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About Java
Initially the language was called as oak but it was renamed as

java in 1995.
Java is a programmers language. Java is cohesive and consistent. Except for those constraint imposed by the Internet environment.

Java gives the programmer, full control.


Object oriented Robust Platform Independent Secure Distributed Flexible


Servlets is the Sun's solution for Dynamic Content Generation.

Server side object that creates dynamic response. Pure Java Classes.
Platform-independent solution.

Runs inside the Server as a THREAD, thus shares the server's resources.
Access to all Java features (class library, security, database connectivity, etc.)

How do Servlets work?

A request comes to server as HTTP request. Container creates two objects Java request and Java response objects. Need to communicate to the container using web.xml Container identifies the servlet that needs to be executed using web.xml. Creates servlet object and call predetermined method. Servlet populates Java response Java response converted HTTP response by container and response sent back to client.


Java Server Pages (JSP ) is Sun's solution for developing dynamic web sites. JSP enable the developers to directly insert java code into Html file, this makes the development process very simple and its easy to maintain. JSP's are internally converted to Servlet and compiled by container. We use JSP for presentation, where there is lot of display & less of business logic.

Saved as .jsp file directly under context root folder along with HTML.

Requirement Analysis
Hardware Requirements:
RAM Operating System Hard Disk : 1 GB : Windows : 512 MB

Software Requirements:
Web Page Script Language Web components Database Technology IDE

: HTML,DHTML : Java Script : JSP, Servlets : HediSQL : JEE : MyEclipse 8.0

:Apache Tomcat 6.0


The project entitled Online Shopping is a web-based application software developed in Java language using Java as front end on Pentium machine. customers and vendors. It maintains the details of customer payments ,product receipt ,addition of new customers , products and updating ,deletion for the same.

The main aim of Online shopping is to improve the services of

The primary factors of the project entitled online shopping are high accuracy, design flexibility and easy availability, and also it uses database tables representing entities and relationships between entities.


It provides information about various products in different categories online. Customer can purchase Products Online. Customer can login and get various information about product and can purchase the suitable product. Customer can pay online, so security is must therefore eSHOP provide secure transactions. After sale eSHOP also provide after sales service in which customer problem is solved.


User Profile Module-User Profile Module is related with the user information that has login. Here we have two parts in Profile Module .The first one is when a new registered user login then there is no information in his profile only the information filled in Registration form i.e. Name, Password, Address, City, State, Pin and Contact Number are in the profile which comes from Registration. As soon as user login for first time then a profile to be filled appear and user have to fill compulsory option. Second one is that only a registered person can login in the site and can purchase the products available in the E-Market. So this module provides the security against the unauthorized users. Shopping module-In shopping module user can purchase various products. Though
we have facility of billing but sometimes we need to edit some of the products from the cart that why we include this feature in our project. In purchase feature, a user can go through various products and select them. The products which he selected are stored in Gallery. The products they want to delete from their cart can be deleted using Edit Option. Then he can make payment by either using credit-card or debit-card.

The major advantage of online shopping is the convenience it

offers. By sitting back at home you can now shop anything from candles to vehicles by few clicks of mouse buttons. Another big advantage of online shopping is the flexibility of shopping. Unlike offline shops, online shops have no holidays, closing times or any other problems. You can shop 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The price comparison and quality comparison of the products and services are possible. Some online sites also provide customer reviews about each product, thus you can easily find out what other customers think about the product or services before buying it. Data security is maintained to relatively high level . No need for vendors and no pressure to buy.

One of the important disadvantages of online shopping is lack of

personal interaction. Another disadvantage of online shopping is tangibility factor. Another factor is shipping cost. If the shipping cost is more than that you need to actually carry the product home, then online shopping become unattractive. Another concern is about online security. If you are shopping online, you have to take additional care about your credit cards so that to protect from unauthorized usage. Online shopping lacks the real world shopping experience that we get shopping with relatives and friends offline. Access to the internet and computer necessary: Because one needs money to buy a computer and to have internet connection, online shopping seems to be limited people of reasonable amount of income.

Future Scope
Change is inevitable in the software industry. We need to

constantly monitor the systems performance. Load balancing and maximizing system utilization must be of prime importance.
Software enhancement by allowing live chatting of users

of website about the products.