Saul trying to get
in touch with mentors Christian Community. But everywhere is greeted with suspicion and
hatred. having normal reactions to his role with not much time before. It was his Barnabe
to make bail for Saul. saying to Christians what happened in Damascus. However. the
override. especially 'Christian hellenists' planned to kill him. The presbyters of 1erusalem
Christian Community decide to send for a time in your hometown - Tars.
Apostolic role of the person will change once the orientation and the name of Christianity
(Rabbi Saul becoming the Apostle Paul). will be reported in what follows.
[1] Term designating followers intolerance to various interpretations of doctrine different
from theirs. which they believe the only obvious and best. The equivalent term is

His missionary journey takes place in 1erusalem. Antioch. Greece. to Rome and
unverified on certain data in Spain. What happened in Damascus and have another
meaning. Whatever the nature or explainable spent the non explainable Damascus moment
of Paul life. we can not ignore that there has been a deep change in personality of a rabbi.
long trained in the secrets of Mosaic Scriptures. Laws of the Torah. Saul's option to become
a missionary of the Gospel of 1esus. will have a crucial role in evanghelisation of the pagan
peoples' of the Mediterranean area in the next thirty years. Strength of character of the
human tribe in Saul associated with esoteric energies invested. with the Holy Spirit through
Baptism to cure people; grace its speaker and organizer of Christian forms of worship and
ritual of the Christian communities to be set up. will all become real weapons. With them
will face on the disparagers of its own tribe. the administrators of the Roman Empire.
giving HOPE to those seeking a seat in front doubts of their spiritual life. Therefore. the size
of its singular destiny. the way in which the 'bare hands' to face the best centers of religious
power (in 1erusalem. Atioch. Athens. Rome) and then civil deserve pursued not only in the
apostolic. but as a example of forced TO THE GENERATE A HUMAN BEING
The impact of Christianity in. Rome. is reported by 1udean 1osefus Flavius (1osefus
Flavius in '1ewish Antiques' - paragraphs 18. 89. 95). Tiberius Imperator (14 - 37) gave the
Vitelius linked Syria to remove the Chief Rabbi of Sanhedrin. Caiphas. the murder of 1esus
and Stephen. and Pilate's dismissal (as I said). The latter will be replaced by one Senator
[1] Senator Marcel is mentioned in a provenance apocryphal Asian document century II: 'The
facts of Vericelli' that it would be hosted on the Apostle Peter in Rome.
Perception was the result of what happened in 1erusalem: the lack of legality under
Roman law. the process of 'Chrestus' and the actions to persecute the followers. including
compact deacon Saint Stephen. Tertulian (Roman philosopher and historian. presents in
'Apologetico' paragraph 5.2.) Reported that Emperor Tiberiu proposed in the Roman
Senate. a law which prevent any action against 'Christians'. He attributed this initiative
first emperor of the recognition of the Christian cult. Senators were opposed because it is a
religious movement 'autonomous' (without having a single ethnic) could lead to conflict and
social unrest[2]. Decree of the Senate (Senate - consult) contains the words 'Non licit esse
Emperor Tiberiu neutralize the consequences of the vote in the Senate arguing that it
makes no distinction between ethnic '1ews' and 'Christians'. all are Hebrew. Tacit. senator
and historian relates that in the year 42. at the beginning of the reign of Claudius (41 - 54)
the wife of General Aulo Plauzziu (Leader of the legions who have undergone Brittany)
Pomponia Grecina to convert to Christianity (Tacit argues that the under apostle Peter
conduct). The result is that the General wants to withdraw from the family of corrupt
Imperial Rome[3]. Clement the Alexandrin argues that many nobles and Romans knights
were converted to messianic work of Peter and asked Mark to write his teachings of Apostle
predicate. Have not missed the conversion from among the 1ews of Rome. This causes
[2] it is clear that the 'deep' formulation can only be the fruit of an editor with an instruction of
the Greek sophist or a Talmudic initiated. Incline to the opinion author of a two-variant.
[3] A Christian inscription. in the ancient catacombs of St. CALIST name Pomponios Grekeinos;
testimony of conversion to Christianity of an illustrious aristocratic families of Rome. The arrival
of Peter in Rome is dated to year 42 by the Eusebiu 'Chronicle' : 'At the beginning of The
Principality. Providence took the hand led Peter to Rome.' (After the Latin translation of

irritation of mosaic 1ews. They obtained the expulsion of Hebrew converting to Christianity
from the Emperor Claudius (41 - 54). around 50. Aquila and Priscila . Hebrew Christians
that Luke says they were expelled from Rome (Acts p.18.2.). Will be those who will meet
Paul in Corinth in the year 51.
Antioch. capital of the province of Syria. was the largest of the three great Roman city of
the empire. An excess of that number of inhabitants. only Rome and Alexandria. Here. the
first step of Paul's apostolic mission are to convert and lead new followers. He was sent to
twelve years after his conversion. by the Church of the apostles in 1erusalem. Barnabe
accompanying him in this difficult mission among Greeks. convinced that the miracle of
converting former Rabbi Saul will bear fruit. In Antioch evanghelised were the 1ews and
the Greeks. Paul and Barnabe switched to our evangelism of non 1ews. with all opposition
of the Hebrew Christian presbyters who could not reconcile with exemptions from the Law
of Moses. Here is for the first time in use the 'Sect of Crestus' as a brand. Here Paul will
build a strong community of Christian. Salamina is to start by preaching in the synagogue
where the witness to tell the quality of the Messiah and Resurrected 1esus. He used
arguments quoting text of Torah. This approach will be used by the apostle. among mosaics
until the end of his days. In Paphos a magician 1ew (Bar 1esus) trying to discredit the
group's Paul before Sergius Paulus proconsul. Blindly to invocation of Paul: 'Man full of all
guile and all malice. son of the devil. enemy of righteousness any stainless; not stop you to to
defy ways of God?! Now here's the hand that God is against you: you will be blind and not
see you until the sun for a while' (Acts p.13.10.). Amazing power of esoteric stream of what
apostle of faith. many of the Roman officials entourage asking to be baptized.

Paul continues to preach in the towns on Cretan coast.

In one morning entered the synagogue of Antioch of Pisida. Was placed alongside the
others. participating in prayer. At the end of the divine service. when the rabbi said the
phrase 'Brothers. if you have something to say to encourage people. do it!' He stands with
fist raised and little finger up[1].refers to an important and central prayer in the 1ewish
prayer service. The central theme of the ,//8 is the magnification and sanctification of
God's name) speaking:
'People of Israel and of those that you fear God listen! God of this people. the God of Israel
chose our fathers and made to grow during his exile in Egypt. Then. using the Force was
made to escape from slavery and forty years. he guided through the desert. Then blasting
seven nations of Canaan on earth. he put in possession of their country. for four hundred
years. After these things he gave to judges Samuel prophet. Then he requested a king. We
gave to Saul. the son of Cis. of the Beniamin tribe. After he was removed. God gave David
(...). Of the progeny that 1esus was born as the Messiah. 1ohn (1ohn the Baptist) was
prepared by the coming new administration Baptism. At the end of its mission. he said.
WORTHY TO TOUCH SHOES. Brothers. your children of Abraham race and you the
present. is sent to you this message. Moreover. residents of 1erusalem and the heads have
reached their mosaic words prophets which were read every Sabbath. No reason to find (...).
condemned him (1esus) and asked him to Pilate to kill him. And everything as written by
the prophets. they have descended from the cross and put him into the grave. But God has
Resurrected him. Price several days he appeared to those who came with him from Galilee.
They are his witnesses before the people. And we know to announce: the promise [1]
Marker of belonging advocates speaking at Mosaic faith. Sign that is done. for example.
when prayer said 'Kaddish'-

made to our parents (coming to Messaiah) to support children of God has reached a: the
resurrection of 1esus. As is written in Psalms: You are my son. myself today I was born and
I will defend. And God gave us through Resurrection and can not be questioned are those
words: 'We will give you the holy things of David. those who are trustworthy. So are
brothers. that through Him forgiveness of sins is announced. All the forgiveness that you
can not get through the Law of Moses. through Him you can have. Please note you do not
happen what is written in the prophets: 'Look people full of themselves. Be surprised not
understand why and died for since the time that you will do work that you do not believe
you any time. whether you would recite a somebody. "(Acts p.13.16.-41.)
Impressed by the force of argument and how to support many of the meeting requested to
meet again. On the next Sabbath. those who felt violated Mosaic faith. they have threatened
and derision when again asked to speak.
Paul says:
'I wanted to let you know you first word of God. Because we reject and do not consider
worthy of eternal life. we will refer to pagans. For thus God said: 'I have made light of
peoples. for you to go off message to the earth'. (Acts p.13.46.-47.)
Paul continue evangelism pagan population out of the protests Hebrew 'fundamentalists'.
They decide to kill him. Then one day you catch. you go to the edge of town and beat him
bloody. Believe him dead they leave the body there. The news has spread and his attendants.
who not scared went to see the body. but prayed for the dead thought. Divine force he kept
alive. Paul recovering and one of its inter return during prayer for his soul. Attendants saw
the sign in hand protection of 1esus. Last visited city in the island was Derbe. Here a large
number of people. Hebrew or not. were converted to Christianity. forming a new Christian

Missionary group returns to Antioch. where Paul and Barnabe will organize and lead
Christian Church until his departure for 1erusalem. Conciliation 1udeo-Christian Church
of 1erusalem took place. as different sources consulted. in 48 or 50. Here the two leaders of
Hebrew Christians Evanghelism will establish a series of laws and procedures fundamental
for Christianity. The Christians of Antioch: 'On the first day of the week were united to
break the bread' (Acts p.20.7.). As you will find Luke to Troas in 57. So Sunday. the day of
the Resurrection of 1esus. says that the Christian holiday while at Mosaic 1ews feast day is
Saturday. It first established ecclesiastical hierarchy. Defined the concept of a Christian
prophet in the first rank as an apostle. with the mission to interpret its spirit by lighting the
old scripts and hidden meanings of words in the future. and example facts of the Gospel of
1esus. 'Revelation by 1ohn' is one such example. The follower are presbytery who had
intended to spread Christian credo. to evanghelize and to ensure the community of
After Hebrew Christians Council of 1erusalem and a short stay in Antioch. Paul and
Barnabe resume his missionary journey separately. Barnabe and 1ohn Mark come back in
Cyprus. Paul. accompanied by Silas. will start second missionary route (50 - 52) who will be
setting up community Filipium. Corinth. Athens. The first route will pass through Syria and
Cilicia. Here they to Christianize. train and strengthen faith in those already Christians.
Paul had intended to start a route missionary in Asia Minor. But in Misia town. a vision
that is the way it stops. Stopping Asia at the borders. over seven hundred years will be the
cradle of a new branch of trunk Faith in God Only. by the prophet Mohammed. It will
recognize. in 'Qur'an' (The Islamic Holy Book) as a forerunner of its Abraham. Moses.
Elijah. 1esus. Arabs will call God 'Allah'. There premise emerging diversity of the three
branches of the same spiritual People of God'. wiped the shepherds 'fundamentalists' of
the three religions. associating them with the concurrence of interests POWER worldly.
Without taking into account the common esoteric vein: 'Old Testament'. 'New Testament'
and 'Qur'an '.
He come back at Troas. A new vision is revealed to be a Macedonian what's his name on
it. Embarking. with his attendants to Filipium. then the capital of Macedonia. During this
journey. in Listros has elected a new disciple to be trained: Timothy. In order not to create
dissension among its followers. the new emule has baptized first mosaic rite by
circumcision. then it establishes with Christian baptism. It was a derogation from the Law
of Moses that Paul. after a deep meditation. he did. Another incident was the arrest and
closure in jail because they had released a young woman possessed of Shaman's trance. The
arrest was made in the complaint that exploit the fair. get money from her ecstatic states.
Prayers between two walls of the jail were accompanied by an earthquake. which shed
premises in the dead of night. Doors were opened and the chains were broken. Scared that
the inmates will run. prison guard he wanted to kill not to be held responsible by the
authorities. Paul has said: 'Do not kill. we are all here`. Amazed. the man is to throw up.
you take him home and care of injuries caused him to collapse the walls. Ask to be baptized
together with his family ... A two-day strategist castle (Commander of the Roman city).
impressed by the prisoners send a courier to announce that they are free. But Paul and Silas
said that Roman citizens may not be released than a Roman. Then strategist comes personal
to make this decision... Also on this road at Troas. joins a missionary group and Luke. That
appears in the text. discreetly. by crossing the three-person at a two-person plural of. It is
yet another proof of the parent Christian modesty. (Acts p.10.16.). After a brief stopover in
Lida. arriving in Thessaloniki. The first way was the apostle. as already known. the
synagogue in the city. Here again the 1ews preach about the Good News of 1esus
Resurrection. calling to be christened. It received the Christian bapteme of 1ew Iason
(Personality of the 1ews in town). But the next day a group of 1ews. in hysteria estate. him
crawl on Iason to Roman authority. The reason was that some people who hosts'... have
revolutionized an entire world (...) contrary of Caesar edicts. saying that there is another
king. 1esus.` (Acts p.17.6.). This argument' will be repeated permanently. the crucifixion of
Christ and until the Hebrew Christians as a distinct group in the Christian Church. before
being ground to any military or civilian Romans. THIS DEFAMATION. IT SEEMS.
1ewish Communityes exploited the confusion of terms: king of the peoples (caesar) versus
king of spirit (1esus). the pride of the Roman ... any. to oppress them or even make them go
of them as quickly as those who summon the 1ews and others to a new form of spiritual
existence and community organization: Mostly THROUGH MORAL CONCEPT OF
In order not to cause more persecution against Christians. Paul determine departure
from Thessaloniki to Athens. taking with him a new follower: Aristarh. The next stop was
the Bere. He studied here in the synagogue. the Holy Books together Hebrew Rabbis. They
confirmed the accuracy of the texts cited by the apostle of Torah. of which confirmed the
crucifixion and the coming of 'Son of Man'. Although those of Thessaloniki were sent to
Hebrew like 1ews enmity towards the Christian missionary Paul around. the community of
Bere remained in decent limits. A number of Hebrew have asked to be baptized. Paul. Silas
leaves on them to continue their preaching. He. along with Timothy bound for Athens.
Spiritual center of Greek culture. Athens was established philosophical schools remaining
after the 'golden four centuries' of Ellada: a Epicurians and Stoics. Athens was now a
Roman province: in the Greek spirit which promoted Pithagora or Plato was only a shadow.
But pride esoteric vestige Delphi makes cultivated Greeks 'enough '. unfathomable occult
religious approach to the other source. including Christian. Therefore. after some debate.
the Greek philosophers and were dragged around the 1ews of Paul before Attic Areopag
(The decision of the supreme Athenian democracy). Paul took the floor to defend his group.
the right to manifest freely through faith in Athens:
'Athenian all conditions. we see as the most faithful of men. Going through your town.
seeing your sacred monuments. I found one which was the inscription: 'Unknown God'.
Well. that I love you without you know. I came to have him notice. God who made the world
with what is in it. God of Heaven and Earth do not live in temples made by human hands.
which he gave life to all beings (...). If a UNIQUE PRINCIPLE. He created species human
living on the earth. If the fixed period and the area of human life. made it to makes people
seek divinity; YOU FOUND BY SEARCHING. It is close to all of us. For us WE HAVE
LIFE. MOVEMENT AND BEINGS. In fact some of you said: 'because we are of His race`.
If we are kind of God we must not think divinity like gold. silver or stone processed through
art or through the human genius. Here is that God wishes to make known the people that
came the moment to expiate sins. for he has fixed a day for trial. giving the MAN we turn to
for this and that gave everybody a proof of the undeniable fact that he

