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Be willing to collaborate
It may not be in someones financial interest to cooperate. Much more can be achieved when we bring every one to the table at once people are aware with this but still resist collaboration as they are unwilling to share the credit. Example : Person who ran manufacturing & who ran marketing & sells didnt get along well.( at own business of author )

4. Be willing to lead initiative

People are often reluctant to be associated with untested idea, particularly if it crosses the functional boundaries. Example : Six sigma implementation at Allied Signal

5. Develop the leader as you develop.

One should take as much interest in their sub-ordinates development as they do in their own if not more. Example : Author had a boss, a midlevel manager at GE

6. Stay current
We should be aware of whats going on in the world just because what happens in the world affects what happens to us, to our marketplace & to our competition. Know whats going on with customers how they are changing how their competition is changing, how technologies & world events affecting their strategies.

7. Drive your own growth

Starch the working boundaries in tough assignments. Make addition in your existing work profile.

-------What you can expect from your boss --------

1. Provide clarity of direction

Leader should communicate clearly where the business is going & what benefits will if we accomplish what we set out to achieve. Boss should explain relevant financial results & the progress of any operational or strategic initiative.

2. Set goals & objectives

In addition to team goals, each person should know exactly what individual goals he or she is going to be measured over a given period & where invest precious time. Promotions & Bonus schemes should be based on such merits.

3. Give frequent, specific & immediate feedback.

Employees shouldnt have to wait for an annual review to learn how they are doing, & if the feedback is going to help driver the growth , then it needs to be as specific as possible. No complicated forms of assessment.

4. Be decisive & Timely

Decisiveness isnt useful if it isnt timely. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but of a self confidence.

5. Be accessible
Boss should be available to get informed for everything at least when it is in his interest. - Frequently a boss doesnt learn that someone is leaving a company until he is about to walk out the door. Boss should develop such environment where subordinate feel free to share the bad news also.

6. Demonstrate honesty & truthfullness

7. Offer an equitable compensation plan

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