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Wireless Solution for Sea Port

The challenges of Sea Ports Examples from Netronics deployment base Advantages for wireless technology Why Netronics?

The challenges of Sea Ports

The challenges of Sea Ports

Support internal operations of the Sea Port Traditional based applications

Securing the activity in the Sea Port New, developing area due to global awareness and government legislations

The Vision have common infrastructure to support both areas

The challenges of Sea Ports Operations

Logistic and warehouse
Connectivity to office buildings
Data connectivity for ERP and Logistics applications Voice connectivity for monitoring and control

Connecting remote large equipment

Off/on-shore Container and truck weighing devices Large cranes

Connectivity to mobile vehicles

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) Trucks and trailers

RFID/Barcode enabled tracking and registration Physical location management

The challenges of Sea Ports Security

What is the trend? What are the security threats? How can you defend? What communication solutions required?

Sea Ports Security Threats

Penetration by foot Un-authorized people per designated area Un-authorized vehicles per designated area Penetration from sea Smuggling of dangerous materials Damaging/Stealing goods from cargos Illegal loading of containers

Sea Ports Protections

Physical Barriers Radar Cameras regular and thermal Intelligent video
Video Motion Detection (VMD) License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Scanners for shipping containers Electric lock scanners Access control Connect all devices with a wireless network

Examples from Netronics Deployments


Forth Ports PLC

About Forth Ports PLC
Operates the four main ports on the Scottish east coast

The Challenge
Improve security Network connectivity to new facilities Network availability for real-time data and video

The Solution
Wireless network with Netronics product lines NetLink MP and NetLink F

The Result
A network which can be controlled at each port and from a central point


Forth Ports PLC

Data More reliable than fiber Easier to connect new buildings Video Maximum positioning flexibility Re-location options Monitoring available from every port


Port of Rotterdam
About Rotterdam Netherlands main port The Challenge Connectivity three types of vehicles moving around the port Connectivity for AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) which roam between cranes and piles of containers Wireless challenging environment: multi-pat, congestion of frequency The Solution Wireless network of with 80 Access Points and over 200 CPEs The Result Wireless network for manned vehicles and AGVs Full redundant broadband network


Port of Singapore
About Singapore port
One of Asia Pacific main ports

The Challenge
Coverage for moving operator cabin on all quay cranes Coverage for ground cabins on the quay Wireless challenging environment: metal environment (containers, ships, vehicles, etc..)

The Solution
Wireless network of over 70 CPEs, some of are mobile

The Result
Streamlined operations, enhanced logistics

Advantages of Wireless Tehnology


Advantages of Wireless Technology

Flexibility Get access anywhere (over water, concrete etc) Re-position device when required! Cost Effective 5-10 cheaper than fiber / ADSL Scalable Mobility Support mobile broadband

Why Netronics


The Netronics Product

Proven Experience Rich deployment base of stable application Industry understanding and Know-how Best products Outdoor design - High survivability Near 100% uptime MTBF over 11 years; over 99.99% availability -40c to + 60c temperature range IP-67 rating (NEMA 4X equivalent) Range & coverage OFDM technology provides NLOS coverage and handles multi-path reflections Maximum cell radius up to 20 miles Throughput 32 Mbps per sector (FTP)

Security Hardware based AES encryption

VLAN support
Secure network management Mobility Data connectivity to vehicles at 50km/h Easy Deployment deploy the first time out

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