Resurrected from the dead '(Acts p.17.22.-23.)[1]. This was the INITIATED MESSAGE.
which the apostle Paul sent to Athenians. But that was not too ... whose. Areopag Assembly
not considered him guilty for his beliefs and let them go. Only a few will follow the
missionary. Among them and Dionisie the Areopagit. a future missionary.
Misionary group go to Bere. take it and Silas going to Corinth. the capital of the Roman
province Ahaia. People of various ethnic origins. adopted in most Roman citizenship.
Business that bind port Corinth with all the Mediterranean. reaching Africa and Asia.
attracting traders from all nations. giving the city a cosmopolitan character. Hebrew
community in Corinth was very richest. And here. every Sabbath the Hebrew Christians
around Paul went to his synagogue. They comment togheter of Torah texts. trying to
persuade them through their discourse is that 1esus 'Messaiah' prophesy and expected
harbinger of Isaiah. In what concerns them the Greeks and those of other races. Paul tech
them acquainted with the Law of Moses. giving them light and knowledge contained in the
Gospel of 1esus. Chief Rabbi of synagogue. Crispus. was baptized. Most 1ews were
mistrustful[2] The Greeks were such zealous foreign evangelize. Then one day. in response
[1] Here Paul uses the same argument of 'Old Testament' how St. Stephen deacon in the last
speech before his death: 'Heaven is my body and the earth is at my feet. what house you
build. which will place My rest? Is not my hand I did all this? (Acts p.7.50.)
[2] Without being mentioned by Luke. a major matter of 1ewish mistrustful it was crossing
the same religion with ~goimi (pagans`). What the ordinary 1ew. whether rich or poor. it
meant to waive the attribute 'son of the Chosen People'. which was so proud. The natural
conversion of the 1ews and non 1ews in a place of Christian converting margin narrows
among Hebrew. But ... he was ahead. even if painful for Hebrew Christians. They were
aware of the strength of the 1ews repudiation of the 'apostate'. So much admired for their
sacrifice of personal and social major done to their faith to the Lord 1esus).

to abuse in utter meeting synagogue. Paul tear the clothes torn off him and said:
'Whether your blood to fall on your heads! In me are pure. and also will go to pagans '(Acts
Gesture disruption clothes are in the tradition of Hebrew esoteric role. MARKING A
BREAK. One of the deep discontent that does. The expression 'YOUR BLOOD TO FALL
ON YOUR HEADS!' Is not a mere threat or an invocation of revenge. Metaphor is divine
Moreover. by the end of his days. Paul will continue to evangelize the Hebrew against
psychosis created by cult fanatics mosaic. where everywhere he arrive. The incident
reported above plays the tragic side of Missionary 1ews and Christians in general of all the
Paulian dimension of human datum regardless of race or religion of the 1ewish tribe which
originated. Therefore the struggle between officials and community and religious mosaic of
1ews and the Christians. closely around the apostles was irreconcilable. Once out of the
'sons of Israel'. Christianity no longer constituted a danger to mosaic 1ews. Down through
the centuries that followed. scholars. doctors. treasurer. etc. were in an infrastructure for
cooperation with the church and Christian institutions. But not with the Hebrew Christians.
And now that concern them. without hatred of ancient 1ew. But now. the question pose by
one 1ew like: 'what does that mean?'. A kind of ... stryta-camel. and not blameful as people.
and faith. If and when God wants you. our minds. of our survivors will to clarify otherwise.
denied or sublimate.
In the spring of 52 1ews hostile to Paul is going to face trial proconsul of Ahaia. Galion.
arguing that it would be preached in the synagogue against the Mosaic Law. Paul has got to
defend. Roman official issue saying:
'If it is a felony or a wrongdoing. I have received. 1udea. as reasonable complaint. But
because it is challenging words and name in your own law. we still see you! Let me be the
judge in this case refuse! '(Acts p.18.14.).
All they could make them angry was to him a devotee of Paul. Sostene (a rabbi turned to
Christianity) and beat him before the court building. On completion of the mission of
Corinth. Paul's group moved toward the place of departure: Antioch. On the way they stop
at Ephesus. This is surrounded by the love of Hebrew Christians. which he prays to remain.
Paul promises that it will return.
Thus the end of his two mission among the 'pagans'. It noted that the election
environment was beneficial Greek as a first step towards space outside 1ewish. Significant is
the fact that this 'territorial conquest ' was done in about two years. without arms. without
the force of a religious oligarchies size of the mosaic in the back. or how the military was the
Roman Empire. That's SOMETHING that Paul mobilize: belief strength. spiritual strength.
the facts of its benefits. Numerical size and quality of conversion. even among the 1ews. led
those who wanted the killing missionary to be more careful in the practice of lynching in
public. It was a period of flourishing communities Hebrew Christians outside 1udeea. Had
gained. for example. all 1ewish communities receives aid sent Barnabe and Paul in time of
famine in 1udea (46 - 48. where other sources 48-50). Actually the real enemies of the faith
we do not hysterical 1ews who were kill on their Hebrew Christians outside the castle to

I will illustrate with the phrase 'Believe and do not look'. The supporters of the
enlightenment treated as an engine ignorance. The Christian fundamentalists as motivation
without subjecting conditions. For me that means the spirit and human destiny in the hands
of God: Faith in him released from the stress you too many questions and uncertainties
related to your destiny. Three views: two generators and emotional contradictions
irretrievably. A three-to a 'simple' which anyway is not no harm no Enlightenment
fundamentalists. In this sense tell you the words of a monk from Mount Athos. the cradle of
Christian esoteric. He had the dream. the vision of running his life like a movie on the
background of the azure Mediterranean Sea. Looking down the beach to see traces of steps:
two pairs in the good times right. a couple of steps in the difficult moments. He knew that a
pair of two-steps of 1esus was. Monk is addressed:
'God. in difficult moments that leave me? "
The answer comes immediately: 'In tough times I went in my arms!.
After a short stay in Antioch. Paul is returned at Ephesus. Here he will initiate adepts in the
Christian esoteric mysteries for three years. There will be initiated. among others Apollo of
Alexandria and Epafras. They will be sent to evangelize and preach the Coloseens in
Laodicium and Hieropolis.
Training was intensive. It takes between eleven sixteen hours a day. Were included in
both the initiation mosaic sacred texts. and the Gospel of 1esus. Disciples were ready to face
a discussion of the Torah text. or to respond to questions of priests or philosophers atheist
or polytheist. At the end of the training grant Paul elected by grace through faith and
proved baptism by the Holy Spirit. which invested on the one with the gift to recover.

Others have tried to do the same. Actually practice exorcism. the old traditions have people
1ew. Those who tried were seven sons of Rabbi Sceva. But their Miracles were not done.
although they have relied on 1esus. They were beaten and ousted those who have called
them. Strength apostles made many priests of cult god Apollo to go along with the citizens
whom they shepherd. to Christianity.
Paul writes in this period Epistles to Corenteens. to Galateens (two of) to Filipeens.
Departure from Corinth was marked by an incident. 1ew Demetrius. a rich 1eweler and
builder pagan temple. incite the workers against Hebrew Christians because they take the
bread from their mouths. By converting pagans fallen drastically request for statues of gods
and temples of arranging for their reverence. Immediate cause was ceasing construction of
a temple for the goddess Artemis. The daggers were caught Gaius and Aristarh and dragged
him into the city before Roman county chief. He asked Demetrius to submit a complaint to
be based on criminal. according to Roman laws. Roman administration gave signs of
neutrality in the internal 1ewish conflict. Paul continues its way to first in Macedonia
Filipium and then back to Ephesus to Troas. From that period dates of the two-letter to
Corinteens. Among his attendants were Sopatros of Bere. Aristarh of Samos. Secundus of
Thessaloniki. dober of Gaius. Timothy. Ticinius and Trofin. He wanted to review the closest
his heart before taking the road to 1erusalem. Felt that there will ever see and he wanted to
strengthen the faith and those who were disciples. Arrived in their middle and say:
'You know yourself and in what manner. the first day I walked in here I do not have ceased
to serve the Lord with humility. with tears in the middle and evidence of hatred of 1ews.
You know how without rest we trained the public on each side. convincing the Hebrew and
Greek to proceed TO GOD AND believe in 1esus our Lord. Now here is guided by the Holy

Spirit. I'll refer to 1erusalem. but I know what will happen. although he warned me that I
expected CHAINS and HATE. But I do not put a price on my life in front of goal to carry
out my task which I received from the Lord 1esus: to make known my testimony in the
Gospel and Divine Grace. I now know that my face may you see any time in the middle of
all of you who have been and we announced the Kingdom (it's about 'Kingdom of God'
where the 'People of God'). Therefore testify before you today: the blood is purified because
you did not hesitate when I passed all the divine will. Be careful with yourself and all the
flock which the Holy Spirit will mainly guards to guard the Church that God incarnate in
his own blood son. I know that after my departure shall come among you afraid of wolves.
which will not spare the flock and from among you will rise even people taking perverse
discourses in order to make disciples to follow. Therefore be vigilant reminding you that for
three years. day and night did not hesitate to engage each of you .. Now you leave custody to
the Word of God and his grace which has the power to build and keep building heritage
among all those sanctified. Money or things we took from nobody. you know that for my
needs and my mates were sufficient these hands. At all times we showed that we must
intervene to help the weak and to remember the words the Lord 1esus who said: 'IT IS
MORE LUCKY TO GIVE THAN RECEIVED' (Acts p.20.18 .- 35.).
He attended last prayer in common. then people will not ever see him with tears in eyes to
ship. I reproduced this true testament because it includes several major meanings.
The apostle Paul was a Rabbi initiated the teachings (as I mentioned at the beginning of
chapter). He was trained at a level difficult to achieve. by Rabbi Gamaliel. because his
native gifts. paved the Holy Spirit through Christian baptism. This shows the strength to see
through time and through people. He was prophet of vision of what will happen to the
Hebrew Christian Church. namely its dissolution. The uttered when they were not simple

