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Scientific laws
Feel good principles


Goodness Beauty Truth

Ordinary House adequate size of rooms, comfortable grouping Luxurious House Sculptures, Paintings Museum galleries with ample wall space and top light, no need of windows Shop Large show windows School large sized class rooms, big windows, play ground

What Creates deep emotion in the heart Comfort may not be an issue Aesthetic appeal is only the main criteria

Clarity of purpose

True idea of purpose

Each part of structure should express the function it has to perform

Clarity of structure

Strength Vitality Unity Restraint Refinement Repose Grace Breadth Scale Good pictorial setting Expression of purpose

Essential Quality - Imagination Use Materials such a way to transform any building to a piece of architecture Sound knowledge on materials, properties, strength & new techniques Good to have engineering knowledge

Appearance of strength Everlasting

Evidence of Life Boldness Size or Magnitude Appearance of life or Vitality

Oneness Harmony among elements of building Unity can be achieved by combining 2 elements together with dominant central feature.

No over Ornamentation Ornamentation in exact position to attract Main Entrance

Proper material in proper place & in appropriate form Can be achieved with restraint or check in excessive use of ornaments Simplicity of purpose Perfect selection of materials

Based on strength and assured position Buildings with confidence and repose, speak out

Charm or Attractiveness

Treating a building as a whole in grand manner Not - enlargement by additions made from time to time as per requirements

Relationship of several parts to one another and to whole of the building in point size Doors, windows everything should be in proportion Small building should not be decorated with big ornaments

Every building - pictorial settings Every part - shine w.r.t a good background Background - green trees - rivers - hills Surroundings - a definite relationship of colour & form of building

Temple Gopuram Church - Spire Mosque - Minarets and the dome Zail building massive stone walls of great height a narrow door opening with sharp nails pierced on it