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Case study on: Miller Tool Company

To, Ms. Anuradha Pandit

Presented By:
Darshan Patel Vijay Aslaliya Bhavin Donda Gopal Rakholiya Jaydeep Rozia Akshay Khatri

Contents of case
Situation Analysis

Problem Identification
Available alternatives Best alternatives and implementation


Situation Analysis
MTC was established in Year 1890.

Company was listed to New York Stock Exchange in Year 1920.

McFettridge became President in Year 1960. Good Financial position : Rs. 70 million in quarter McFettridges thoughts: To bring Automation To counter balance dependence on heavy industry. Acquisition: 11 companies & 7 businesses

President McFettridges death in 1969.

New President: Henrey Augener Eugene De Witt- sound financial background was also appointed.

Problems arises among MTC and subsidiaries.

Both work on solving problems arised in MTC and subsidiaries.

Problem identification
Main Problem : Lack of Top management Independent companies:

Many small businesses so which lead to no coordination among each other and with MTC. Managers of subsidiary companies are going to retire. Automation needed: For both MTC and subsidiaries Subsidiary companies needs financial assistance MTC needs expert designer and engineers. Which company is needed to divest?


Integrate all five electronic companies.
Integrated 5 electronic companies 1 Manager Baking Co.( largest company) 1 manager Trucking Co. (supporting company)- 1 Manager Dry cleaning Co. (less investment, more profit) -1 Manager Building maintenance Co. Construction Co.

1 Manager Automation of subsidiary companies along with MTC . Company should divest Highway and other public works.

Akshay & jaydeep

Best alternatives
Augener should hire managers as per company structure

wise.(As given in Alternatives). Eugene De Witt will assist Augener to divest poor performing company and help subsidiaries for finance. Disinvestment of highways and other public works. Because: It takes time to pass the tender and some govt. rules and regulation. It also Requires huge investment. For automation purpose both subsidiaries and MTC will help financially and technically to each other.

Finally we conclude that company can perform well efficiently and profitability only if all stated alternatives are implemented. After that also how that alternatives work will be measure. In case any wrong matter, necessary actions will be taken and control will there throughout implementation.