advice. He knew that power the Gospel of 1esus was no longer in Hebrew ethnicity. which began
to preach. but in this simple phrase: 'IT IS MORE LUCKY TO GIVE THAN RECEIVED'.
Second aspect is the period of 50 - 58: time to Ephesus where Paul actually made first school of
Christian Initiation in the esoteric. Its reputation has made many scholars to go to Hebrew
Christianity and come to train It shall keep the balance between 'faith of parent' and the
evanghelisation all those who by faith are have shown that they are the followers of new religion.
of any persuasion would have been. Paul was not at all sure that this consensus will be kept after
his departure. They say this bluntly. and giving key: VIGILANCE IN FAITH. IN WORD AND
He knew how dangerous was the way to 1erusalem. BUT AS A SIMPLE SOLDIER OF THE
LORD '. It was the quality of the first Christian missionaries. the apostles from anonymous
people. be they Hebrew or not!
The four appearance. seemingly unbound by the words of Paul. is another vagary of human
thinking. In the nineteenth century. Karl Marx defines a doctrine called communist`. From an
organizational point of view. the communist has a structure similar to that Essenes or Hebrew
Christian communities. They followed the monastic communities and now 1ewish kibutz of Eretz
Israel State. Uttered by the apostle Paul. was told almost entirely. as ideas of Marx. Enghels to
communist disciples. Living. working and property sharing. distribution as needed (not seen how
you can get. but you give according to the needs of normal life: housing. food. training /
education. healthcare. childcare and elderly) and the contribution each after being as many
opportunities benchmark organizational types in the four communities mentioned. Why Marx
and Enghels choice to repudiate Christianity? A 'competitor' competed hard... or thinking how a
Mosaic 1ew against the ancestral doctrine of 1esus. with all its roots in mosaic world . but not
The group that accompanied the apostle passes Cesareea. Rhodes and Tyr to go to
1erusalem. to celebrate Easter in the Temple (year 57. after other sources 58 ec). The signals
received were not encouraging for. At Philip's house (one of the seven Greeks). a learned
Hebrew Christian. named Agabus take seat in Paul's. its link with her hands and feet and
'Here's what he revealed the Holy Spirit: the man carrying the belt will be chained by 1ews.
when he arrives in 1erusalem and will give pagan hands (must be the Romans).
Paul is asked to not continue their trip. His answer has:
'Why cry to me Break my heart. I'm ready to die for the name of 1esus ... MAKE THAT
THE GOD WANT!' (Acts p.21.14).
In 1erusalem is hosted by 1ames the Young. After the first manifestations of joy to see again.
the members of Christian community of town have a grudge that all 1ews must to obey to
comply strictly observed mosaic. They were advised him to undergo ritual purification.
along with four other Hebrew that deviations from the Law of Moses. Ritual kept by
Christians confess in before Easter. but the Hebrew meaning is the recognition of sin before
the meeting in Temple. To show that is a true believer in Mosaic Law. Paul follow the seven
days purification.
In the eight-day. on Easter morning. the door to a group of Temple. originally from Asia
Minor[1] acused Paul. They cry: 'People of Israel's help! Here's the individual who preach
everywhere and against all our people. against the Law and this place! And there was also
brought Greeks into the temple to profane the Holy Place' (Acts p.21.28). It was about Timothy.
Paul. knowing the law. at first confirmed him in the Mosaic rite. with the later Christian baptism
and baptism by the Holy Spirit. So it was a false reason. but for those who wanted public
condemnation and murder of Paul does not count ... Gates of Temple are closed. Is preparing to
stone Paul apostle. when a Roman military unit led by the Lisias Claudius from Roman Antonia
fortress. situated in close proximity to the Temple. stop the execution. Asking what happened and
getting confusing answers. the Roman decided to arrest Paul. Fort on the way to lots of killers
who feel that their prey escape. heaven with rage 'death!'. Once inside the fortress. Paul is
addressed in Greek to Claudius: 'Can I say a word?`. 'You know Greek? ... so you are not the
egyptian who started riot with four thousand bandits in the desert' was his reply Lisias. confused
with what my bee the leader of a 1ewish anti Romans movement - Sikkim.
Paul asked to speak people gathered in front before the Roman stronghold. Paul raised his
hand and he speaks in Aramaic. After relates what happened along the Damascus way. his
convert to Christianity. (C.III.1) he says:
'In a day when I pray in the temple. I fell into bliss. I saw that the Lord said: Get up. get out of
1erusalem. and your testimony of Me. I replied: Oh. they know well how we went from
synagogue to synagogue. throwing and putting in prison to be beaten by those who believed in
you. And when was spilled blood of Stephen. your witness. I was beside myself for them
[1] They were so called 'free': the surviving 1ews from Cirene. Alexandria. Cilicia. made slaves of
Pompei after occupation of Palestine (60 b.c.e.) and subsequently released by Caesar. Of this
group were and what they have on the stone St. Stephen deacon. Now were used as 'murderous
hand' of leadings of Sanhedrin to kill the Apostle Paul.
and guarding their clothes. He then answered: GO. IS FAR THE WAY TO PAGANS TO
SEND YOU' (Acts p.22.17.).
Speech is interrupted at this time of partisan call back to the killing of tearing their clothes
on[2]. The Tribune. to quiet the crowd. ordered that Paul to be beaten by the verge. Paul is
addressed to Lisias. this time. in Latin. He says that he is a Roman citizen. Amazed. the
commander revoked the order and replaced with heavy chains to prevent prisoner escape
only ...
We do not want to continue without providing the context and atmosphere of those days:
the conflict in the bosom of the Hebrew Christians in 1erusalem.
The apostle Paul. in the eight years he was away on his missions. to be aware that all
members of the Christian Church in the city were loyal to mosaic Law. preserving ritual
patriarch in his letter. Even if accepted by Epistole year 50 in 1erusalem those exceptions to
the 1ewish Law. does not allow them to expand to Hebrew Christian. The apostle Paul
considered that the Gospel of 1esus is the only advocates of Christianity. of any persuasion
would be so Christian baptism is sufficient that one of the primary principle of the
convenant with God. More specifically. Paul Missionary converted 1ew grant freedom to
comply or do not see mosaic rules. So Paul has made penitence although it was outside the
Christian Dogma. He did it to keep the unit inner Hebrew Christian communityes. those in
1erusalem and the 'outside'. Paul baptize Timothy him first in mosaic rite. before the
administration of Christian baptism. For those 1ews fundamentalists this 'detail' was not
known. Ignorance to those who take part in a mass psychosis of hate and it determines have
[2] Gesture disruption clothes are in the tradition of Hebrew esoteric role. marking a break
between a 1ew and what is happening is against his faith. One of the deep discontent that
no connection with the arguments of common sense. For the simple reason that if it were so.
these states of collective stupidity would not exist! Saving live apostle depended not only
that the Roman garrison was in close proximity to the Temple. Roman auxiliary cohort was
composed of locals mercenaries. as all troops were organized auxiliary empire. Lisias. as
most of its soldiers was born in 1udea. He became tribune paying heavy money to become a
Roman citizen (strange custom of the past and our time). Hence astonishment when he
learned that Paul was Roman citizen by birth. which for him prisoner mark noblesse of his
family. not rebel sicar. He decided to protect it. to protect his rights as a Roman citizen - to
be judged only by a Roman tribunal.
1ews. Christians or not. it was implanted mentality 'People of God'. Initially this
doctrine. training of Moses who followed him fourteen years in Sinai. and their children. led
them to resist. surrounded by polytheist people. you cleanse and revive moral religion. This
basic concept has remained attached to the Hebrew people unconscious. This sentiment has
been used in some historical moments to justify religious intolerance by those who held
power in the 1ewish Communities ... Nothing new under the sun: the mercenary' of purity
of faith`. of 'racial' or doctrinal` are found throughout history to all peoples. From the
Christian inquisition to fascism. so called communism`. and Islamic extremism in our
times. just as examples. They were those who fought pitilessly against those who. like
Apostle Paul. said:
Those not accept the 'competition' for FREE converted. Their reaction. so to explain. sheds
light on the sad fate of our fathers. and ours!
Tragic context of the early break in captivity of Paul is among the Hebrew Christian
communities two thousand years.
Division within the group of 'Christian Patriarchs'. will lead to loss of major role of
Hebrew in Christian Missionary.
Christian fundamentalism. after nine hundred years. the crucial period. will use the
argument that time reported to accredit the idea of '1ewish people's enemy of Christianity'
Truth can be visible once the people at the time decided by God. but will be useless for
million dead victims of religious or racial intolerance. 'the one hand or across the
A two-day. in order to elucidate what Paul is accused. respecting Roman custom. Claudius
Lisias Tribune requires collecting Sanhedrin .. Apostle is brought. under guard weary
Romans in Temple. Try to speak to Rabbi presents. Rabbi Ananias the Great slap Paul in
the face. Worthy. Paul notes that the gesture does not consecrate the head of this people.
Then develops his thesis belonging to religious Pharisees. which the majority of those
present knew one. Immediately start a dispute between members of two religious parties:
Pharisees and Saducees. The first said:
'We did not find anything wrong with this man. What does that take a spoken or an Angel
Spirit '(Acts p.23.8.).
How the dispute did not have lots to finish soon. tribune return in the fortress. The night
that followed the revelation Paul is Holy Spirit: 'Courage. as you took my witness in
1erusalem. you go to Rome' (Acts p.23.11.). All while forty conspirator covenant do not eat.
not drink until kill the Apostle. The plan is simple. To persuade the tribune to restore him
before Sanhedrin and to kill in the middle of the meeting. Warned by a nephew. Paul sends
it to Lisias to say what he has learned. Lisias decides to move Paul under strong escort in
the capital of the province. Cesareea to be put under the protection of Roman Legatus of
1udeea. Felix. Five days later. the great Rabbi Ananias. together with a delegation of
Sanhedrin. which was part and lawyer Tertulius. go to Felix. Tertulius requires con be given
to the court on the grounds because Paul caused disarray among them. subject to the
Roman empire. Artifice to seek punishment of Hebrew by the site owners I've met those
Paul is defending in front of Felix and the delegation of Sanhedrin. It shows that strictly
complied with the words of the prophets in the Holy Books
These prophets of Isaiah: a series of visionary premonitions. In it are the quintessence of a
future history of the people of Israel. Here are a few paragraphs. which would be made the
basis for a possible debate in Temple:
Disappearance 1udean state seen as a 'punishment of pride and vain ornaments' is
described as follows:
'The inhabitants of Zion will fall his sword and Valor in war. Gates daughter Zion will
creak and groan will and robbed. he sat naked on Earth '. (Isaiah C.3.25.. 26.)
'The Leaders of this nation is going to mistake and lead them will die'. (Isaiah p.9.15) .
'Without me will go with the slaves left forehead and fall among those killed ...' (Isaiah p.10.4.)
[1] In time. another moment will be celebrated in the nineteenth century. when Rabbi of Lithuania.
Galicia. Germany and Russia will ask his followers arrest Bal Shem Tov (the initiator of the movement
to revive faith mosaic. the movement called 'Hasidic') by Russian Empire ... And in that case the
approach has not reached finality. the imperial view that we move as undermining the czar but as a
internal problem of 1ewish communities.
And suffering of the coming Messiah:
'I will shoot out of his Iesel strain and a sprig from the root of his will'. (Isaiah p.11.1.)
'Do not shout. nor will speak loudly and the market will not hear his voice. (Isaiah p.42.2) .
'But he took on our pain and suffering and our burden. And we reckon punished. beaten
and tormented by God (...) was overdone. but its subject and has not opened his mouth was.
like a lamb to be kill (...) that he wore with the many laws and the sinners gave life. (Isaiah
Salvation of the people of Israel:
'Here you will call people you do not know and people that you did not have to run to you.
the Lord your God and the Holy of Israel. (...) And because foreigners paste the Lord to
love and name to serve the Lord and be His servants. all day watching the rest not to be
impure and dwelling in My Promise '. (Isaiah p.55.5.-6).
Real Lent:
'Do not you know that I love the Lent - says the Lord. Break chains injustice. untie jugulate
links. please go on and break the jugulate them. Share with your bread the hungry. shelters
to house the indigent. the empty take it and not hide from that of a tribe with you. '(Isaiah
Prophecy in Agora silence was violated when the 1esus overturning stalls of merchants
temple. Incidentally or not. this direct threat to the 'middle class' of 1udea will be followed a
week of his arrest and sentencing to death.
Much more than a few examples would have been debated between devotees traditional
pride and emotion that intolerance should not be included on opponents whenever you met
... or will meet.
Paull accuse those who deny Resurrection of 1esus. 'sent' harbinger of Isaiah. to be deaf
and blind to the words of the prophets. It recalls the behavior under mosaic Law of
communities Hebrew Christians. to give material support to 1ewish Communities in the
years of heavy drought in 1udea.
As the Roman citizen Paul is saved it this time. Felix acting as a detention prisoner in
Cesareea. After two years. the province's new Legatus: Porcius Festus. decide a new trial.
Paul. in turn. ask to be sent to the imperial court. Meeting attended. along with the
Romans. his old enemies and tetrarch Agrippa II with its sister Berenice. Festus brings him
prisoner saying to send him to trial Caesar it must justify this gesture and does not know
how to fit the crime committed by Apostle. how the Roman law we violation. So he put his
trial Agrippa. Agrippa II is addressed to Paul: 'You are free to defend your cause`.
Apostle Paul addresses the assembly consisting of Roman officials and 1ews:
'Although I am accused of 1ews. I feel happy king Agrippa. to exculpate me today in front
of you. The more so as you're aware of all 1ewish customs and controversy. Also please
listen to me patiently. All my life I spent in the bosom of the people at 1erusalem; 1ews
know. They know me well and if they are to testify that I have followed the party of religion
more strictly our Pharisee on. Now they are sued because of my hope in the promise made
by God and our parents that the twelve tribes of our perseverance through faith in God.
day and night. I expect fulfillment`.
Paul reported the event on the Damascus road (C.III.1) and conversion to the Gospel of
1esus. then continues:
'That is so. King Agrippa. I am not rebellious in the divine vision. I on the contrary. people
first of Damascus. 1erusalem and all 1udea. then pagans. can testify. We grazing their souls
to be forgiven of sins. bringing the way of the Lord. I realized that miracles were convinced.
That is why the 1ews tried to kill me in the Temple. Supported the protection of God. and I
continued to this day to submit my testimony (on the Lord 1esus Resurrection). I confessed
in front of the chip and the powerful. without saying anything beyond what the prophets
and Moses said would happen. That Christ will suffer and that of dead Resurrected will
announce LIGHT to pagan peoples' (Acts p.26.28.-32.).
Governor Festus. deeply impressed by the content and the courage with which Paul
sustained his plea. say him that attitude of dignity can lead to his condemnation by the king
Agrippa. Paul its replies:
'I am not crazy but TALK in the language of truth and common sense. King ask me
because he is also trained in Mosaic Mistery. I ask him to safety nothing that is foreign. For
those relating NOTHING IN NOT lie! King Agrippa. believe in prophets? I know you
belive. '(Acts p.26.25.-27.).
The retort of the King coming immediately:
'One minute your reasoning and I'll convert'
Paul its replies:
'What can be done. much or little. may God. not only you but all who hear me here. what
will be myself. except for these chains.
Agrippa stands and addressing the Assembly gives the verdict:
'This man in front of us did nothing that would merit the death or chains' (Acts p.26.28.-
The trial ends with the decision that the prisoner be sent to Rome to appear before the court
of Roman Emperor.
A few words about Agrippa II - th. the last king of the 1ews. Appointed by the emperor
Claudius. He tried to maintain a precarious balance decreasing extremist movements and
the national unrest caused by major persecution against Christians. He suspend Hebrew
Christians enforcement. practiced by his father. In Paul trial he demonstrated that it is not
only a king but a 1udean initiated without being Christian. He knew that choosing the path
to true faith. to be sustainable. may not be imposed by force. Will be removed from the
1ewish revolt in 1erusalem (66). The more light I'm the example of the wise and tolerant
leader. who tried to introduce EFFECTS IN PEACE SOCIAL CONDITIONS. ETHNIC
AND RELIGIOUS. Even if you do not succeed!
Paul knew who speaks. He knew that their joint training Yeshiva to enable them to
understand despite the adversaries present. First words addressed to the king were not
courtesy but a recognition of the level of scholarship and teaching in mysteries of Torah of
Agrippa. And so the last phrase of the speech: 'I know you think'. It was an initiative of the
Christian approach to a meeting of 'deaf' because there was at least an 'ear to hear'. The
final decision of King (the issue of chains of apostle Paul) was not implemented due to
Sanhedrin opposition. Paul himself asked to be tried in Rome. the imperial court. We take
the road of Rome and of the most prolific period of evanghelisation of non 1ew people. the
last of his life. 1udea religious leaders could be satisfied. The main danger to their power
over the people was removed from the 1ewish. With the same tenacity specific breed will
fight to remove from the community all those 'heretical'. whatever the future of people 1ew
avatars. Ok or bad? That was it!
Paul is shipped along with other prisoners on a ship. the Roman centurion Iustus of
military cohort Augusta guarding him. That. impressed by the reputation and the wisdom
that will allow faithful 1ew that was shipped to sit next to him on a sea with a ship of
Alexandria in the difficult winter period. With all the tips apostle to follow closely the line of
coast. the captain is heading for Crete. Before you close the port strong pull a storm off the
ship. After fourteen days without being able to orient by the sun. month. or stars. crew and
people on the ship were frightened and hungry. They threw the first load. then everything
on the boat are not necessary. Paul encouraged. They said that God sent a sign that none of
those are on the boat will not happen anything wrong. In the fourteenth day he made bread
miracle of Christ. He Shares Bread telling them to eat. There were two hundred seven tens
and six people. witnesses and receiving .... The following day saw a landed. Master novice
again. failed to ship a hook. before it dock. Cork were not being lost during an attempted
escape of seamen. Soldiers have proposed that prisoners should be killed. not to escape once
they arrived on shore. Centurion has opposed. They all came swimming to shore. It was the
island of Malta. Locals welcomed him with kindness. Began to gather wood for a fire to
warm in the winter days. Paul add briar and scrap wood in a row with them. A snake bit
him. The natives who knew how poisonous these reptiles were considered gods sent. and
saw him dead. Paul throw the snake in the fire and nothing is happen to him. When they
believed to be a god ... For three months have been hosted by Publius. Roman governor of
the island. The father was suffering from fever and dysentery. was dying. Asked the son.
Paul is approaching head dying. pray long after that put your hands on its face. Man
returns to his life and soon it made healthier. The news has spread to the island. All those
suffering from any disease came and were reestablishment of an
apostle. Respect for Paul does not have borders. As said on the ship during the storm: prisoners.
soldiers. sailors. have gone missing anything. In the coming spring they went to Italy with a vessel
that winters in Malta and arrived at Pouzzoli (Puteoli). Here Paul was greeted in many
Christians[1]. Hosted both the guards and prisoners for seven days. Once in Rome. Paul was
received with great joy and warm community of Christians Transtavere (neighborhood
foreigners from the capital Roman Empire). Pending the imperial court. was left free to live here.
having to be guarded by a Roman soldier.
The apostle. as in other cases. first went to the synagogue. having contact with representatives of
1ewish Communities from the city. Three days afterwards they come to its home. He tells what
happened in 1erusalem and in Cesareea court. Rabbis them say they have received no news. what
you watched. in 1udea. They would like to hear in the synagogue has to say about 1esus and his
Gospel. On the next Sabbath. the temple mosaic were close a number of scholars have Tore .. In
front of them. Paul submitted testimony to the quality of the Messiah of 1esus. the Passion were
concluded by crucifixion and Resurrection news. He spoke of the tasks realized what the apostles
received from God Holly Spirit to carry the Gospel of 1esus among 1ews and non 1ews. Some
have agreed with the assent of those reported in Tore light. others do not! Start a debate with
strong accents and emotional 8907,. Then Paul says:
'Well Holy Spirit said through the prophet Isaiah to your parents: Search on this people and tell
LOOK WITH YOUR EYES AND YOU WILL NOT SEE. For people my heart has been rocky.
They hardly close their ears and closed their eyes not to see. as no understand their spirit to
HER. AT LEAST WE WILL LISTEN TO ME!' (Acts p.28.26.-28.).
[1] Roman Christian communities appeared in a two-half years of '30. many of the elite military
knights (see C.III.2 Evangelisation in Rome
Paul remain in Rome. Released from Imperial Court (headed by the prefect of Rome.
Burro) will continue its mission in that city will become 'fortress eternal' part of
Christianity. He will continue. directly or through Letters across the area where they were
being or Christian communities in the Light of 1esus Gospel.
In turn the authorities and Mosaic 1ews will use any means to extinguish this Light. Nero.
the Christian anti psychosis created step by step. which will culminate during the fire in
Rome causes Christians Holocaust of Rome (Hebrew and non Hebrew). Occurred against
the backdrop of a state of mind for Christians in Rome. since 62. inspired by Pomponia.
Nero's wife and what obsequious entourage imperial deification clamp Imperator. spread
into the people who do not understand those who do not run with them to the same source
of rank. When they take for true that the set of fire in Rome (64) is made to the Christians.
not by Nero.
Peter and Paul are executed by order of Emperor (67). The place where is believed to
have been executed is today Peter and Paul Basilica from Rome - Vatican State. Simeon.
bishop of the Christian Church in 1erusalem will be killed in the year 107. Ignatius. bishop
of Antioch will be the martyred in Rome. The last Hebrew Christian apostle. 1ohn. wil die
in the year 117. Policarp will continue to gather around his Christian. Hebrew or not until
the year 156.
Between 130 - 135 Hebrew Christians are persecuted by 1ews because of confrere not join
the rebellion and the last war against the Romans.
Defeated after legendary resistance in Massada (73). Beter (135) 1ews would migrate in
distinct communities. the whole world without a national homeland. Disaster will gather
around the mosaic faith: Torah. Yohanan Ben Zakkai (71) established Yeshiva from

