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1) A branch of linguistics that investigates the entire system of expressive resources available in a particular language is ... a) rhetoric b) stylistics c) lexicology d) linguistics

2) Stylistics is subdivided into separate, quite independent branches, each treating one level and having its own subject of investigation, they are a) stylistic phonetics, stylistic morphology, stylistic lexicology, stylistic syntax b) readers stylistics, authors stylistics, text stylistics c) functional, general, expressive branch of stylistics

3) This type of stylistics studies the language units from the point of view of their appropriateness and effectiveness in definite communicative spheres a) literary stylistics b) readers stylistics c) writers stylistics d) linguistic stylistics

4) The combination of distinctive features of writing, diction or artistic expression characterising a particular person, literary school, trend, period or genre is known as a) fashion b) character c) style d) handwriting

5) A unique combination of language units, expressive means and stylistic devices peculiar to a given author, which makes this writers works or even utterances easily recognizable a) functional style b) manner of writing c) individual author style d) specificity of style

6) A system of interrelated language means which serves a definite aim in communication and is used in a definite sphere of communication thus fulfilling social functions: aesthetic, informative, convincing, regulating, etc. is called a) style b) discourse c) functional style d) register

7) According to I. R. Galperin, phonetic, morphological, word-building, lexical, phraseological and syntactical forms which exist in the language-as-a-system for the purpose of logical and/or emotional intensification of the utterance a) stylistic device b) expressive means c) trope d) expressiveness

8) According to I. R. Galperin, a conscious and intentional intensification of some typical structural and /or semantic property of a language unit (neutral or expressive) promoted to a generalized status and thus becoming a generative model is ... a) stylistic device b) expressive means c) trope d) expressiveness

9) This type of stylistics focuses on peculiarities and regularities of language functioning in different types of speech, speech structure of functional styles, norms of selection and combination of language units in them a) literary stylistics b) linguistic stylistics c) discourse stylistics d) functional stylistics

10) A stretch (part) of a text interrupted by the appearance of an unexpected in the given context element that leads to creation of a stylistic device is called ... a) social context b) linguistic context c) stylistic context d) historic context