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The prima facie or the significance of execution of case study is mainly done to improve the working efficiency of the organisation, and thereby, productivity in the same given time.

Here is a scenario of a BPO in India where initially non voice based service was used to be provided to Australian company. Transition from non voice to voice based call support to Australian health care business solution provider gave rise to performance appraisal concept to be followed in the organisation for better productivity.

First BPO in India was started in 2000 by Chandran, a

first generation entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the same company, working for Australian company.
Transition took place when the company started voice

based call support for Australian health care business solution provider.
The employees were supposed to answer the queries on

insurance coverage, claim status, and to sell the the insurance products.

As for them, handling this change was not easier,

Chandran, CEO of the company, asked his HR manager to develop an appraisal framework to manage the performance of all the employees.

Framework so formed consisted of guidelines which

was to be followed by all the employees in the company.


Employees stated their generic goals and objectives at

the beginning of the year

Employees were recorded on their daily performance

on the following metrics ::

Average hold time for customer. Revenue per hour Number of calls per hour(RPH) Average handle time(AHT) Customer satisfaction rating

Employees recorded their daily performance details,

with randomly auditing of these details by their team leaders.

Managers then used to appraise the employees on a

monthly based one to one meetings.

Finally evaluation was used to done after one to one

meetings for further course of action.



Rating 1 Rating 2 :: Rating 3 :: Rating 4 :: Rating 5 ::


Excellent Very Good Good Satisfactory Needs Improvement



The 4 and 5 rated employees were then sent to

Performance Improvement Plan(PIP) of one month for the improvement in their performance by coaches and mentors.
Extension of the PIP programme was used to be done

against those employee who did not improved even after one month of initial PIP programme.
Disciplinary action process was then used to be executed

against those employees who did not improved even after second course of PIP programme.


Even after execution of all the three programmes, if the employee(s) did not responded according to the desired level, they were simply asked to resign or the company terminated them.



Since the modus operandi behind the whole process was to improve the productivity by counselling and motivating employees, according to us the approach followed was commendable. Also, the prima facie proves that Chandran, CEO of the company, possessed the skills of being an good Entrepreneur.