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The Etymological Meaning

+QAHAL Hebrew (OT) - an assembly of the chosen people of God - these people were called by God to give testimony to Him. (Ps. 40:10; 107:32) - it has a religious meaning. +EKKLESIA Greek word (NT) assembly;

The Etymological Meaning of the Church

*both means an assembly convoked by God/people of God called together *the origin of the word CHURCH implies that the unity in the Church is rooted in God who calls us to share in His Divine Life +CHURCH (contemporary meaning) -an assembly of Gods people: the community of Jesus Disciples

Meaning of the Church 2 important insights :

It is God Himself who calls the people together in order to form them into one Body it is Gods free call to all to share His Divine goodness and love in Christ(CFC 1355) God draws us all together in Christ through the unifying gifts of His Holy Spirit

Meaning of the Church 2 important insights :

The origin of the communion that exists in the Church communion is Gods Trinitarian communion- of the Son with the Father in the gift of the Holy Spirit( CFC 1363) There is that personal communion that binds the members of the Church together with the Lord and with one another.

Meaning of the Church

is a communion of believers drawn together by God in Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.


The Church as a SACRAMENT Sacrament- a visible sign that gives grace a visible sign /instrument of our union with God and of the unity of mankind. A sacrament of our salvation Christ Himself is a sacrament; a visible sign of Gods love.He makes God present in our midst. Emmanuel- God w/ us

The Church as a SACRAMENT The Church is the sacrament of Christ The Church makes Christ present to us today; signifies Christs redeeming love
Proclamation of the WORD of GOD Administering the 7 sacraments Service to all.

A sacrament of salvationThe Church communicates the salvation/ redemption brought by Christs death on the cross.

The Church as a SACRAMENT

We are called to be a sacrament/ a visible sign of Gods Love by our life of faith, hope and love. CHALLENGE : (Composition writing) I AM A SACRAMENT OF GODS LOVE


The Church is TRINITARIAN God the Father prepares for the establishment of the Church; Jesus established the Church; The Holy Spirit constantly renews and guides the Church

BIRTH - when people believe, profess and respond to Christs teaching of the kingdom of God - the Church was founded under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit - the Pentecost Event (Acts2:1-4) is the birth of the Church

THE BIRTH AND GROWTH OF THE CHURCH I. CONTEXTUALIZATION: EXPERIENCE - Make a personal lifeline of life map of yourself that highlights the (a) significant events and (b) challenges which brought your personal growth. II. CONCEPTUALIZATION: The Christian Message A. The Church in History (Not Church History) - The Church in History is not a static or a passive evolution of events and personalities but a process on how the Christian community continues to live and re-live the life of Christ

amidst the challenges and difficulties of their time.

B. The Challenges for Growth 1. Early Christian Community - Acts of the Apostles Saul the Persecutor, defender of the Pagan Faith and Tradition and oppressor of the Christians became Paul the Convert, defender of the Christian Faith and Tradition. (Acts9: 1-19) - Inauguration of the Church the Pentecost Event marks the birth of the Church (Acts 2:1-4). This is when the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and the Early Christians

- Commissioning of the Twelve Apostles Go therefore and be the disciples of all nations. Baptize them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Teach them to fulfill all I have commanded you. I am with you always until the end of time (Mt.28:16-20)