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Joni M. Albarico MAEd Physics Education

Wild plants

When do we say that a plant specie is wild? Why are they important? What is the flora profile of the Philippine archipelago?

What do experts say about Philippine flora?

Philippine Flora Profile

One of the eight biodiversity hotspots (Myers et. al., 2000) Ideal topography and climate for some endemic species in the Philippines

Philippine Flora Profile

Threatened Plants of the Philippines: A Preliminary Assessment (22 January 2007) A study done by the Philippine Plant Conservation Committee (The National Red List Authority of the Philippines

Who did the study?

Edwino Fernando (College of Forestry and Natural Resources UPLB) Leonardo Co (Conservation International) Daniel Lagunzad (UPD Institute of Biology) William Gruezo and Domingo Madulid (UPLB Institute of Biological Sciences) Julie Barcelona (Division of Botany, National Museum) Aida Lapis (Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau) Gregorio Texon (ASEAN Regional Center for Biodiversity Conservation) Antonio Manila (Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau)

Prescillano Zamora (National Academy of Science and

Why was the study done?

National response to Target 2 (a preliminary assessment of the conservation status of all known plants species at national, regional and international levels) of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation Determine the conservation status of the full bryophyte and vascular flora of the Philippines Threat categories were based from RA 9147 (Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act)

Threat Categories

Critically endangered Endangered Vulnerable Other Threatened Species (Near threatened) Other Wildlife Species (Least concern)

What did they find out?

Let the figures speak

694 taxa
478 angiosperms 11 gymnosperms 203 pteridophytes 2 bryophytes

99 critically endangered 186 endangered 176 vulnerable 64 other threatened species 169 other wildlife species


Euanthe sandereana

Wailing Waling Waling

The most important orchid species to be found in the Philippines The cornerstone for the majority of hybrids Well known for its progeny flat flowers, tessellated markings on the lateral sepals and size to the blooms Named after Henry F. Sander by Dr. Heinrich Reichenbach Classified as critically endangered


Wailing Waling Waling

Characterized by long, trailing roots that draw moisture and nutrients from the air (epiphyte) The Queen of Philippine Orchids Endemic to the island of Mindanao in particular Mount Apo Worshipped by the Bagobos as diwata It is quite rare in its natural habitat because of over-collection.

What steps are being done to save waling waling from further extinction?

HB 5655

An Act Declaring the Waling Waling as the National Flower of the Philippines Authored by Reps. Mylene J. Garcia-Albano, Angelo B. Palmones and Marlyn L. PrimiciasAgabas (December 19, 2011) To protect, conserve and propagate the waling waling orchid together with sampaguita The bill was vetoed by President Benigno Simeon Aquino.


Tree Ferns

Also known as pakong buwaya Classified as endangered There are 26 endemic species of Cyathea in the Philippines. Thrive well in high altitudes like Baguio Occasionally planted in gardens and grows up to seven meters Trunk is covered with black and still interlacing roots


Tree Ferns

Young fronds are boiled and eaten as vegetable Rhizome hairs are considered drug for coagulating blood in Chinese medicine and for rheumatic problems Also used as an old mans tonic The rhizome is used topically for wounds and ulcers Also used in handicraft making and construction material as fencing post

Canarium ovatum

Chosen Pili

A highly appreciated specie that is endemic to the Bicol region Classified as vulnerable by the IUCN Red List An erect to spreading, deciduous, predominantly dioecious, medium-sized to large tree that may reach a height of 30 m or more Well prized for its seed and oil derived from its bark


Chosen Pili

Complex fruit development Anthesis Stress tree


Other factors?

Weak enforcement of the law Unclear ownership or resource use rights Low risk of punishment Under-valuation of non-monetary values of natural resources

On Legal Side

Act No. 3983 (An Act to Protect Wild Flowers and Plants in the Philippine Islands and to Prescribe Conditions Under They May Be Collected, Kept, Sold, Exported and for Other Purposes) RA 9147 (Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act)

Its time for governments to get serious about saving species and make sure that its high on their agendas, as we are rapidly running out of time.
Jane Smart
Director IUCN Biodiversity Conservation Group