1asmina and The Council of 1asmina. Will develop a doctrine of 'SPIRITUAL STATE OF
ISRAEL`. One thousand eight hundred ten years it will take until the issue of imposing
their will by fighting: the Eretz Israel.
Christianity will survive the fall of Rome and will grow as scope and organization.
moving from alternative periods of tolerance and repression of the empire. until under
Constantine the Great (312). Constantine the Great. in battle with Maxentziu
(emperor of the Western Roman Empire) in 312 at Ponte Milvio. bid to put on the
shields of his soldiers engraved monogram of 1esus (the cross in six parts). Win the
victory although it was inferior in the number of soldiers. Will declare Christianity the
official religion. established the Roman - Christian Empire (312 - 604). In those days in the
West was pope Silvestru I (306-312). Christianity became the state religion. in recognition of
its penetrate in all peoples of the dying empire and his organizational unit.
Christian Church will suffer first Big schism: the separation of the Church of
Constantinople to the Rome. Excesses of power acquired by clergy will not cease to occur.
Inquisition lead to excesses of intolerance Christian fundamentalism on us Christians
hundred years. 1ew people. 'the killer of 1esus`. having the first place in the list. Followed
new splits of Christianity. as an expression of empowerment of new national or Christian
Doctrines. Intolerance will have followed by death and horror in fundamentalism: fascist.
SEVERANCE AND SPIRITUAL. though in an orchestrated mockery of what God has
given through his prophets people.
Saint Luc led me often think of prophets words:
'Son of Man. you live in the middle of a case of willful. which eyes to see and not see. ears to
hear and not hear. because they are a rebellious house. (Ezechiel p.12.2).

All you urged me to enter and search. good and evil in the development of the facts of
ancient times. reaching almost to live with the eyes of mind. was hope and belief that. once
and once something is true of the prediction:
'Holy is the Lord God above me. because God anointed me to bring good news to those
bastards. He sent me to heal the broken-hearted to hear liberation of slavery and to caught
war prisoners forgiveness. (...) The smallest will be a thousand and the insignificant a
powerful tribe. I the Lord will hasten the time for things' (Isaiah p.60.22).
Can tell any man. any time of life or before they die. I have modest joy of being there in that
humanity. good word of God. even if the people themselves. He expected that by the prayers
addressed to God to change the world itself is useless. It takes effort everyone who truly
believes in the miracle of its existence under the sign of faith in God. to fight to transmit
around its equilibrium by words and good deeds as good. THEN ... AND PROPHETS
-63 Pompei consul. in an attempt to oppose Caesar establish its headquarters in Damascus.
To ensure its food resources occupy 1erusalem and the entire kingdom Iehuda. Encouraged
by that. Pharisees party call for the removal of the monarchy and restore the 1ewsh state by
Rabbi Assembly (Sanhedrin of Grand Mosaic Temple from 1erusalem). In agreement with
these Pompei attacked 1erusalem and after three months of resistance between the walls of
the Temple. Aristobul II is taken prisoner. Hirkan II (Horkonos) is called the autonomous
prince under suzerainty of Rome. The name is changed from the kingdom Iehuda in 1udea.

-54 - 49 Consul Crasus leads first Roman campaign against the Partes. Through 1erusalem
Temple rob him. 1ews revolt. Is fighting for its long with asmoreen insurgents. led by the
son of Aristobul II. Alexander. He was killed and 30.000 Hebrews of Galilee are sold as
-51 -30 Consul Caesar conquers Egypt and declared the queen Cleopatra.
-48 Struggle between Caesar and Pompei in deciding battle of Pharsalos. Pompei was killed.
Nobles of the 1ews that it supports the Caesar is remarkable Hirkan Antipater (Antipatros
Horkonos). Caesar called him Etnarh of 1udea. Hirkan with Roman legions made available
defeat of the 1ews close around Ezechias and falls with its legions in 1erusalem. Appoint his
son Herod (Horodos) as governor of Galilee. He quell anti Roman 1ewish revolts.
-44 Brutus kill Caesar is in the Senate. Antonius is Imperator. In 1udea. his opponents
Hirkan revolting is poisoned (-43).
-40 PartI occupies 1udea. King called on Antigonous. Struggle taking place between officials
1udea: it supports some of the Romans. on the other parties until the year (-38) when the
PartI is defeated by the Romans.
-37 Herod led Sosius 16 legions in 1erusalem and 1udea unifies. He is appointed by the
Roman Senate 'amicus et Socius Populi' (friend and ally Roman people).
-31 Imperator Antonius is defeated by Octavianus Augustus in the battle of Actium.
-31 - 14 Octavianus Augustus Emperor in Rome. Ally with winners is Herod. He is named
new king of 1udea. Kingdom is added. available to Octavian: Gaza and Ierihon port 1afa
(Iaffo). Herod take and the rank of High Priest of the Temple. Follows a period of major
construction of urban infrastructure and ports: Antipatros towns are rebuilt. Sebastos.

