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What people have experienced using FlorEssence

Canada's Proud Herbal Heritage

FlorEssence is an early Canadian Ojibwa traditional medicine used to cleanse, sustain, and strengthen the whole body. Let's be thankful for our Native heritage. FlorEssence is the cleanse of choice for thousands of people around the world.

"My state of health and mind were poor I felt no energy, just felt sluggish; it's hard to explain but I just didn't feel like me As for bowel movements [they] are very regular now, as before I had much constipation. Overall I have to say since I've taken FlorEssence I see and feel a big difference in my life and health I know it's good and I know I feel good taking it; it just feels right for me." M.S., St. Catharines, ON

"It has helped us immensely, beyond our expectations... [M]y wife had been having migraine headaches nearly every day. She now has one once or twice a month. She also says she has such a feeling of well-being she hasn't experienced in many years. I feel that way also." L.M., Draper, UT (U.S.A.) "My breasts were sore and hurt, mostly at night In two or three weeks... my breasts quit hurting and soreness was gone... After four months, I only take one dose per day as a preventive. I sleep better and have less trouble with constipation." R.M., Duck Hill, MS (U.S.A.) "I myself have taken FlorEssence for the last 4 years for stomach trouble and constipation, which cleared up after my taking it for 2 months. Now I take 2 oz. daily for prevention and I feel great; my son and daughter-in-law swear by it also." I.F., Port McNicoll, ON

"It greatly influenced my decision to use Flor Essence as the main natural component of my healing plan"
Six years ago I had surgery to remove a cancerous rectal tumor. Both surgeon and oncologist urged me to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. I refused, following instead a regimen of Prayer, Flor-Essence tea and an all natural diet. After six months a colonoscopy was performed, and 10 biopsies made of the surgical site. No cancer was found. The surgeon expressed genuine interest in the method I used in lieu of the conventional ones that had been prescribed. It is now six annual colonoscopies later, and no cancer has been found in my healthy body. Eight months ago my husband had colon cancer surgery. Ten inches of his colon were removed, and cancer cells were present in 4 lymph nodes. A long regimen of chemotherapy was prescribed. After a few weeks of chemo my husband refused more - having been rendered miserable by effects of the injected poisons. He then asked to follow the method I had used: Great faith in God, Flor-Essence tea, and an all natural diet - to which I had added ground-up apricot kernels- a natural source of laetrile. He recently had a CEA tumor-marker blood test. A low count of 2.0 indicates no cancer. My husband's results: 1.4. The oncologist reported there is NO evidence of cancer. When I was first diagnosed with cancer the owner of a small, local health food store handed me an audio cassette of KEEPING HOPE ALIVE. It greatly influenced my decision to use Flor-Essence as the main natural component of my healing plan. I wish every cancer patient would learn of the benefits of Flor-Essence. My husband and I thank God for His healing power. And thank the makers of Flor-Essence for KEEPING our HOPE ALIVE. Joellen D., Canada July 16th, 2004

"I believe the product has benefited me in a number of ways" Thank you sincerely for your very helpful personal attention and advice you gave me on the best way to use Flor-Essence. I believe the product has benefited me in a number of ways; but primarily for the reason I started taking it: A nodule was detected and verified by three separate doctors in separate exams during the months of June, July and August. I began taking Flor-Essence after those exams and within a period of seven months the nodule was no longer detectable. For this reason, a biopsy was no longer required and watchful waiting continues as my prescribed form of treatment. I continue to use Flor-Essence in my self-prescribed maintenance program. Thank you very much for your help, which I believe benefited me greatly. I would also like to thank the Flora Company for making this product available. Cecil C. BC, Canada October 1998

"I went back on the tea Monday and I felt immediately better " I spoke with the US office of Flora in the spring and I shared my story with her. On June 17,1997 I was diagnosed with stage 3 clear cell ovarian cancer. I had a complete hysterectomy with chemotherapy follow-up. There had been a grapefruit size tumour on the right ovary. The tumor fluid spilled over into the abdominal cavity. The surgeons removed a gallon of fluid. They removed the "fatty apron" and the striations on the diaphragm looked questionable. I was introduced to Flor-Essence at the end of my chemo (around the middle of October). I have had good CA-125 counts since the beginning of the chemo. I have been in the normal range (0-35) since then. My count has been 9 the last 3 times. My doctor is very pleased with my progress. April 1st I went to see a dermatologist for lichen planus. This was a Wednesday and he told me to stop drinking the tea. By Sunday April 5th I felt miserable. I had little energy and my joints ached. I went back on the tea Monday and I felt immediately better. I have slight cerebral palsy & I feel the tea has helped my whole body. I wish I had started drinking the tea sooner. I will be 50 on June 11th and I feel like I did when I was 30! I started Richard Simmons "Dance Your Parts Off" aerobic dance and toning videos in January. I have lots of energy and stamina. I've told several people about Flor-Essence. My husband started drinking it a couple of weeks ago. I am so grateful to our Dear Lord Jesus and His Mother Mary for everything. I wouldn't trade my cancer for anything! God has blessed me, and my family throughout this whole experience. Thank you Flora for your wonderful product. God did create all the plants and animals for man's use. I will be drinking the tea and singing its praises the rest of my life. I pray for your success in this product. I know that God is healing people through this tea. Please feel confident to use my testimony. Christine C. WI, USA May 26th, 1998

