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Design Styles

Part II

6. International
7. Mid-Century Modern

8. French Country

9. Shabby Chic
10. Soft Contemporary

11. Eclectic

Lets Review: Whats a Design Style?

A used to create a sense of period. in a room.

reflects popular style of an design styles

like fashion, but more slowly. mixing styles from different .) and/or

current styles are more historical periods (known as goal: each

should contribute to the of the space.

conceived by the designers of Bauhaus School of Design closed in 1933 by the Nazi regime. Immigrated to US.
Objective was to bring together art, craft, and technology. International Style was name applied to the American form of Bauhaus design Architectural features are window walls and open floor plan Interior features: minimalist style, rectilinear line, neutral color palette, chrome, glass, leather. Form over Function; sculptural furniture forms

6. International Contemporary

Bauhaus Chair Styles

Eames Lounge

Eames Office

Mies van de Rohe Barcelona

Wegner Wishbone

Bertoia Wire Mesh


Breuer Wassilly

Saarinen Tulip

International Contempora ry

Living Rooms

Mid-Century Modern Architecture & Furniture

Eichler Home Granada Hills, CA

Outgrowth of Frank Lloyd Wrights organic design

Evolved from the International and Bauhaus movement & designs

Scandinavian/Danish Modern influence of clean simplicity More organic in form and less formal than International Style Function as important as Form

Mid Century
New International Influence

Danish Modern Influence

Mid Century

Living Rooms

southern France Casual elegance rustic, oldworld welcoming cheerful combination of colors.

8. French Country Style


stone walls and floors

raw wood distressed ceiling beams


irregular plaster walls Interiors: Earthy textures Lots of pattern Toiles: fabric & wallpaper depicting pastoral scenes & vignettes 18th & 19th century life Strong Colors: mustard, rusty red, indigo blue, and grassy green

Feminine Style

Curved Lines Mix of patterns & color painted wood finishes Casually elegant

French Country Furniture


Bergere Chair

Rush Seat

Country French Kitchen

9. Shabby Chic
a feminine cottage style dcor

vintage and antique furniture, painted, distressed

Eclectic mix of garage sale, flea market & salvage store pieces Comfortable country French style furnishings

slip-covered sofas, upholstered and wicker pieces

vintage barkcloth & linen chenille bedspreads Solids accented with rose & floral patterns

Shabby Chic Living Room

10. Soft Contemporary

10. Soft Contemporary

Modern & Minimalist style

Inspired by California design

Large upholstered furniture Neutral colors and natural textures Clean, curved lines Casually Elegant Comfort is the primary goal

Soft Contemporary

soft curved lines large scale no embellishment casually elegant modern, but more concerned with function than form

comfort is the primary goal

with this style

Textural fabrics
large patterns & geometric shapes used for visual impact

Soft Contemporary Colors and Fabrics

Neutrals: black, white, gray, or browns

often punched up with one bright, bold color accent

Black accents used to ground and define walls in a basic neutral

11. Eclectic
encompasses a variety of periods and styles

brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish.
is about mixing rather than matching is a highly individualized style creatively the most challenging; difficult to achieve an harmonious end result

For designer Steve Ross, comfort means surrounding himself with things he loves. In his living room, he collected his favorite pieces and mixed them together to create a look that is all his own.

Louis XV, Louis XVI and mid-century furniture combined with contemporary art
Steves advice:

good pieces from any era, style or period do work well together,
as long as they're good examples of what they are.
Better Homes & Gardens, Kitty Bartholomew


Eclectic Living Rooms

mix of different periods, colors, texture, shape and finish

Eclectic Dining Rooms

Can you identify the different periods, colors, texture, shape and finish that make these rooms eclectic?

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