Cesareea (so named in honor of Augustus Caesar). Ports are built in Cesareea and Antedon.
It organized a network of irrigation in agriculture. Great Temple of 1erusalem is
rebuilt (-20. -19). Herod revenge without mercy against those who oppose them. It will kill
two of their sons: one of them after a revolt anti Roman (-12). the other shortly before death
(4). The religious rivalry taking place in Sanhedrin between the three main religious groups
Saduceees . Pharisees. Essenes.
-27 Syria becomes imperial province headed by a Legatus. 1udea under various dignitaries
Romans: Quirinus (-12 -9. -4 4). Varus (-6 -4). Censuses conducted by the Romans. to know
what we call now the tax base. have a strong resistance to 'middle class' of 1udea. and the
poor. 6000 Pharisee Rabbis refusing the oath of allegiance required by the Roman authority
(supported by Saducees). The country is facing a revolt that will explode after the death of
-7 1ohn the Baptiser is born. son of Rabbi Zaharia and Elizabeth. Before 1esus. he will
applying to 1ews a baptism in water purification 1ordan.
-6 Birth of 1esus during a census in Bethleem. The Child is recognized as the Messiah to the
shepherds Misrael. Stephen. Chiriac; and 3 Magus: Gaspar. Melchior. and Baltazar (leds by
a 'star' to stall the born to Maria). At forty days it is confirmed (according to the Mosaic
Law) in the Great Temple in 1erusalem by a priest (in the presence of the Orthodox faithful
mosaic Simeon and Ana viewing. both come to Temple 'at the call of the Holy Spirit').
Simeon made prediction about future mission of the child and Baby pain her mother as it
will in the future from it. Then addressed osana God has fulfilled that promise to keep alive
until the coming of the Messiah. he now die happy to see that.
Herod asked to be killed infants by two years. for fear that this child does not become a

new 1udas the Maccabee[1] (it seems that two days after the departure of 1oseph. Mary and
1esus of Bethleem). Family of 1esus refuge in Egypt. in the Nil Delta.
4 King Herod died. Arhelaus his son is appointed by Herod as a survivor. Roman Senate decided
dividing the 1udeea kingdom into three provinces: Herod Antipas received Galilee region and
Perea; Arhelaus 1udea and Samaria. Philip (son of Cleopatra and Antonius) receives Bethany.
Traconitida. Auranitida and Ituria (Paneas). Philip expand Betsaida and Cesareea cities.
Is sent to 1erusalem Sabinus. as procurator of the imperial goods to make an inventory of
resources kingdom. Census done by the Romans and 1ews servants determined revolt of
population. supported by part of a rabbis.
To configure a anti Roman resistance. to issue. under the leadership of Iehuda galilean Rabbi and
Pharisee Sadoc. Sabinus called legions to restore 'pax Romana'. Thousands of 1ews are crucified
in the year 6.
[1] During the reign of Antiohus Epifanes (- -200) Greeks came to 1erusalem to worship the
gods require. Resistance movement was initiated and led by Mathatias son 1ohn and his five
sons. 1ohn said Gaddis. Simon said Thasos; 1udas said Macabee. Eleazar said Abaron;
Ionathan sayd Apphus. They freed the lands of 1erusalem and the 1ews driving out of
1udeea Greek and Hebrew that those with occupant destroying altars and gods throughout
his kingdom stretched Iehuda. Follows years of heavy fighting against 1ews being mobilized
troops have reached hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Takes place and a siege of
1erusalem. Because of rising report Greeks in Antioch retire. Another general Nicanor is
defeated in battle at Bethoron. Until the latter Maccabees will initiate an alliance with the
young Roman Republic. In -146. the Romans occupying Greece. The state will benefit
1udean independence between -142 and -63. Herod's fear was that the anti-Roman
movement not find a leader like Maccabees. ' makabim ' in Hebrew means' one who
strikes'. in Greek 'one who fights`.

5 Birth of Saul of Tarsus (located between the various sources 5 -10). From a noble 1udean
family. which is granted Roman citizenship. he will be trained to become rabbi at Yeshiva of
Gamaliel the Elder of the Tarsus. As the youngest member Sanhedrin will notice in the
persecution against Hebrew Christian communities. Will participate directly in the murder
deacon Saint Stephen. Converted to Christianity. under Paul name. will develop Missionary
Gospel of 1esus. between Hebrew and non Hebrew in area of Middle East and
Mediterranean zone.
6 1udea declared the province is headed by a Roman procurator. Arhelaus is in exile in
Galia. Quirrinus appointed procurator start inventory Arhelaus kingdom goods.
Continuous uprisings led Iehuda and Sadoc. They are appointed by the Romans 'zealots'.
Family of 1esus return from Egypt to Nazareth. Support by 1oseph being a carpenter
handicraft. which we will learn and 1esus. In the Easter holidays. the young 1esus will
dazzle Temple Rabbis of deep penetration by the teachings Tore.
6 Ann (Hanan). is called Great Priest of the Temple.
14 Romans killed emperor Augustus. Was elected emperor Tiberius (14 - 37). Will be
contemporary with the birth of 'Sect of Crestus' and repression of Hebrew Christians by
Mosaic 1ews. He treat the disputes as an internal Mosaic Law problem. He only punish fact
against Roman Law.
17 Due to the sharp opposition to the Romans in Sanhedrin. Valerius Gratus replaces Ann
Iosef with Ben Caiphas (17 - 37).
26 Pontius Pilate is appointed procurator of 1udea. He will defend Rome politics exploiting
rivalries inside the oligarchies of 1ews in 1erusalem; between Caiphas. Herod Antipa.
Philip. He will fight for annihilation of revolt movements led by zealots. He gives verdict
crucifixion of 1esus. at the request Sanhedrin (30).
27 1ohn the Baptist is arrested (after he baptized 1esus in 1ordan River water). Will be
beheaded at the insistence wife of Herod Antipa. In detention he continue to condemn as
immoral wanton morals of the royal circle. Subsequently. all follower of 1esus will take the
baptism with water AS FIRST FORM OF RECOGNITION as a proponent of a community
of Christians. 1ohn will be sanctified by the Christian Church of 1erusalem as the name
28 Prophet 1esus mission starts. first in 1udea and Galilee. Evangelism is equally address
the needs of people through the miracle of curing the body. the spirit and moral parables. It
unlocks a Hebrew faithful God who loves man as man should love sow. Also defined access
to 'life then' and 'Doomsday' as criteria for evaluating the behavior of each link with God is
ending a life time. As a reorganization of civil life he expected a community of Essenes
manner (goods in common. in helping community members. eliminating animals sacrifices;
only 'gift' is daily repentance for mistakes and giving spirit to be judged by divine kindness
). Its Mesianic works will generate a polarization of the poor and those dissatisfied with the
Roman - 1ewish administration acquiring. in 29-30. the movement bring accents of passive
30 1esus is crucified on 14 Nissan. during the Easter holidays (as other springs in the 33)
being charged by the Roman 1ewish oligarchs as a social reformer and religious dangerous.
30 - 50
30 - 35 Formation of the first large community of Hebrew Christians in 1erusalem and
1udea. Confrontation with the 1ews in the Grand Temple.
32 Compact deacon Saint Stephen. Departure 'Hebrew Hellenistic Christians' in
communities outside 1udea (Antioch. Bere. Tarsus. etc.).
32 Converting Rabbi Saul on the Damascus road. Will be withdrawn in Tars
(approximately 12 years) to not be killed by fundamentalist 1ews and the Hebrew Greek
Christians (for participation to compact of Stephen).
33 Emperor Tiberius related Syria Vitelius to remove the Great Rabbi Caiphas and his
representative of Rome Pilate. being replaced by Senator Marcel. About Senator Marcel is
said to have become a Christian follwer. after some documentary sources it would be hosted
Apostle Peter in Rome. The information is provided by Francesco Paolo Rizzio. as
contained in 'Facts of Peter'. the end of the century II. translated into Latin under the title
'Facts of Vericeli'.
33 - 43 Conversion of Roman citizens (especially among soldiers and Roman knight) to
Christianity. following Apostle Peter.
35 Roman Emperor Tiberius asked the Senate to issue a law that would declare that to be
Christian is legal. Senate decide by 'is no legal to be Christian`.
37 - 41 Imperator Caligula in Rome. Agrippa I becomes King of 1udeea Philipia and Lisana
regions. In 39 of the Rome receives Galilee and Perea. in 41 1udea and Samaria. Will obtain
from the emperor Caligula to be repeated rituals mosaic and wearing the sacerdotal togs of
rabbi in the Grand Temple. It will make the body with the Sanhedrin to behead the
Christian Church of 1erusalem. He will destroy the independence movements of the 1ews
against Roman domination.
41 - 54 Claudius Imperator to Rome. We confirm Agripa I to be the king of 1udeea. It will
be hostile to Christianity. among both the 1ews and especially the Christian expansion of its
military and political elite in Rome.
42 Claudius blame the transition to Christianity of aristocratic family Aulo Plauzio and his
wife Pomponia Graecina.
42 Agripa I arrest the leadership of the Church in 1erusalem for Easter. Peter manages to
miraculously come out of prison. 1ames the Great is beheaded. 1acob the Young leadership
of the Christian community in 1erusalem.
Peter will continue to leave 1erusalem apostolic mission. The presence of Peter in Rome is
located in 42. where Eusebius say:
'At the beginning of The Principality. Providence took the hand and led Peter to Rome`.
(Chronicle 2.14.6). After other documentary sources in 48-49.
44 Agrippa I dead.
44 - 52 1udea led by Roman procurators: Cuspus Fadus (44-46). Alexandrus Tiberius (46-
48). Ventidus Cumanus (48-52).
48 - 50 Apostolic first mission of Saul (Apostle Paul) and Barnabe in Syria (Antioch) and
Cyprus (Pisida of Antioch. Listros and Derbe - where Saul will take the name apostle Paul).
49 Street disorders caused by conflicts between Hebrew Christians and Mosaic 1ews in
Rome. The emperor gives an edict that the 1ews are Christians turn out in Rome.
49 - 50 Starts developing Mark's Gospel. (with Peter preaching in Rome. at the request of
Roman Christian knights).
50 - 80
50 The Meeting Christian Church of 1erusalem. Church leaders discuss how to meet our
new followers Hebrew Christian Law. Epistle issued from 1erusalem that the peoples of
other rites than mosaic may convert to Christianity being exempted from the strict
observance of Mosaic Law. Among others they were not obliged to cut around to be
christian baptised or observe strict food rules (prohibition to food 'dirty'. defined in 1udaic
Laws). It is not forbidden to enter the homes of another religion or to receive them as
guests. The only requirements were to receive baptism of water. not to sacrifice or sacrifices

to gods. to respect the Ten Commandments. to refrain from consumption of animal blood or
strangle. These exceptions were not applicable to Hebrew Christians. They must also
comply Mosaic Law.
50 - 53 A second apostolic mission of Paul in Macedonia (Filipium) and Greece
(Thessaloniki. Corinth. Athens. Ephesus). Here. the group receives a missionary among
insiders first disciple 'impure' ethnic. This is Timothy. from Listros. For not violate the
position of insiders Hebrew Christians. he is baptized in the Mosaic rite. After that
Christian water baptism and by the Holy Spirit. Activity intense of missionary group do not
experience serious difficulties from the Romans. The opposition of mosaic 1ews is directly
or indirectly by inciting the local population. 52-60 Felix Antonius becomes procurator of
Syria (and Iudeii). He bring Drusila on the wife. sister of Agrippa II. We quell the revolt of
zealots. He will condemn to death in 58. the Grand Priest Ionathan (active participant in the
movement for independence of the 1ews).
53-57 The third mission of Paul in Greece (Corinth and Ephesus). Establishment of School
of Christian Initiation of Ephesus. In 57. to the Tarsus. Luke mentions first time eucharistic
Sunday ritual in the Christian community.
54-68 Imperator Nero in Rome. He called on Agrippa II King in Galilee. Perea and
Inspector of the Great Temple.
57 Easter at 1erusalem. Paul tries to eliminate disputes in the community of Hebrew
Christians. Attacked in Temple of a group of 1ews to be stone. Is saved by the Roman
garrison. Centurion Lisias send him in Cesareea to procuratore Felix. to protect Paul of the
intention of Sanhedrin to kill him. He remain in detention two years.
59 Trial of Paul before King Agrippa II takes place in Cesareea. As is Roman procuratore
Festus and the delegation of Sanhedrin. Decision favorable to Paul made by the King is not

agreed by the Grand Rabbi Ann. Paul ask to get sent to the trial court of Imperial Rome.
which reaches 60.
62 Prefect of Rome. Burro declare no guilty the apostle Paul. Evangelical mision of Paul in
Rome (60 - 67).
62 Nero says deification compulsory throughout the empire. Track those who are not
complying (Greeks Stoics and Christians). Mosaic 1ews in Rome use all means (including
goodwill of 1ews Nero's wife. Pomponia) to generate an atmosphere of suspicion and hatred
against Christians in Rome.
64 To describe a fire that is recorded in his poetic. Nero organize arson Rome. After
declaring guilty on Christians. Procuratore Rome. Tigellinus organize the mass arrest of
Christians. killing them in the Amphitheatre of Rome. Nero provides for massacres its own
66-73 1udean against Roman domination seven years revolts. 1ews revolt is the climax of
rebellions were conducted since the beginning of the century. after Herod's death (4).
1erusalem is released by the common people and a rabbis. Cestius Gallus mobilize Legion
XII and other cohorts to attack 1erusalem. 1ews defeated Romans in the Sucot day (the
feast of tents). 1udea is declared independent. It forms a 'Insurrectional Government'
composed of 70 members. The 1ews formed three armies: the 1erusalem is led by Iosef
Gurion and the Grand Rabbi Hanaan; of Edomits region led by Iehosuah Ben Tzefafa and
Eleazar Ben Hnani; of Galilee led by 1osef Ben Matitahu. There were a total of 100.000
warriors. Nero designate on Titus and Vespasian. the head of 600.000 troops to attack
1udeean troops. The Romans landed at Accra (Acco) that you conquer. Galilee troops are
defeated and Gen. 1oseph Ben Matitahu is given (to be considered Hebrew traitor and his
name will be removed from the history of the 1ews. but will remain in history as 1osefus
Flavius on his 'War of the 1ews'). In 70 Titus takes 1erusalem. Grand Temple is torched. It
will remain only 'Complaints Wall' until today. 1ews resist the various divisions. Struggle
taking place inside the camp followers of the 1ews in peace with the Romans and zealots of
1ohn Gishala. Simon Bar Giora manages to form an army and attacked 1erusalem but
internal divisions made the 1ews to be again defeated. Last fall retrenchment will be
Massada. defended by Eleazar sikars. In year 73. of Easter. all defenders with their families
will be suicide. 1ews are sold as slaves or killed in the battles of gladiators in Syria. Some of
the youngsters are enrolled in the Roman Legion 'Macedonica' (which will go on land
Oltenia - Romania). Mosaic Temples are now Roman temple. Bar Giora was killed during
celebrate triumph of Vespasian and Titus in Rome.
The period is marked by the emergence of messianic texts in Hebrew. 'Revelation by 1ohn'
for Christians (To Patros. in Greece); 'Mishna' and 'Zohar' 1ews for Mosaics. Mosaic
Rabbis under the leadership of Rabbi Ben Zakai and Gamaliel of Iavne (70) formed on
Iavne (Iasmina) a yeshiva who are trained for resistance by the concept of 'Spiritual
Hebrew State`. People are not united by the unity of territory but THROUGH IN THE
UNIT. Hebrew Christians refuse to join the 1ew insurgents.
67 Apostles Peter and Paul martyred at Rome.
68 Nero to commit suicide. Galba Imperator.
69 - 79 Vespasian Imperator. Vespasian and Titus will cease persecution against Christians.
and in view of their refusal to join insurgents 1ews. Crossings take place to Christianity in
imperial family (Flavius Sabinus. Vespasian's brother). Fact mentioned in Flavius 1osefus
1ews wars`. Propitious time for the development of the Christian Church in Rome.

