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By Umar Mukhtar bin Mohd Noor

Who Am I?
Naqib in Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) under Programme of LIQO, Sekretariat Pendakwah Muda Malaysia (SPMM). Gradutate of Bachelor of Syariah and Law (Hons.), USIM Pursuing Master of Shariah in Contemporary Fiqh (Maqasid Shariah in Modern Medicine), USIM. Participation in Debates (English and Arabic), Mooting (Shariah and International Mooting Competition).

First, find something you passionate to talk about.
You need to believe in your message before your audience can believe in it. Be enthusiastic and excited about sharing your ideas, thoughts and impressions with other people. There really aren't any strangers---we are all strung together on the thread of human experiences. Just everyday happenings, narrated with humor and insight, will help you to connect with your audience.

"When speakers have a real message in their head and heart---an inner urge to speak---they are almost sure to do themselves credit - Carnegie, "Public Speaking for Success."

Believe not just in your message but also in Allah. He verily will assist you as you assist His religion. Nervous? You're not the only speaker in history to have a butterfly garden in your stomach before a speech. Some tips:
1. 2. Visualize yourself giving a successful speech. Imagine that you are standing in front of an appreciative audience, listening intently to your interesting talk, which you deliver with clarity and confidence. Try to hold on something.


. Establish eye contact with your audience.
Their eyes; Forehead; Invisibility;

Adopt a relaxed stance and body language. It will help your delivery of idea. Avoid a unsuitable tone and use words that your targeted audience are familiar with.

Practice your speech in front of a mirror. Look up the correct pronunciation of words that are not familiar to you. Practice voice modulation. Familiarize yourself with the audience beforehand; greet and mingle with few people prior to the meeting. This way, you'll be more at ease when you stand at the podium and deliver your speech. Arrive early and do a dry run with the equipment--microphone, overhead projector and such.

Your speech is like a cat. It has a head (introduction), body (middle) and tail (conclusion). If needed, outline your speech in short, simple and handy notes. Be mindful of the time and structure of your talk. Don't go overboard in one section and skate over others. Engage the audience in your talk. Tell stories & public or historical figures that your audiences can identify with. Pause after telling a joke. Remember, this is not high school---there are no bullies. Your audience wants you to succeed.