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John Deere Leadership Competencies

Our leaders at all levels are recognized not only for their ability to deliver results, but also for how they deliver them


Building Talent

Exceptional Operating Performance

Innovating with Courage

Demonstrating global perspective

Disciplined SVA Growth Aligned High-Performance Teamwork

Engaging &Inspiring

Thinking Strategically

Driving for Sustainable Results


Building Talent
Demonstrating honesty and willingness to admit mistakes Enriching high performance teams Instilling values through such actions as openly sharing and requesting support/feedback in addressing their own development opportunities Developing successors for leadership positions Creating a climate of trust and respect that inspires development, and values risk taking in pursuit of learning
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Innovating with Courage

Nurturing a culture that supports people who take transparent and reasonable risks Sponsoring breakthrough ideas, initiatives and new business ventures Challenging others to use fresh perspectives and new ways to generate creative and valuable business opportunities Identifying needs and new business opportunities that have significant revenue and profit potential
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Thinking Strategically
Understanding the value of our brand and the importance of delivering on our promises Demonstrating a clear understanding of the companys strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Developing strategies that leverage the core capabilities and competencies of the company Identifying critical business goals and success factors that link to shareholder value
Creating a vision that attracts followers


Demonstrating Global Perspective

Building global capabilities that are consistent with John Deeres Business Conduct Guidelines Applying an understanding of the companys global market position, opportunities, capabilities, and competition

Pursuing opportunities for global expansion that meet market needs

Supporting an inclusive multicultural talent pool to enhance the companys global perspective and local impact Developing relationships globally across divisions
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Engaging and Inspiring

Communicating truthfully and transparently Nurturing commitment to the companys vision, values and direction Creating an inclusive and positive work environment Addressing career development, work environment, and life balance issues that help the company retain talent Helping others integrate their goals and capabilities with emerging company needs


Driving for Sustainable Results

Influencing others to commit to the companys mission and vision Establishing aggressive goals for the company

Reporting bad news early

Achieving credible results that balance the short and long term Conveying a sense of urgency and guiding issues to closure
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Recruiting & Staffing

Global Job Evaluation

Learning & Development

Career Development

Human Resource Processes

Leadership Development


Performance Management

Succession Planning