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How Lexmark Can Help Any Business

Lexmark: An Introduction
• Founded in 1991 - Sale of IBM printing business

• Listed on NYSE in 1995

• More than US$5.2 billion in 2005 revenue

• Ranked #2 in global printer market

• Strategic alliances with world’s largest IT companies

Lexmark: An Introduction
• Exclusively focused provider of printing
solutions and services
• Developer, manufacturer and marketer of:
– printers
– supplies
– print-management software
– document-delivery applications
– managed print services
Mono Laser

E120(n) E240n E342n T430 W812 T642 T644 W840


C510n C522 C524 C762 C920

Laser MFP

X342e X646e X646edtn X854e

Dot Matrix

2480 2481 2490 2491 4227

Lexmark can Improve Processes & Save Costs

• Unparalleled Security

• Class Leading Device Management

• Printer Device Statistics

• Customisable device profiling

• Saving Costs
Unparalleled Stand Security

• High level of encryption of all data going

to printers
– Stops hackers and unauthorized monitoring
of print data.
– IPv6, IPSec, SNMPv3 standard on X646e &

• Confidential print standard

– Pin numbers can be added to print jobs to
retain confidentiality
Monitor Your Printers Anywhere in the World

• Markvision is the BEST monitoring software

– Totally secure
– Can manage almost all printers on your network
– Can monitor your printers from anywhere in the world
– Real time monitoring without network lag
– Full toner monitoring, asset tracking, job statistics, messaging and
Lexmark Embedded Web Server

Easy to use
Manage from anywhere
No software to install
Manages one printer

• Status
• Printer Configuration
• Usage Information
• Email Alerts
• Security
• Customer Support
• Supplies Ordering
MarkVision Professional

Quickly and easily view

and configure one or
multiple devices

Always Available
Always Listening
Always Working
Real-time Status

Real-time Status Alerts

Toner and Paper Status
Graphical Views of Status
Dynamic Filters and Folders
Customizable E-mail Alerts
Integration with Corporate Directory Server

•Ability to authenticate
users against a corporate
directory server, such as
Active Directory.

•Users no longer have to

remember multiple

•User credentials are

encrypted as they travel
across the network using
the LDAPv3 protocol.
Mass Configuration

Configuring Printer Settings

Configuring Network Settings
Device Policy Conformance
Upgrading Printer Firmware
MarkVision Messenger
Sends email or runs a
command line program
when events happen.

Provides real-time
notification without running

Lets you automate

responses to printing
• Saves time and money
• Ensures high service levels
Class Leading Device Statistics

• Lexmark Printers give you ALL your usage data free…

– Allows IT admins to monitor printer usage.
– Allows management to deploy the right devices in the right area.
– Stop misuse of devices.
We can improve Business Processes
• Customizable Touch Screens and Mono Screens
– With fully customizable screen we can perform multiple tasks
with the touch of once button.
– Buttons can be programmed to scan, fax and print
– Bookmarks can be created to download forms from and Intranet.
– Internal forms can be stored on the printer
– USB Thumb Drive Print and Scan
Saving Costs

• Example of saving time and money….

• Remove the need for forms storage by storing on the

printer. View them before you print them.

• Lower cost per page with higher yield toner cartridges.

• Lexmark can improve processes that will improve

efficiency and reliability.
Lexmark 2008 Mono MFP Product Line

X646e X646dte X854e

X342 55 ppm
48 ppm 48 ppm
25 ppm
• Up to 48 ppm (A4)
• 1200x1200, 2400IQ, 1200IQ, 600 DPI
• PS3/PCL6
• 500 sheet + 100 MPF input; 500 output
• Duplex in, Simplex out
• USB and Ethernet
• Direct USB printing & scanning port
• 1 ISP/ 1 DLE / 1 DIMM
• Hard Drive
• 256 MB RAM std (768 MB max)
• TTFP: 8.5 seconds
• Scan Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi optical
• 50-page ADF / single pass duplex
• Legal size flatbed scanner
• 33.6 Kbps internal fax modem
• Colour Touch Screen
• Lexmark Document Solutions support
Higher Performance

