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ICT in Construction Industry

ICT is an acronym that stands for Information Communications Technology Store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form

Two broad types of product

1. The traditional computer-based technologies 2. digital communication technologies

What is ICT?
ICT is a neutral provider of input for decision making. ICT can be the interaction of meaning to reach a mutual understanding between a sender and a receiver via technology

ICT in Construction
ICT in Construction can be broken down different types of structures. ICT may be adopted by different specific groups of users within an organization. Generates new opportunities for colloboration,coordination and information exchange among organizations working on construction project.

Current information Technologies in Construction

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Too much information technologies and software application are available. They can be grouped into following main categories Computer Aided Design and Visualization Building Engineering Application Computer Aided Cost Estimation Planning ,scheduling and site management Computer Aided Facilities Management Integration Business and information Management

Computer Aided Design and Visualization

Allow users to build drawings on computers by manipulating lines, circles, rectangles and text. Computer Aided Software are widely used in construction industry.

AutoCAD has the largest market share.

Other popular cad software includes Microstation, Archcad, Minicad.

Allow uses to edit the drawing any stage Can be saved at any stage, allow uses to keep various versions of building layout for later study Different views of building can be easily produced With the help of 3D software like 3D studio, final appearance of buildings can be visualized at design stage.

Building Engineering Application

It is very difficult to correct design errors after the construction of building. Stimulate accurately the building at design stage. A number of methods have been developed to predict building performance in thermal, lighting, acoustics and structural aspects. The most important software for building engineering application is BIM.

Building information modeling (BIM)

BIM software have the ability to directly and interactively present concepts of design in a form which represent physical and real images of the building to allow designers to identify clients needs, and to promptly and effectively provide solutions to these needs.

BIM exhibit following characteristics 1. Digital 2. Spatial 3D 3. Measurable 4. Comprehensive 5. Accessible 6. Durable

Allow designers to evaluate alternative design solutions to achieve optimum design. To visualize building at design at design stage and chances of error are very low

Computer Aides Cost Estimation

Cost controlling is the most import aspect of any project. Many sophisticated computer software packages for estimation and cost controlling.

Allow project mangers to keep check on the cost of project.

Can be integrated with databases of costs for labours, materials and equipment.

Spread Sheets and Word Processors

Spreadsheets like Microsoft excel, word PowerPoint are very important office tools. and

They are frequently used for financial information and presentations as they can be used to create and edit charts, graphs and tables. They are a very important ICT tool in the construction industry as they are designed to perform general computation tasks using spatial relationships.

Planning, Scheduling and Site Management

Construction works require careful planning and skillful management to handle projects. Computers can assist site managers to plan ahead, evaluate different options and monitor the construction activates. Too many software are available for planning Most important are Primavera and MS Project

Facilities Management
Relatively a new discipline. Emerged in early 80s. Based on operation, maintenance and impact of building operations on the life cycle cost. Software is combination of CAD and database management system. Database is the most important part ,it holds data from people and their services.

Business and Information Modeling

Construction projects are very complex. A lot of information is generated and consumed by professionals involved in project. Management of handling these information. Electronic document management systems are applications that can be linked to web based project management system to improve communications among partners

Electronic mail
E- mail as is all known as is simply the transfer of data from one persons computer files to another. Nowadays, not only is text and pictures transferable via mails, but videos programs etc. In construction electronic mails are very useful as they are very fast and convenient means of sending and receiving mails and files.

The Internet and World Wide Web

The World Wide Web can provide the graphicallybased tool for sharing information. Information on the Web can range from presentations to online publications to personal `home pages' and can from any computer or electronic gadget equip to connect to the internet.

ICT In Pakistan Construction Industry

Cad and planning software are frequently used. Limited application of others software. Very limited use of electronic communications.

To enhance the construction efficiency and to develop our industry according to international standards.

Information and communication technology in the construction industry

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