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Achieving Work Life Balance Workshop


To focus on how to successfully combine work, family relationships and leisure time into a satisfying life.


To create a skill set that enhances the ability to evaluate priorities, focus on the big picture and use long range planning

Use prioritizing and organizational skills to make sense out of conflicting demands

The Work Life Balance


Work and personal world were once very distinct.

It is harder than ever to keep up with both your work and personal activities. Activities and social spaces are becoming ambiguous.

Some things people deal with on a daily basis


Getting ahead at work Spending quality time with your significant other Caring for elderly parents Doing chores at home Taking care of children Commuting to/from work

The Never-Ending Work Day


There was a time when people at work reported to work Monday through Saturday and worked an 8 hour day.

The day started at 9.00AM and ended at 5.00 PM however,

The world has changed. Some of the changes in the work world caused a change and blurring of the work and personal worlds.

Changes in the Work World


Global economy International business Advanced communication technology Flex-time schedules Alternative or flexi-place work location Changes in family structure (dual-career)

Survey Results From More Than 50,000 Employees from a Variety of Manufacturing and Service Organizations Found

(Source: Quintessential Careers article)

2 out of every 5 employees are dissatisfied with the balance between their work and personal lives

The lack of balance is due to:

Long work hours Changing demographics More time in travel Deterioration of boundaries between work and home

So How Do You Restore Balance to your Life?


First, remember that the work/life balance can mean different things to different people.

It can also change and mean different things to you at various points in your career.

You also have to be realistic.

If you set a priority (EX: advance in your career), you have to be realistic about what that will require.

10 Tips for Getting your Work/Life in Balance ( By Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.)


Negotiate a Change with Your Current Employer

Changes can include: flextime, job-sharing, telecommuting or part-time employment. Your 1st step is to research your employers policies and methods of handling previous requests


Find a New Career

Some careers are simply more stressful and time-consuming than others. Explore careers that are less stressful and more flexible

10 Tips for Getting your Work/Life in Balance (continued)



Find a New Job

Rather than a career change, perhaps you simply need to take a less stressful job within your chosen career. This may involve working with your current employer to identify a new position


Slow Down

Life is simply too short Take steps to stop and enjoy the things and people around you. Find some ways to distance yourself from the things that are causing you the most stress

10 Tips for Getting your Work/Life in Balance (continued)



Learn to Better Manage Your Time. Avoid Procrastination.

For many people, most of the stress they feel comes from simply being disorganized and procrastinating. Learn to set more realistic goals and deadlines and then stick to them


Share the Load

Even though we may sometimes feel were the only ones capable of doing something, it's usually not the case. Get your partner or other family members to help you with all your personal/family responsibilities

10 Tips for Getting your Work/Life in Balance (continued)



Let Things Go. (Dont Sweat the Small Stuff)

Learn to let things go every once in a while Learn to recognize the things that dont really have much impact in your life and allow yourself to let them go

then dont beat yourself up for doing so


Explore Your Options. Get Help.

In many cases you do have options; you just need to take the time to explore them

EX: a sitter for your children, options for care of your aging parents, counseling for yourself Dont feel overwhelmed with your family responsibilities

10 Tips for Getting your Work/Life in Balance (continued)



Take Charge. Set Priorities.

Sometimes its easier for us to allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed rather than taking charge and developing a prioritized list of things that need to get done Buck the trend.



Its human nature to take on too many tasks and responsibilities, to try to do too much and to own too much.

Find a way to simplify your life Change your lifestyle

Get rid of the clutter and baggage in your house and your life.


Final Thought on the Work/Life Balance.

In the end, the key word is balance.

Find the right balance that works for you Celebrate your successes and dont dwell on your failures. Life is a process .. and so is striving for balance in your life.