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 MCB Bank Ltd was incorporated on July 9, 1947

 MCB is Pakistan’s fourth largest bank by assets
having an asset base of US$6.7 billion
 Largest market capitalization of US$4.1 billion.
 Customer base of approximately 4 million and a
nationwide distribution network of 1,026
branches, including 8 Islamic banking branches,
and over 300 ATMs, in a market with a population
of 160 million.
 During the last fifteen years, the Bank has
concentrated on growth through improving
service quality, investment in technology and
people, utilizing its extensive branch network,
the financial control
 Makes sure that all financial transactions comply
with state laws, rules, and regulations.
 Responsible for centrally processing and recording
the transactions.
 Oracle GL as its information system.
 Oracle GL is a product of the Oracle E-Business
Suite which the organization has acquired as its
platform for managing its business transactions
and maintaining records.
 Oracle General Ledger works seamlessly with
other Oracle E-Business Suite products to drive
better decision-making, sustainable financial
discipline, regulatory compliance, and optimized
these are what some
elements of the oracle
general ledger look like
the previous system
 The Financial Control Department used an in-
house developed system called “Financial Control
 the Financial Control System could no longer meet
the complex needs of the department.
 usual system break downs which resulted in
increased cost
 time cost
 and monetary cost
the new system
 A new system that would be reliable and would
integrate smoothly with the organization.
 Company bought a new information system, the
“Oracle Financial Suite”
 Oracle GL was perfectly suited for the Financial
Control Departments requirements.
 This system allowed the company to cope with its
changing requirements.
 This software gave the company several options
that were not previously available in the previous
 This system also enables the organization to
technical specifications

 Hardware – HP Blade Server

 Software – Oracle e-Business Suite R12
 Operating System – Linux Environment
 Input – Financial data
 Output – financial statements like ledgers,
balance sheet etc.
 Processing – Batch processing
 Storage – both Hot-sites and cold sites.
users of the system

 Oracle GL is a financial software system

designed for an organization’s financial
 Employees of MCB’s Financial Control
Division are the end users of the system.
 All the employees in this department are
properly trained to use this system.
 The system is highly customized to suit all
the needs of the department and meet its
requirements in an efficient and cost
effective manner.
benefits of oracle gl

 Benefits to end users:

 friendly interface
 No specialized training to operate this
 Benefits to department:
 generates accounting reports.
 Customize reports.
For example if there are any changes in
accounting laws or procedures that the bank
may need to implement, the system easily
facilitates that.
features of the system
 This system has the capability to fulfill the
requests of the end users by default.
 The Oracle GL provides high Data Integrity;
 by making sure that the data is saved, will be
available for future use and will not have any
 Data retrieval or data recovery is made
easy by the system.
 It also reduces the occurrence of a system
failure to almost ZERO.
 It has a Relational Database Management
information provided by
the system
 This system enables the department in making
 General Ledgers for the bank,
 completing its transactions,
 maintaining accounts and balances
 balance the accounts and generate Financial Statements
 The MCB generates the following financial statements
with the help of this system:
 Balance Sheet; Profit and Loss account; Cash Flow
statement and Statement of Changes in Equity.
 The system saves all the reports and financial
statements into its database for future use and
 This information is not only useful for preparing reports
for the bank but also in making audit reports, company

 MCB has both cold sites and hot sites for

its financial system – the Oracle General
 It has its hot sites in Pakistan only.
 The hot site is the main headquarter in
Karachi at the I.I. Chundrighar Road.
 The cold sites are the various regional
headquarters in the country.
 Backups are scheduled on a daily bases in
the off-peak hours (late nights).
problems with the
 The employees are not facing any
problems with the system
 They only thought the system can be
further customized

To further customized with the specific

needs of the Financial Control Division,
the company can upgrade a newer
version of Oracle GL.
System enhancements over time might
also need to be carried out that could
involve upgrading the server, storage
and database systems.

 MCB aims to keep its business in line with

the top banks and corporations of the
 Therefore, it has chosen Oracle E-Business
Suite as the application.
 The Oracle E-Business Suite is a top of the
line application software used by
businesses around the world.
 Oracle is renowned for providing its
customers with excellent software’s that
provide fast, easy and efficient business