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The kitchen of Basilicata belongs to the Mediterranean diet. As such, the typical
products are: pasta, cheese, beef, lamb and goat, olive oil, wine, vegetables.
Characteristic is the vino cotto used in many parts of the region.

Bread is the staple food of the basic food of the region. It’s
mixed with wheat flour, yeast and water. It can have different
form and often is baked in ovens. There are many different
kinds of bread: from one kilogram up to three kilograms, round
or oval or bun, focaccia, sandwiches ( the sandwiches rosette
or oil). In some areas is preparing an initial typical dish of
bread, the so-called"bread baked”.

The pasta is prepared mixing wheat flour and water (sometimes eggs)
and left to dry for a couple of hours. There are several types of pasta.
Typical are the cavatelli, like gnocchi, sunken to a finger, two, three or
four, and served with beans or tomato sauce with fresh basil and with the
addition of cacioricotta or asparagus, and the orecchiette usually
seasoned with tomato sauce, are also the famous fusilli so called
because are been worked with an iron thin. Lagana like the noodles but
larger and thicker, are prepared with chickpeas flavored with garlic, chilli
or cotich of pig. Other type of pastas are cooked with legumes (lentils,
beans, peas, chick peas, beans), with vegetables or tomato sauce

The hot pepper is used mostly in winter, in summer you prefer the cool, dry
those peppers fried in oil and plenty to make them crispy, with scrambled
eggs, or are used to winter boiled with salt cod.
Very special are the Lampascioni, wild onions by taste bitter that are eaten
cooked with raw oil, or fried in batter.

The Basilicata is famous for sausages and soppressata. The

sausage is prepared as follows: the pork is chopped with a
knife, seasoned with salt, chili powder and fennel seeds, and
left to dry in places with a fireplace always switched.
For soppressata you choose the most valuable meat of pork
with little fat, add pepper , put under a weight for a few days
to remove the empty air and left to dry. Typical of the region
are also other derivatives from pork as ham, capocollo, bacon.
Dairy production are very common in this region and so there
are a lot of cheese and dairy products. The best cheeses are
those derived from bovine milk and ovicaprino. Typical dairy
products are Caciocavallo, the butyrate, the scamorza and
mozzarella. Mostly used is also the pecorino cheese. Pecorino
cheese is the result of an excellent sheep milk rich in nutrients
and aromatic essences. It’s recommended consumer Pecorino
with a seasoning that varies from 3 to six months.
Aglianico del Vulture

The Vulture is the cradle of the famous red wine Aglianico del
Vulture, produced by clusters of Aglianico and certified DOC
(Denomination of Origin). The Aglianico is one of the best Italian
The wine Aglianico del Vulture has a ruby red garnet, fragrant
scent and winy, with hint of strawberry and raspberry; flavor of
dry, fruity and harmonious. 11,5-13% alcohol. The Aglianico is
considered 'old' after at least 3 years and 'reserve' after at least 5
years of aging in barrels. Excellent with meat and roasts.
Olive oil

Olive oil is cultivated from the time of Magna Greece. The

oil is obtained from squeezing olives Lucanian of high
quality and it’s always at the base of each plate
The old chestnut cake
Ingredients Procedure
Cook chestnuts, remove the skin
1 kg of chestnuts and crush them in the mortar
Mix on fire with cooked wine,
500 gr. of sugar sugar and some cinnamon

cooked wine

a bit of cinnamon
Calzoncelli fried chestnut
s gr. flour Procedure
500 Mix the flour with all
50 gr. of lard ingredients, spread a
50 gr. sugar thin pastry, put the
2 eggs chestnut cake, close
a pinch of cinnamon the browse and fry the
white wine for the calzoncelli in boiling oil.
Ingredients Procedure
2 kg. flour On spianatoia put the flour
adding the yeast (previously
500 gr. leaven dissolved in warm water),
potatoes, oil, salt and sugar.
2 tablespoons salt
Once the dough is nor too
hard or too soft, put it to
1 kg. Potato past
rest for about 1 hour and a
A teaspoon of sugar half.
Form sticks, not too thin
Half cup of oil and fry in hot oil..
Ingredients Procedure
2 kg. flour On spianatoia put the
flour, add sugar,
2 kg. sugar hazelnuts, almonds.
Make a hole in the
middle and add eggs
16 eggs one by one and start
to knead until you
1 kg. chopped almonds obtain a homogeneous
mixture. Form thin
and long pieces, cut
1 kg. chopped hazelnuts them, put them in the
pan, cook for about
2 envelopes of yeast bread one quarter of an hour
of angels at 170 °.
Ingredients Procedure
1 kg. flour On spianatoia put the flour,
add all other ingredients and
knead with warm water.
A "nut" leaven Let the dough rise for about an
4 eggs Obtain small piece and heat
their in salt water by adding
little oil.
Fennel seeds Bake in preheated oven at
maximum temperature (like
Salt and enough warm water

1 cup water olive oil

Ingredients Procedure
1 kg. flour In a bowl beat the eggs with sugar, add
oil, anise, fennel seed and yeast
(dissolved in the water tepida). Pour the
150 gr. leaven flour to make a dough or too hard or
too soft, knead for 3 quarters of an
5 eggs hour.
On spianatoia stretch of sticks made
from dough and make a circular shape.
1 cup sugar Let stand for about 2 hours and then
heated in a pot with boiling water and
half cup of oil.
Fennel seeds Put the frisellini at rest until they have
1 glass of anise The next day cook the frisellini in the
oven for about 15 - 20 minutes at 180
1 cup oil
their heat
600 g. sugar
350 g. (lard or butter)
14 eggs
900 g. water
A pinch of salt
 Procedure
Boil the water and put the flour and pinch of
salt. Turn on the fire and leave for 5 or 6
minutes, cool and put the eggs and work
the dough. Creating the round shape and fry
in plenty of boiling oil.
And finally .... a nice glass of
Amaro Lucano