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Physics Presentation

By: Ling Chee Huat


Missile is an unmanned explosive-carrying vehicle that moves above the earth's surface in a flight path controlled by an external or internal source. All types of missile have the same ultimate function: destroy enemy "targets", i.e., personnel, tanks, vehicles, airplanes, ships, and weapons, including attacking missiles.

The missiles attack targets at long distances thousands of miles are called "strategic" missiles. The missile used offensively or defensively over shorter distances - a few hundred miles are called "tactical" missiles. Missiles are targetted with the form of infrared, radio waves, lasers and, visible light and guidance system like INS, TERCOM or GPS.

Missile Parts

Missile Launch & Target-destruction Process.

1) Surveillance A systematic search by the launcher (ship, plane, or ground station) radars and more radars for targets in the hemisphere surrounding it.

2) Identification: "Friend or foe? All commercial and military airplanes and some weapons and personnel have "transponders", which are receiver- transmitters that receive radio signals on one frequency and return a specific identification (ID) signal on another frequency. When the target code matches a "friendly" code in the launcher electronic library, no launcher action is taken. However, if the ID matches a "foe" code, or if there is no response, the missile launcher assumes a "foe" and prepares to destroy the target.

3) Pre-launch The Weapons Officer in charge of missile launch (in airplanes, this would be the pilot) selects a particular missile to attack the target with a push of a button. 4) Launch After a satisfactory self-test, the missile ignites its rocket motor, which provides the force to propel the missile away from its platform

5) Tracking The launcher "tracking" radar continuously monitors the target, while computers continuously calculate target location, direction and speed. Human judgment is involved in identification too.

6) Midcourse During missile flight, target location, direction, and speed are continuously calculated by the launcher radar. This information is transmitted from the ship (or plane, or truck) to the missile via radar, which adjusts its course to intercept the target. Missile functioning is continuously transmitted to the launcher via radio.

7) Homing When the missile approaches target vicinity, it activates its own radar and searches for the target itself, so that launcher radar no longer is required.

8) Intercept (target destruction) The missile IR (Infra-Red) "seeker" determines when the target is at the optimum distance for maximum explosive effect, whereupon it sends a signal to the warhead to detonate. The explosive scatters serrated iron fragments or other destroying material in all directions. When that occurs, the target is a "kill".

Types of missile

Air-to-air missile ~ missile launched from a jet to destroy the other plane in the air

Air-to-surface missile
~missile designed

to be launched from military aircraft (bombers, attack aircraft, fighter aircraft or other kinds) and strike ground targets on land, at sea, or both

Anti-ship missile
~ guided missiles that are designed for use against ships and large boats.

Anti-satellite missile
~ are designed to incapacitate or destroy satellites for strategic military purposes.

Anti-submarine missile
~a devices that are intended to act against a submarine, and its crew, to destroy (sink) the vessel or to destroy or reduce its capability as a weapon of war. In its simplest sense an anti-submarine weapon is a projectile, missile or bomb that is optimized todestroy submarines.

Anti-tank missile
~a guided missile primarily designed to hit and destroy heavilyarmored military vehicles.


Anti-tank missile system

Heavily-armored military vehicles.

Electromagnetic missile
~a missile use to break down the connecting system of the location by using electromagnetic field

Decoy flares is the only ways to escape from the infrared homing missile because the infrared homing missiles only seeks for the hot spot.

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones