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After a long period of feeling tired and dragged out, I began to notice that other women who looked much older than me seemed to be full of life and energetic. I began to wonder how at only 45 yrs. old I could feel more like I was 60. I think the problem happened so slowly that I did not recognize it until it was very bad, and I assumed it was normal aging. When I decided to visit my doctor I could barely function. I was tired all the time and every task was overwhelming. I started drinking coffee at work just to stay awake. I also could not remember anything unless I wrote it down. My doctor ordered blood tests and said my iron was extremely low and I was anemic. He prescribed high doses of iron pills three times a day. These pills gave me diarrhea quite badly so he changed the type of iron to a prenatal type. They also gave me diarrhea. I read about Floradix in a magazine and decided to try it. This was about 3 years ago. At first I wanted to be very careful in case it also caused diarrhea and so instead of taking the recommended dose of 10ml twice a day, I took 10ml only once a day. I was amazed that it did not irritate my system and doubled the dose. I was delighted with the results, but just as it had taken a long time to become anemic, it also took a few months before I felt normal again. Now if I even feel a little bit tired I make sure I have my big bottle of Floradix in the refrigerator just to be sure, and I feel great. Jacki

I had been craving ice for some time, when at a picnic, a nurse friend of mine suggested that pica or ice chewing was a symptom of anemia. In the past, iron supplements didnt work for me, but I found this liquid Floradix at the health food store. After I started taking it, my fatigue disappeared. Funny that I didnt realize I was fatigued. Another amazing thing happened. I had been experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath for about six years. Doctors didnt know what was wrong. I had test after test. One week after taking Floradix, the symptoms disappeared. Then I read your literature. Iron deficiencies can cause shortness of breath and chest pain. I can exercise again. Now I laugh all the way to the fridge to take my Floradix. Ginger C

I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in June, had emergency surgery to remove a lymph node that was strangling my small intestine and a lymph node from my neck. Within 2 weeks I started chemotherapy treatments. I had six treatments and in November was told that the cancer was gone. I am now dealing with many post chemo issues, one is low iron. I spoke with my sister Ellen F (who owns a health clinic). She recommended that I try the Floradix iron tonic. Ive been taking 2 doses of this iron tonic one in the morning and one at night for approx. 3 weeks. My hemoglobin was 102 and is now 119. Normal range for a woman is 120 to 160. This is the highest my hemoglobin has been in several months. Thank you for making a product that works quickly with no side effects! Caroline B

I want to thank you for Floradix. A couple of years ago, I had a gastric bypass done. About 6 months ago, my blood work indicated that I had iron deficiency. I was feeling tired and had no energy to do the things I wanted to do. I was doing research on iron supplements and I found that someone recommended Floradix in a forum (I cant remember which one). But, I researched your product and decided it was what I wanted. I found a store in my area that sells it and I started taking it. I noticed that I wasnt as tired and had more energy. A couple of weeks ago, I had to get my blood work done again. My iron is now in the good range. Thank you for Floradix. It is easy to take, doesnt taste bad, and causes no constipation. Im so grateful. I told my surgeon and nutritionist about it and they wanted to see if it helped my condition. After the latest results on my blood work, they are pleased with the results. They will be recommending it to their patients also. Cindy R MD, USA

Id like consumers to know how wonderful this product is. I was run down and anemic, my Dr suggested I take a multivitamin with iron. My daughter bought this product for me. It tastes good and I have all of my energy back plus more. Great product! Jane C MN USA

Im an active 36 year old triathlete, marathoner, motorcycle rider, kayaker, etc., and have been using this supplement off and on for a couple of years now. Of all the products I have tried and even eating tons of red meat and iron rich in veggies to get my iron, nothing comes close to what this product does. I take cap 5 mornings a week. The medical wakeup call on how great this works for me happened a year ago when I went for a routine physical the iron count in my blood was the best it had ever been and I had hardly been eating red meat, less than once a week, if that (since starting to take this supplement). These results were better than my iron count when I was eating red meat and iron rich veggies 5 nights a weekand I was only eating like that to get iron. I highly recommend this product to everyone who will listen about it. I found about this product from my local health food store, they recommended it to me because they knew its reputation and feed back from other customers. I gave it a try and still believe they were 100% correct in their recommendation and am so thankful! Martha L NV USA

I wanted to share with you that I used to have chronic headaches/migraines approximately every 3 days and doctors would treat my symptoms with prescription medication. Ive now gone through one full 500ml bottle of the Floradix Liquid Iron and my headaches have stopped completely! Ive gone to dentists, an ENT (Ear, nose and throat specialist) and have an appointment to go to a headache clinic in May but I dont think I will need to keep that appointment anymore! This is one product that I will be using for life. Vicki F ON, CAN

Last year, my iron level was low, and my doctor prescribed iron tablets.I decided to research the benefits of using Floradix liquid supplements. I then decided to forego taking the prescription from my doctor and started using Floradix liquid. A few weeks ago, I had another blood test done, and the results were excellent. My iron level had returned to normal.thanks to Floradix. Regards, Fareeda M ON, CAN

I am writing to let you know that your product Floradix Iron has changed my life. As a competitive athlete in several sports, I have battled anemia and low energy for years. Being involved in Ironman Triathlon, National level Triathlon and Duathlon, and National level Biathlon and Track & Field events, means a high degree of high impact and endurance! I started on Floradix with extra B12 and saw immediate improvements. My blood profile gave me proof going from a hemoglobin count of 88 and a Ferritin of 12 to a count of 128 and 30 respectively. One year later I feel fantastic and have a very healthy blood profile. In closing, I would like to say that you have a great product, and should you ever have need of an athlete to represent or speak of and about Floradix, I would be honored to do so. I firmly believe you have an exceptional product, and as a health care professional and athlete, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone in need of an iron supplement. Sincerely Anna Lisa P ON, CAN