X634e X646e/X646dte
43 ppm Faster Printing 48 ppm

23 / 14 spm Faster Scanning 33 / 16 spm

350 MHz Faster Processing 533 MHz

10.5 sec Faster TTFC <9.5 sec

128MB Larger Memory 256MB

10 Gig Larger Hard Drive 40 Gig

New MFP Features

Scan Preview* Copy Countdown

Custom Job* (Job Build) Fax Redirect
Priority Copies (Job Interrupt) Network Twain
Flash Drive Print & Scan Email Print Confirmation
Intuitive Job Cancel More Customizable Icons
Embedded Solutions
Scan to Folder (Delayed Schedule)

*X646e only
Enhanced Security
Comprehensive Robust
 Secure Management  Strong Encryption
• Remotely (via HTTPS, IPSec, MarkVision) • HTTPS for secure web access
• Locally – restrict or remove access • AES for hard drive encryption
 Secure All Network Data • 802.1x support
• Print Data, Scan Data, Management Data  Hard Disk Security
 Device Hardening • Encryption of entire disk
• Disable unneeded ports and protocols • Stolen disk can’t be decrypted
• IP address filtering to control TCP connections • Hard disk wiping
• Secure hard drives with encryption and wiping  Physical Protection with Cable Locks

User Friendly Flexible

 Single Sign On  User Authentication
• Users log on with standard network info • Configurable for wide array of environments
 User ID Inserted Automatically into Email • Broad Compatibility
 Intuitive Confidential Print • Extensive directory compatibility
• Simple job retrieval • LDAP, SSL, Kerberos, and NTLM
• Numeric keypad on front panel • Customizable Operator Panel
• Old jobs automatically purged • Remove unused icons, secure access
In Conclusion…
Scan Preview
Low CPP
Custom Job (Job Build)
Priority Copies (Job Interrupt)
Flash Drive Print & Scan
Legal Glass Platen
Intuitive Job Cancel
Improved Touch screen
Fax Redirect

• 55 ppm
• 1200x1200, 2400IQ
• PS3/PCL6
• 3,100 sheet input std./ 5,100 max.
• 500 sheet output std./3,500 Max (with fin.)
• Duplex in, Duplex out
• Connectivity: USB and Ethernet
• 1 ISP/ 1 DLE/ 1 INA
• 80 GB Hard drive
• 256 MB std (768 MB Max)
• TTFP: As fast as 4.8 seconds.
• Scan Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi optical
• 75-page ADF
• A3/Tabloid size flatbed scanner
• 33.6 Kbps internal fax modem
• Interface: colour touch-screen
• Lexmark Document Solutions support
Performance Improvement

X82/3Xe Improvement X85Xe

• 10GB Hard-Drive 80GB +700%
• 64Mb RAM 256Mb +300%

• 50 pages ADF Capacity 75 pages +50%

• 45ppm Maximum Speed 55ppm +22%
• 1066mm Height to UI 939mm -12%

Lexmark Restricted
User Interface Improvements

More customizable
icons; more control

Front Direct USB User-friendly

Print/Scan port number pad
Improved color touch screen
interface (eTask)
–Larger, brighter, high resolution
–Optimal viewing angle to reduce glare

New copier features such as Enhanced workflow solutions

scan preview, job build, etc.

Ergonomic design / improved accessibility

Lexmark Restricted

X85Xe Series Competition - Networking

Lexmark X85Xe Canon

Brand A 3570 Canon
Brand B 4570 Xerox
Brand C 255
Standard Ethernet Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated
Fast Ethernet Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated
Gigabit Ethernet MarkNet N8020 N N N
Fiber Ethernet MarkNet N8030 N N N
Wireless (802.11) MarkNet N8050 N N Third party
802.11g Wireless +
Enterprise Security Y N N N
IPv6 Y N N N
802.1X Support Y N N N

Lexmark Restricted

• Lexmark will Save You Money and Time

• Lexmark will Secure your data and STOP unauthorised access to your data.

• Manage and troubleshoot devices on your network anywhere in the world.

• Monitor your printers, the way they are used, how they are used and asset
manage them

• Improve your business processes with Lexmark.

• Save money improve work efficiency with Lexmark devices.