81 - 284
81 - 96 Domitian Imperator. Repression of the Christian church in Rome. Domitian would
seek to destroy the existence of Christianity among Roman knights and Roman aristocracy
for revival of the faith in Romans goods.
97 - 105 Papa Evarist in Rome.
96 - 98 Nerva Imperator;
98-117 Traian Imperator. Will complete the expansion of empire in South-Eastern Europe
and Asia Minor. Conquer Armenia. Assiria. Mesopotamia. Dacia. Christians Roman policy
is more relaxed. 1erusalem is partly repopulated with Hebrew Christians. loyal to the
empire. Place internal struggle and rebellion in 1udea. Following a rebellion of the 1ews.
Simeon (who replaced 1ames the Young at the head of the Church of 1erusalem) was killed
in 107. His place is taken by 1ohn of Ephesus (107-117). Ignatius of Antioch (presbyter of
Antioch Church) is taken to be torn by animals in Amphitheatre of Rome (110). Policarp
will lead Christian Communities. to 156. as bishop of Smirna.
105 -115 Pope Alexander in Rome.
117-138 Publius Aelius Hadrianus Imperator. Eufrat on boundary sets. make peace with the
Parti. A rebellion of the 1ews of 117 is defeated by Roman troops led by Lucius Quietus. As
it becomes the Legatus of 1udea. Hadrianus was a great admirer of Greek culture. Expected
to unify the empire by cultural synthesis with the Greek. Wanted to build a cultural
commercial and civic consensus through the Roman Empire. Between 128-138 will establish
residence in Athens.
115-125 Pope Sixt I in Rome.
125-136 Pope Telsefor in Rome.

127 The participation of 1ews in a revolt in Egypt. Hadrianus decides liquidation of

1udaism. starting with the Mosaic baptism ban During 130 year visit 1erusalem and decide
to rebuild the city acted as a Roman city. called Aelia Capitolina. The Mosaic Temple to be
rebuilt and dedicated to 1upiter.
132 After two years of preparation. the 1ews begin their last war against Rome. Rabbi
Akiva is called Ben Simon Koshiba 'Messiah' with name Bar Kohba (Son of Star). and
military leader of 1udea. Garrison led by Tinus Rufus and reinforcements from Syria are
defeated; 1erusalem is liberated. The 1ews punish the Hebrew Christians who do not join
the movement against Romans. Imperator called legions of Brittany. led by Iulius Severus
and leadership campaign. It first conquered Galilee. In the year 134 is conquered
1erusalem. After a long resistance and destroy fifty of fortified towns. The last citadel is
Beter (135). where he dies and Bar Kohba. The 1ews will hold an in caves at the Dead Sea
(Ein Ghedi). Tinius Rufus will rebuild 1erusalem as a Roman city called Aelia Capitolina.
The temples of 1upiter. 1unona. Minerva will be built on the ruins of the Great Temple. The
Aphrodita Temple is situated on Golgotha. and theTemple of Zeus in Garizim. Temple of
Adonis in Bethleem.
135-155 The last Hebrew Christian Community is dispersed in Cisiordania and Syria. Will
appoint Ebionites (The poors) and will adopt the 'Gospel of 1ews'. Not recognized 1esus as
Messiah and texts contained in Paul epistles.
136 -140 Pope Igniu; 140 -155 Pope Pius I 155 - 166 Pope Ancient in Rome.
150 Iehuda Bar Ylai of Usha form a nine Yeshiva in Tver.
155 Policarp of Smirna martyred.

162-180 Marc Aureliu Imperator. Give ~Kaima Dogma (New Decrees) against Christians
because of the heretical Christian movement of Montanism. it was an early Christian
movement of the early 2nd century named after its founder Montanus. Movement appears
in Frigia (160). Called 'New Movement Prophecies' (Tertulian was himself montanist). has a
spirit of devotion. ascesis recommends. intolerance against pagan practices and have a
strong spirit against the Roman state. They opposed. Christians: Melitone. Atenagora.
Apollinnare; who demand the loyalty of Christians to the Roman. Marc Aureliu will
respond by issuing Kaima Dogma`: the pursuit and persecution of Christians who do not
comply with state laws. Peak is reached at Lyon. where thousands of Christians are killed.
The Christian Church. is due soon revive his Irineu priest.
193-211 Septimiu Sever Imperator. Relax anti-1ewish policy; also cancels persecution
against Christians. It advocates religious syncretism (the coexistence of religions). Appoint a
chairman (Nashi) to the 1ews of Tver. Nashi will be Iehuda Bar Ylai. In 212 the 1ews will be
given Roman citizenship (along with all peoples under the empire.). In 1erusalem the 1ews
returned from other territories. The most significant in number. is the back of Babylon
from Persian persecution (212-241). Is also deemed to mosaism the Tadmoreens. after its
defeat by the Romans (273).


284 - 638 Roman Empire is divided between Diocletzian (the West) and Maxentziu (the
311 At the end of life. Galeriu Imperator establish religious tolerance for Christians.
306-337 Constantin Maximus Imperator.
312 Constantin Maximus beat Maxentziu in the Ponte Milvio (on Tibru) under the sign of
1esus (the cross in six parts).
314-335 Silvestru Pope in Rome.
324 Constantin Maximus Beat Liciniu in the Orient. Legions of Christian soldiers
participating in the release of Anatolia. Constantine declares Christianity the state religion.
Start-Christian Roman empire. Empire capital is set to Constantinople. Palestine and
1erusalem under Hebrew Christians. They adopted Greek toponymies. Calvary Holy
Church is built on tomb of 1esus. Hebrew Christians repopulates 1erusalem. Wall
Complaints remain under the jurisdiction of the mosaic community.
325 First Ecumenical Council in Niceea. Define criteria for membership of 'Catholica
Acceptance of fundamental thesis:
'1esus is the Son of God. Light from Light. true God from true God. created not generated.
unitary with the Father '.
Order Episcopal seat: Rome. Alexandria. Antioch
Area of jurisdiction of the three bishops worldwide. including patriarchates.
Easter date determined by mutual agreement (not observed due to calendar differences
between East and West).
Celibate cleric (which will not only live mothers and sisters).
351-353 Uprising of the Mosaic 1ews from 1erusalem. Localities Tver. Tzipori andi Bet
Gallus are demolished. 1erusalem city remains open to both religions; be visiting holy
places. Christians missionaryes Ilarion and Hariton urges building churches and
monasteries throughout Palestine.
363 Starts the confrontation between Romans and Persia. Upsurge of Constantz II defeated.
363 - 375 Valentzian Christian Imperator. Develops Christian Bishopric of Milan under the
leadership of Bishop Ambroziu (347-397). Reduces the influence of the papacy in Rome. Up
to 392 a troubled period in the West. after which became Teodosiu Imperator. His intention
is to keep his empire through Christian faith and its institutions. An incident illustrates the
degree of intolerance which had Christian clergy to the people of first Christians. In the
year 387. at Callinico town on the bank of Eufrat. Christians are fanatic torched a
synagogue. Emperor Teodosiu I. although a Christian. asked the bishop of Milan.
Ambrosiu. to rebuild the synagogue with the money of episcopate. Bishop of Milan.
Ambrosiu. he writes:
'It will therefore be a temple of the witouth low 1ews built at the expense of the Church'.
(Ambrosia Letter 74)
451 Great Christian schism. Separation church: Church of Rome (Catholic).
Church of Constantinople (Orthodox). Bishop 1uvenal (in 1erusalem) joins the Church of
Constantinople. but most Hebrew Christians join mosaic communities of Samaria. Remain
a minority Christians in 1erusalem.
476 Fall of West Roman Empire.
527-565 Emperor 1ustinian. Will restore dominance Orthodox Christians in 1erusalem. The
return of Mosaic 1ews will be limited.
614 Mosaic 1ews of Galilee and Nazareth joins Persia help them occupy 1erusalem. Mosaic
clergy will trigger a widespread persecution against the Christian population. Will be
demolished many churches. Zaharia priests and Christians are fled from town.
627 Peace between Persans and Byzantines. Return Orthodox clergy is made by a
procession led by Emperor Heraclius. Orthodox clergy fleed the mosaics.
638 Arab Caliphate. takes 1erusalem and Palestine.
638 - 1099
625 Arab Expansion approaching Palestine. Army. organized Prophet Mohammed. is
regarded with fear by the population. Hebrew. Christian and Pagans. also send their
delegations with gifts for the "Protection Act" (firman). Start fighting among Arab armies
and legions Byzantine (632-638). The latter are forced to leave Syria and Palestine after the
battle to Bet Shen (635) And Iarmuk Valley (636). In 638 1erusalem is occupied by Muslim
troops. Byzantine commander of troops leaving the city apart from its leadership Christian
bishop Sofronie. It teaches city qualifying Omar. Provide compliance with the Treaty
concluded religious tolerance and a certain practice in three denominations: Mosaic.
Christian and Muslim. Territory would be conquered by the Arabs called him 'Falastin'.
Due to the lack of consonant 'P' in Arabic vocabulary.
661 The Caliph Muawaia it takes 1ews allies in city. Will support their colonization in
Lebanon and gives the city leadership. It built the Great Mosque of Omar Temple on the
ruins of Great Mosaic Temple. Mosquees are built throughout Palestine.
717 The Caliph Omar II established a regime of religious terror. He begins with fiscal
measures such as tax per capita` (of the Muslim infidel). Continue with other restrictions.
Were not Muslims were not allowed to build or repair church or synagogue. Not allowing its
formal procession or ritual to show signs of worship (Cross. Star of David. flags. icons. etc.)
in public places. Were not allowed to prevent relatives to convert to Mohammedanism.
Were not allowed to adopt habits Muslim. to attend the Muslim holidays. Were not allowed
to build houses higher than the Muslims. Strangely similar to those applied in the history of
other regimes intolerant or xenophobic. religious based or not - inquisition. fascism.
communism. etc. The caliphs of Abas dynasty made distinctive clothes for non Muslims.
1ews required to wear yellow hats. the Christians blue hats. and other godless red hats.
Place campaigns forced to pass Mohammedanism. Due determined opposition. both the
Mosaic and Christians (which start a mass exodus from 1erusalem. for not to renounce at
your faith) the Muslim stop forced conversion. Those who accept will be the first public
office. It will make some wealthy 1ewish family members (and much less Christians). They
will constitute a factor in the support infrastructure of the Muslim. They practice they
mosaic religion in great secrecy. Holy Sepulcher Church is demolished. Christian
communities in Palestine are grouped in 1erusalem. Tver. Bethleeem. Nazareth and marine
localities. Communities 1ews are divided into Galilee. Neghev and 1erusalem.
998 Bedouins tribe of Tay are appointed to govern Palestine on behalf Caliphs. They are
declared independent. Follows a period of civil wars. the came of crusaders. Phenomenon
that will diminish the economic. local communities and leading to a decrease in the number
of people ousted Palestina. They wil be fleed by Crusaders.