"I am taking morphine for pain still but I firmly believe without Flor-Essence I would not be here today " I first had breast cancer which involved 17 lymph nodes in 1989. Therefore I had my breast removed and took radiation (I turned down recommended chemo). I was also put on Tomoxifen. I wish I would have known about Flor-Essence then! In 1997 November, I was diagnosed with "Terminal Bone Cancer" all through my bones. A few months later it was also discovered in my liver. My family doctor said I only had months to live. I started taking Flor-Essence tea 2 oz. three times a day in Dec/97 and still do. The Surrey Cancer Clinic recommended radiation for pain and then chemotherapy because they found it in my liver. They insisted basically without chemo it was no use seeing them anymore! I took 5 treatments of radiation and "No" chemo as I've seen many friends after chemo and that seems to be of no help. I still go to the cancer clinic every 3 months for checkups. My blood test "Tumor Marker" was at 85 in Jan/98 and has gone down to 48 in June/98. I am taking morphine for pain still but I firmly believe without Flor-Essence I would not be here today. All my family, friends and doctor cannot believe how well I look and am doing. I still look after myself and my husband, go shopping, visiting etc! I am also a diabetic and obese, therefore it is amazing how well I still am. My "doctor" just confirmed - keep taking the tea. Eileen B., Mission, BC, Canada July 1998

"No other treatments were possible, according to the doctor as he sent me home to die" I am a terminal cancer victim - 45 years old. Diagnosed in Sept (1997), I was given "several weeks maybe at most a year" to live. I started Flor-Essence tea immediately. No other treatments were possible, according to the doctor as he sent me home to "die". I was very sick throughout October & November. Weight down to 82 pounds, unable to eat solid foods, fevers, cramping, nausea and "fuzzy-brained". I was always sleepy. Nevertheless, I kept brewing and drinking your tea. In December, I started feeling strength return. And at Christmas, I started eating once more. It is January, 1998 right now.... I am up to 107 lbs, doing all housework, sleep well & eat well. The cancer has stopped spreading throughout my body. It is only very prevalent at the original site, the uterus. The doctor told me I am his most "confusing patient". I walk at least 2 miles a day. The awful fatigue is gone. I don't care how long it takes before the cancer is totally gone. At this time, I'm just happy to be alive and feeling better than I have in years. I am talking to everyone who asks about your Flor-Essence. I promised God if I was given a return of health, I would spend my life "doing good for Him". Right now that means giving this tea to every cancer victim who wants it. I am not rich in fact very poor but every cent involved will go to the tea for these suffering friends. God bless you! Gigi B., MT, USA February 2nd, 1998

"My cat has shed the feline leukemia virus " I bought a bottle of Flora Flor-Essence when my cat (5 years old at the time) was diagnosed with feline leukemia. There was nothing the vet could do for her but give her anti-biotic to deal with the upper respiratory infection she had. I went to the Health Food Store and purchased a bottle of Flor-Essence for my cat. I got about a third of the bottle of Flor-Essence and half of a bottle of shark cartilage capsules into my pet. She would not have it anymore. Her stool was a grey mush. After I stopped giving her this health stuff, her stool had returned to normal, but when the vet examined my cat she said there was a mass in the bowel. Surgery wouldn't save her. I also prayed and begged God to save her. A year later (two weeks to the actual anniversary date) she got another upper respiratory infection. They would not give me any anti-biotic unless she had another lab test. (Blood test). They sent the results of her blood test to two different labs. My cat has shed the feline leukemia virus. I definitely believe in your product. When our dog was at the vets the other day, the doctor said that they just had diagnosed another cat with feline leukemia. It was skin and bones. My cat has gained weight. She is thriving, and will be 7 years old on Sept 1st, 1998. Deborah B, BC, Canada July 11th, 1998