1099 - 1291
1096 The Christian Kingdoms. form an alliance (which will lead to the formation of the
Roman-German Empire). under the spiritual leadership of the papacy. its expansive force
channels under the banner of Holy Grave issue. Starting first Crusade. Bands of
mercenaries led by nobles Francs moving to 1erusalem. In their practical extermination of
non Christians. In the case of 1ewish communities encountered.
Religious argument (Hebrew people come to him be killed 1esus) was facing. 1esus was
killed. as we know. saw the oligarchs of Mosaic Sanhedrin and those 1ews in 1erusalem.
exciting the great mosaic of clergy then. Mask the fact that without the apostles Hebrew
Christians. Christian peoples would not have been a Christian .... It was the period in
which. for example Lucanian text 'Acts' will be 'hidden' by the Christian clergy . It was
naturally the argument as 'comes' Hebrew people would not have had arguments.... Real
reason was more prosaic: robbery 1ews who were riches. Method will apply to almost nine
hundred years.
Is the struggle for 1erusalem. 1udea 30.000 fighters are defending desperately and with
heroism. Most are the siege. On 1uly 15 the city is conquered. Those caught are sold as
slaves to nobles Christians. Others withdraw from 1udea to Aschkelon where resistance will
continue until 1153. Communities Christians has taught their area without a fight.
Crusader period left many within the Palestinian Christian churches. monasteries and
forts. whose traces are found today. Many of them were turned into the mosque.
Communities in 1udea were grouped in rural area because crusaders here have not killed
people with needed agricultural products for their troops. 1ews were treated like Christians.
With few exceptions they forbade the establishment in 1erusalem. Thus a group

of 300 practicing rabbi fervent of mosaic cult. in France and England. are entitled to live in
1erusalem (1210-1211). Communities than are Hebrew are Aschkelon. Accra and in Galilee.
Locals. be they Christians or 1ews. practice agriculture. small trades. Godefroy de Bouillon
is proclaimed King of 1erusalem. Franc noble Tancred become Prince of Galilee. Christian
kingdom established is called 'David Regnum' and some acts 'Israel'. He stretched from
Mount Hermon and Damascus in the North to the South port Eliat.
1177 Alliance between Egyptians. Syrian. Iraqi (led by Saladin - al ad-Dn Ysuf ibn
Ayyb). as opposed to two of the crusade. succeeded to occupy Gaza. The two crusade stop
face to Damascus.
1191 A thre crusade. led by Richard the Plantagenet ( 'the Lionheart') and Philip August.
succeeds to the Alliance to reconqer Arab port and fortress Accra. Disagreements have
arisen between leaders of the army that they are Christian does not assert a foil escape the
Arab troops. Peace is concluded with Saladin that allowed free access to centers of worship
in the Arab area.
1229 A six is a crusade led by King Friderich II. Reconquer 1erusalem is not struggling. as
cities Lud. Ramala. Tzipori. Nazareth. Following the Treaty of Iaffa Temple Mount remains
in possession Saracens (he was the Mosque of Omar). Crusaders will resist until the arrival
of Mameluke (1291).
1291 - 1516
1516 Mamelukes win crusaders at the battle of Accra. Restore the Muslim organization on
autarchically. Palestine is thus isolated from the Christian kingdoms. It is forbidden to enter
Christian monks. for fear that will come along with their Christian faith. Mamelukes
allow the return of the 1ews. This phenomenon will increase by Salv Conduct of the Vatican (1488)
that the 1ews persecuted by the inquisition for faith can go to Palestine. Thus begins a movement of
human return of 1ews in Palestine. It will take. with variations in intensity. until the twentieth century.
Instead Christian communities will diminish. while more on the current Lebanon (Maronites Rite).
Mameluke domination ends once the Ottoman invasion.
1516 - 1917
1516 Ottoman Empire troops occupy Palestine and Egypt. following the Battle of Debek.
1481-1512 Baiazid Ilderim Sultan. Return large groups of Hebrew Rite Sefard (after 1492.
when they were cast out by decree of King Philip of Spain and Isabela. pressure of
Christian 1esuits led by Savonarola).
1700-1777 Becomes a wave of Hebrew askenazi come from Poland. following antisemitic
oppressions. Ottoman Power seeks to support Christian emigration and implantation of
communities composed of Serbs. Bulgarians and Greeks. The method was to pay toTurkish
treasury important amounts of money for that which has kept the Christian faith to become
a 'obedient' of Austria. England or France. Thus had the opportunity to practice the cult of
Christian (Catholic. Orthodox or Protestant) and to exercise a profession to ensure
existence. Christians living in settlements around the religious. who were.
1789 French Revolution gives equal rights to all citizens. including 1ews from communities
under French jurisdiction. First Sanhedrin of the 1ews in Modern Times (1805) is held in
1830 - 1850 To start ALYA - Top Return movement in the realm of 1ewish people. following
the call Rabbi Yehuda Solomon Alkalay (rabbi of a small mosaic community

Sefarde[1] near Belgrade) and Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (Askenazy[2] rabbi from
Germany) to active organizational. logistic (financial) and educational actions for the return
to the 'promised Land'[3]. Unlike the practice rabbi to pray that Iahve (God) to give him
back to the Holly Land`. they advocate for the Return of the 1ews in Palestine. with the
support of all 1ewish Communities of Galut (Hebrew Diaspora). The followers number
increased. They lead these ideas in the communities of origin. Among them is the
grandfather of Theodor Herzl. the Budapest Community Hebrew banker. This grandson [1]
Sephardic 1ews are 1ews rite Spanish. They were installed in Spain after having been
driven out of 1udea: first deportation took place in 70 and after cancellation State 1ew by
Roman army (134-135). Dispersal area was along the territories bordering the
Mediterranean Sea. They were installed in Spain along with installation Arab caliphate
(eighth century). Were expelled from Spain in 1492 (Decree of the Alhambra. given by
Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. at the urging of 1esuit Bishop of Francesco de Loyola )
and later from Portugal. They emigrated to North Africa. Italy. the Middle East. the Balkan
Peninsula and in southern Romania. then in England. Holland and America (the first
community established around Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue` the state of Pernambuco -
Brazil). They talked Ladino or 1udeo-Spanish language (dialect based castilian).
[2] Ashkenazi 1ews having been driven out of 1udea: first deportation took place in 70 and
after Israel's destruction by Roman army (134-135). have emigrated to western and central
Europe. especially in Germanic countries. Since the first centuries of first millennium AD.
In the Middle Ages. they migrated to Eastern Europe. Ashkenazi 1ews using Yiddish
(Germanic idiomatic) and the Hebrew / Aramaic: the practice of religion. speech and
rabbinical Everiesti more distant relationship with communities.
[3] to see video on the Adress :

will dedicate his life and family fortune practical realization of this goal. achieving clotting
Movement of the 1ewish Return around the World Zionist Congress in Basel (1897).
1850-1914 Actions of individual Hebrew aristocrats for Return. Development Zionist
movements in European countries and the U.S. becomes the engine and main sponsor (the
organization of 1oint) of various stages of Return. National consciousness develops 1ewish
communities in Europe based on two social vectors:
1. Sequence of two states of mind in the communities in Europe: integrating the majority of
1ews. and to organize resistance to the manifestations of intolerance and anti-Semitism
from the Christian population. How this sequence have different times in different
European countries. including the Russian Empire. 1ewish communities were in a
continuous search for solutions.
2. Formation of national consciousness. 1ews rally around the Mosaic Faith and willingness
to Return in 'The Holly Land` to rebuild his country: Eretz Israel.
A large number of immigrants have taken the road to America (where. no more than 70
years and will come before the main financial support of the 1oint). Another initiative was
magni 1ew Moritz de Hirsh (finance. among others the construction of railways in the
Balkans and East) to send 7.000 Russian Hebrew poverty in Argentina. Banker Rotchschild
funds directly (1870 -1910) the creation of compact settlements in Palestine.
1897 Basel (Switzerland): the first World Zionist Congress. initiated by Theodor Herzl.
From a family of bankers in Budapest. graduated the faculty of law in Vienna. will enter
into journalism. As press correspondent in Paris. participating in the disputations caused by
Dreyfuss Affaire`. during ten years in France. This makes him see that the only solution is
the active Return of 1ews in Israel. Write a document that will become first manifest of
Zionism: 'Der 1udenstaat' (Hebrew State) advocating the establishment of a modern

Hebrew State. with equally rigts for all the people and religiously tolerant. Contact Hebrew bankers
(Hirsh. Rotchschild) without success due to his and their prides (Rotchschild said in derision. not see
how Israel would recover with 100.000 'Schnorrer'-bitter). Will contact the Bismark and the German
Emperor Wilhelm II. the Turkish Sultan (in two trips. visiting 1ewish settlements in Palestine). The
Sultan propose unlimited Return of 1ews from their lands in exchange to cover the huge deficit of
Ottoman empire treasury. Great Hebrew bankers in Europe do not support him. Will be put to youth
movements (Chovevei Zion) to nationalist intellectuals Hebrew to 1ews of middle class in all European
Efforts are paved by the 1ewish Zionist Congress in Basel - Switzerland (1897). Defined direction of
action (organizational. financial. religious. cultural) for The Return. While the organization will take
the name 'World Congress Hebrew`.
The Return will continue both in Hebrew youth volunteering in Europe and the emigration of families
from areas subject to anti semitic movements (Russia. Galicia. Lithuania. Poland. Belarus). or the
revolutionary movements in Russia (1905).
1917 - 1918 On entering English troops (led by general Allenby) in Palestine people. comprising
560.000 of Arabic. Hebrew 55.000 lived in an area of arid and impoverished Turkish administration.
the war and blockade.
Hebrew and young families come to cultivate land in Israel. Alya of 1ews extends from urban to rural
areas. New returned 1ews resumed agricultural occupations in very heavy conditions draining swamps.
to making face to food lack and diseases (malaria in particular). Note that the first Hebrew immigrants
who have established agricultural settlements in arid areas were those of Romania (led by David
Moshe Iancovici). Followed those in Yemen (1882). Russia (bilumilii. since 1903). Ukraine and
Bessarabia (the Har Halutz` - pioneers. 1905-1925). The latter will form the first community village.
similar to the first Christian communities. forms of organization with an obvious resemblance to the
Essenes model of 1esus. The first was Dgania kibutz (established at the initiative of 1oseph and Miriam


1917 - 1948
1918 In 1anuary. after the Balfour Declaration at the time the League of Nations in Geneva.
the contacts between the representatives and leaders of the Zionist Movement (Hebrew
Nationalist Movement. the Congress following the Basel -1886. The goal was her on the
1ewish Return ancient Israel. to restore their national home. putting an end wanderings and
persecutions - the minority - in foreign countries) and Pan Arab (Motion training
nationalist Great Arab State - which would have included the current territory of Iran.
Iraq. Saudi Arabia . Iemen. Palestine. Syria. Sinai. initiated by the Emir Hussein. early
twentieth century. with the mentor on Lord Lawrance military advisers and English).
1918-1919 negotiations between President Hebrew World Congress. Chaim Weitzmann
(leader Zionist World Congress. one of the first members of the youth organization in
Berlin Chovevei Zion (Those who love Zion's - years
1870 - 1880 - which militate for the practical Return in Israel). mainly
negotiator between 1918 -1948; first President of Israel after May 1948)
and Emir Feisal - leader of the future of Saudi Arabia. tended by an 'Alliance
Semitic' interests.
but England and France have blocked this unique moment of possible cooperation.
resulting in a war 'between the cousins' which lasts until now.
In the summer of 1918. Chaim Weizmann is a meeting at Akaba. the Red Sea port in the
Sinai peninsula. with Feisal (emir's son Hussein and a leader of the Arab revolution in the
first World War). He argues that an alliance of peace negotiations in the Paris.
Feisal hopes to support the Zionist backstage fight that went to French diplomacy with
control of Syria territory. Climax (positive) appears in December 1918.
at a luncheon given by Lord Rotchschild. Feisal says here (as
notes of T. E. Lawrence. his advisor) 'No Arab can be suspicious of nationalism of 1ews. I
say Welcome Home and we will cooperate with them in the Arab countries' (Arab state.
according to Feisal's including Palestine. in whole. to establish a form of autonomy granted
to the 1ews in this state).
Signed a 1oint Declaration which sets out the principle directions of the relationship
between Arab and Zionist movement. Emirati condition was that it remain secret until the
Arab state independence. and in compliance with articles and conventions of both parties.
Interesting is the presentation from beginning protocol:
'Royal Majesty to Emir Feisal. representing and acting on the Arab Kingdom of Hejaz. and
Dr. Chaim Weizmann. representing and acting on the Zionist Organization. on behalf of
common racial origin and ancient ties between people of Arab and 1ew. and that achieving
the best way to achieve national aspirations is through close collaboration in the
development of Arab countries and Palestine. we want to confirm understanding between
the two parties. the following items ... '
On what happens now or not to believe that there was such a statement ...
Ensure free 1ewish emigration and settlement in the territory of Palestine.
Mutual guarantees of safety in the Arab and possessions. and financial support.
technological assistance. to the Hebrew for the economic development of the Arab
population in Palestine.
A week later the Zionist Arab agrees with the several essential requirements: Haifa Port
area will be free for both parties; Akaba port becomes free.
On 6 February 1919 Emir Feisal. advocated in his speech before the Peace Conference in
Paris. seeking independence Arabia. states the agreement and a guarantee for Palestine:
enclave of 'Zionist Hebrew.` Feisal was his hope that support Weitzmann total Arabs in
their dispute with France for the Syrian coast. forming a Semitic Alliance.
Chaim Weitzmann was dependent on English politics. which had the only Middle East
division between England and France. as so-called 'Seats' which provide the power and oil
resources. Both major powers did not want a strong Arab State. the majority owner of the
oil fields. In short the Roman 'Divide et impera' has not been exceeded by our Zionist
Movement. Weitzmann advises the Arab does not interfere with the French coast in the
Syrian issue.
In the summer of 1919 Feisal interrupt meetings with the Zionist leaders. He say to
Hebrew emissary bear direct negotiations with the Palestinians and Arabs in the fall of 1919
cut off all negotiations with the Zionist 1ews. Treaty remains secret. we are many years that
any of the Arab leadership. not the Hebrew.
Since autumn 1919. coincidentally or not. start the Arab revolt in Palestine. Yisuv
(Hebrew settlements) are attacked. slaughtered hundreds of Hebrew. English reacts poorly.
having regard to the future interests of the British Mandate in Palestine.
In these circumstances the Commission to draw up in San Remo (1920) Map British
mandate in Palestine[1]. Sets a natural boundary between Hebrew and Arabs: 1ordan.
Between 1ordan and the Mediterranean 1ews. from 1ordan to the Arabian Peninsula
Palestinians. So the problem of separation of the two communities was solved for both
parties. one side and other side of the 1ordan river.
1920-1948 Palestine under British mandate. 1ews face Arab riots and British interests in the
area. The British wanted to maintain their sphere of influence the new Saudi Arabia. as well
as privileged access to oil resources in Iraq. Saudi Arabia. Iran. Kuwait. the Persian
[1] to see video on the Adress : Gulf.
Therefore of Arab riots in Palestine was a sign that the 'special relationship' between
British and the Zionist Movement had to be temperate.
As a result. since 1922. receiving Hebrew in Palestine is limited to 50.000-75.000 for year.
More: the desire to establish a buffer state with Saudi Arabia to the United Kingdom
formed the West 1ordan: 1ordanian State (led by the Crown Hachemites family fair. which
will support economic. modern and train under the leadership of the English General
Glubb). So the Palestinians part for no longer exists. The subsequent wars between the
Arabs and the Hebrew are for the 1ewish part of land.
1939-1945 1ewish Holocaust in Europe. The ban by the British immigration will increase
enormously the number of victims. There are organizations that bring illegal groups of
Hebrew in Israel and in 1erusalem organized attacks against the British army[2].
1948 - 2005 On 15 May 1948. with the British withdrawal. Ben Gurion declared the
independence of the State of Eretz Israel. In the same night starting confrontations; first
Arab-Israeli War. ended by armistice on 20 1uly 1949.
Following the confrontation will continue until today.
In terms of the religious 1ewish State is tolerant but reluctant to remember the 1ewish
origins of Christianity. From the information I have (1994). in 1erusalem there is a
community of Hebrew Christians around 3.000 people from mixed marriages. Is not good
seen by the mosaic Rabinate. There is also the home of Palestinian Christians (Maronite
Church. like the Christians of Lebanon). especially in Bethleem. Ramala in Cisiordania.
At present there are few current pro 1ewish origin of Christianity. Mention of the
Messianic 1ews. Messianic 1udaism is a religious movement whose adherents claim that
1esus of Nazareth (the Hebrew name 'Yeshua') is. on the one hand. the 1ewish Messiah

Revived. on the other hand. having a divine origin. In 1993 there were 160.000 adherents in
the United States and 350.000 worldwide. In 2003 there were about 150 messianic
synagogues in the United States and about 400 in the world. Messianic 1ews are considered
practicing authentic notice of Tore and Culture band 1udas. Messianic 1udaism is
considered by 1ews of Mosaic Rite. as all Christian rites. as a form of Christianity.
Messianic 1udaism was formed in Sec. XIX. Hebrew congregation of Christians were
formed first in England. It was founded by 41 Christian Hebrew as' Beni Abraham. It was a
form of Christianity with 'background' 1udaic. In 1866 take being '1ewish Alliance -
Christians` in Britain. whose branches are found today in Europe and the United States.
Taken in 1915 being the International Alliance of 1ewish - Christian in America ( 'The
Hebrew-Christian Alliance of America' - HCAA). In 1925 to form the International Alliance
of 1ewish - Christian ('The International Hebrew-Christian Alliance' - IHCA). Messianic
1udaism is reviving by Martin Chernoff (Chairman HCAA). In 1975 HCAA becomes
Messianic Alliance of America ( 'Messianic 1ewish Alliance of America' - M1AA). which
dissociates congregation is lower (such as the Messianic Israel Alliance. First Fruits of Zion.
and the Coalition of Torah Messianic Congregations observed).
Messianic 1udaism is the theological study of God and Scripture from the perspective of
it. Are canonical Old Testament. New Testament as a text inspired by God. St. Paul
Epistolele considered fully congruent with Messianic 1udaism (rejected by some
congregation as canonical). Canonical texts are: Torah. Nevi'im. Ketuvim. the Gospels
Matthew. Mark. Luke and 1ohn. Acts (Luke). Epistolele 1ohn. Peter and Paul addressed the
1ews. Revelation (book of the New Testament).

Fundamental Doctrine:
God - Belief in God (Eloh) Bible omnipotent. omnipresent. eternal. creative. and
infinitely benevolent.
Yehshua (1esus) Messiah - 1udean - Messiah as' YHVH '(YE Ho Vau He) incarnate' the
meat 'and spiritual savior.
Written Torah - Torah (Pentateuth). The Five Books of Moses are considered -for full
convenantl with divinity. It is believed that 1esus preached and reaffirmed faith in the
'Be of Israel' have been. are and will remain a people of God. part of his Divine Plan
premature replacement of any kind by the Church of Divine Plan.
Bible -Tanakh and apostolic Writings (B'rit Chadasa ') are of divine inspiration to
Messianic 1ews.
Eschatologia - Messianic 1ews are followers of the following beliefs eschatologice: Day
End. Second Coming of 1esus as a triumphant Messiah. the rebuilding of Israel. the
rebuilding of the Third Temple. Revival of dead (and 1esus Revived)-Shabat The millennial
(1esus reign over a world with the Paradise).
Law ORAL - Oral use Torah in the Talmud. observed 1ewish Law and traditions of
There are no many converting followers. These are rare and the result of spiritual
identification with Messianic 1udaism. proved long and pursued the aim at the target. They
believe children of Israel coming back spread among 'nations' as when 1esus come back.
Maintain compliance with the 613 Mitzvot - links. We are against animal sacrifice or
Hebrew (are summoned Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Tarfon: 'if it was in sanhedrin. nobody. no
date can not be killed' (Mishnah Makot 1:10). It condemns the indirect reference to his
death 1esus. Stephen. and other Hebrew Christians. over time by Sanhedrin.
Practicing Torah laws lead to Sanctifify. not to save; attributed only to the Messiah.
Both Paul and 1esus have complied fully headquarters Torah.
'Do not think that I came to destroy the Law but to fulfill "(Matthew 5:17-19 17).
Paul (which I often call his name with the 1ews: Sha'ul) remained a faithful Pharisee
1udean. disciple of Gamaliel the Elder. until his death. a continuously observed the
1ewish laws and traditions. Contained in the concept 'New Perspective on Paul' have
great significance in Messianic 1udaism.
A recommendation Conciliation Messianic Rabbi of the 1ews is compliance of 1ewish
holidays. the Sabbath. dietary rules.
A main objection to 1ews vs. Messianic 1ews consists in that. even if it is Messianic
1udaism. Yehshua (1esus) is not the Messiah. Messianic 1ews are not recognized as in
Eretz Israel and can not use 1ewis right to make alya in the State of Israel.
1ews 'Orthodox' movement regarded as a betrayal. a subversive form of apostasy. worse
than any form of Christian rite expressed open. According to a quote from the Central
Conference of American Rabbis (2008) 'For us. the 1ewish community. anyone who
claims that 1esus is his savior is no longer 1ew and an apostate. They are placed outside
the 1ews. Whether you are called Christians or 'fulfilled 1ew'. 'Messianic 1ew' or in any
way is irrelevant. For us it is clearly a Christian`.
In this Compendium of Facts selectively hide an implicit question. as the title made
famous in a novel about the early Christians of Polish Senkievici 'QUO VADIS
to see video on the Adress :
This writing is intended to be the resumption of testimony from two millennia ago. focused
on the role of Christians Communities in the Hebrew Gospel of 1esus sending us to Hebrew.
Approach has three motivations:
Role played by 1ews Christians in the first hundred years of Missionary.
Emergence. evolution and destruction of communities of Hebrew Christians.
Presenting a summary of certain historical moments during the life of Hebrew Christian
Communities in 1erusalem. I do it because it was a mutation of reference with the spiritual
'engine' THE HOPE. Phenomenon comparable to that made by Moses. with a thousand two
hundred years before that time. When enlightened 'people to a religion'. This time. the
message sent by the early Hebrew Christians (the apostles) were given to people of
'1erusalem and all 1udea and Samaria and to the edge of the earth'. (Acts p.1.8.) Exactly
the right to choose a religion: 'A CREDO IN ONE GOD` FOR ALL peoples.
The desire to write started a few observations that I have seemed strange:
A nation at Hebrew. learned in combat with an empire (Roman) and led by a tribal and
religious caste divided between the fight for its own sake or for national independence. was
awaiting a 'Sent SAVE'. When it occurs. how were ordinary. first preached change through
moral faith in God the Father.

love for others. equality and material life of the Essenes community. he was killed under
the eyes of those who. a week before. they flatter him.
People expect the Hebrew Messiah Coming forced supernatural. as Moses. or as reported
Ezechiel power of God came to help people in 1udea ( 'I looked and behold it came from
north a all of a sudden wind. a cloud thick. and a bundle of fire. which spread around a
bright light. (...) Everything is in the middle saw four living creature (...) Each of them had
four faces. and each had four wings (...) their wings were attached to one another. And when
they are not back in any part. but each went straight. (Ezechiel p.1. 5.6.9)). There he came
to believe that 1esus. endowed with the miracle of grace to recover should not escape from
human punishment (to be crucified). Then when they saw the arrest as any of them. after
they received as a King in 1erusalem they have left him.
Step prophet 1esus for Faith in GOD UNIT SINGLE generates a millenary struggle
between insiders peoples who worship and believe in the same vein esoteric: whether
Christian or Mosaic. plus more than seven hundred years followers Islam. Moses. the great
Egyptian initiated in Teba (under the name Horsasip) is completed outside Egypt intended
to create 'a people to a religion'.
Pithagora. about seven hundred years after he brings light of the same truths of
initiation in the run Theban to Hellenistic area. to the Cult of Delphi.

Ends its existence burned in an uprising of the 'Democrats' Greek colony of Croton (the
island on the coasts of Italy). A disciple of his doctrine Zamolxe will mentor the Dacian
territories. Plato would be the doctrine that will implement the following four Hellenistic
'golden ages' of space by Greek leaders as Pericle and Alexander the Great.
1esus. formed in the same esoteric sources. preserved by the Essenes 1ews to the Death
Sea on the coast and in the Nil Delta. repeat step extrapolated 'People of God' from the
1ewish at all 'nations'. It wiped out by crucifixion. Apostles will go. and spread word
Gospel outside his 'chosen people'.
Long line of Christian martyrs. from the Hebrew by ethnicity. were clean-minded people in
their everyday lives. As martyrs. Hebrew mosaics were righteous in their faith in God. just
as Palestinians believers in God - Allah is still a people in exile of the times we live ... I
The Unity through faith in God as a single island in a sea of IGNORANCE and
HATRED. One possible answer is that the PRIDE OF POWER. of any origin would not
want to be a free and full understanding of this esoteric common vein. Why? Because it
still does not know HOW MANAGE IT! Oligarchies privileges of any kind were off with no
spiritual freedom through self of each man. because no one can control. to govern its use.

Therefore POWER may always used an effective instrument of disunion: ignorance. and
Being a 1ew as a mother. a Christian Orthodox by baptism. can simply quote the Hebrew
historian Shlomo Laish about tumultuous destiny of the Hebrew people:
'We thank here to emphasize one fact that it seems to apply to all questions and others that
occur in our minds. An objective response which resisted all time. which was set out with
thousands of years before us by a non 1ew. Response of prophet Balls The Madianite[1]
gave to Balak king of Moabit. when invited to curses tribes of Israel. out soon in slavery
would only add: sometimes not by its own sons. The said of Ball indeed was a formidable
instrument for the conservation of 1ewish traditions: the returned` son is received with
warmth and respect. He who shall not return to traditional vein mosaic neither name is
mentioned. This is the core of intolerance. while the survival of 1ewish communities.
[1] Priest of the Temple of Madian. at the foot of the mountain of Sinai. where Moses and retired three
thousand years. to atone for murder have killed an Egyptian satrap subsequently developing here
'Sepher Bereshit' - 'great book'. getting his message God to free the Hebrew people from Egypt and it
leads to the river 1ordan to put him in possession of 'Holy Country.

Processing we used the text versions of the Bible and various sources of historical datrii. It
was not my interest or to discuss differences. I followed the sequence of facts which would
justify the request text. Otherwise is not only text documents. to do my own training.
started in 1992 in a time when trying to understand myself. He was doing a man who. angry
at their own misunderstanding of life. take the pen to write. as a peasant and his digging is
going to dig in the garden or field as to forget the troubles of day. For years. the text was
rewritten several times. has enriched the area of ideas. A process which was almost
independent of the personal life. but that brought me and now I bring an inner peace and
happiness: to be a Hebrew Christian. May be for an 1ew mosaic ... almost certainly. this
concept is a strange thing. From their point of view it means: that people never accepted.
through its representatives. deviations from the fundamentals of religious mosaic. And it is
normal: this way of thinking has maintained for almost two millennia cohesion in galut
(Diaspora) - dispersion throughout the land of the tribes. With all respect for this tradition.
and success in 1948 by establishing the Eretz Israel State. yet still have a duty: to recognize
1ehosuah - 1esus as the Christians say. a man who truly honor. honor and kindness to the
1ewish People. 27.03.11
08,748 - Ang0 J,80 1992-1-11 - 211-2.2
To my Mother: Thaci Raisa
To my Wife: Anghel
Name: Vasile Mesaros - Anghel
Proffesion: IT Trainer
University of Bucarest - Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics (1971)
System Analyst - Post University - CEPECA (1975)
Work Motivation:
Documentation of issues that concerned me in recent years.
AMV Dessign/2011
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