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Alcazaba Of Almeria: the gardens

The main monument of Almera city, was ordered to build by Abderramn III in the year 955 , coinciding with the fundation of the city (La Medina).

Leopoldo Torres Balbs started in the 30s the first historical research, but the start of the civil war stopped this process of study. It was not until the 40s when the interventions in the Alcazaba continued by architect F. Prieto Moreno, who aimed for the restoration of the monument, specifically the area of the palaces of the Segundo Recinto.

The Alcazaba of Almeri experimented in the 40s decade of XXth century its first restaurations. Even if some of the restaurations were better realised than others, there is no doubt that the first restaurations were vitals monuments survival, otherwise it would have been doomed to disappear. Now actually the Alcazaba, after the last restaurations and the gardens design works finished in 1990, and the arqueological works made in the Segundo Recinto of la Alcazaba, as well as the museistic spaces opened in some of its more representative buildings, it has been converted in the most atractive, visited and extensed arabic stronghold of Europe, placed in head of the arabic exemples of arquitecture existents in Spain , behind the Alhambra of Granada.

Torre del Homenaje.Tercer Recinto. 1912

Patio de armas. Tercer Recinto. 1912

Francisco Prieto-Moreno, who was conservative architect of the Alhambra and the citadels of Malaga and Almeria, intervened on the assembly until 1970, creating works of various kinds, in order to get artifacts and other remains of architectural structures of this area palace. He conditioned the access for public visits emulating the Alhambra in Granada. The result of this romantic conception are the Wardens House ,the central pool courtyard , the Segundo Recinto, the gardens, fountains and canals of the Primer Recinto. Image courtesi of Joaqun Lpez Torres

The first reforms carried out, beginning at the entrance to the fort, where a steep zig-zag path, led to the Gate or Tower of Justice. Currently before the steep path and reach the Gate of Justice, the fortress is accessed through the Gate of the Guard and you will reach the Tower of Mirrors dominating defensive entry. Crossing the Tower of Mirrors, you get to the Gate of Justice access to the Primer Recinto which the main function was the quartering of troops and shelter for the population when the city was attacked. In the 90s remains were discovered of a residential neighborhood, which was a small medina (city). This Primer Recinto was provided with coppice system in order not to hide the battlements of the walls. Prieto Moreno praised that the landscaping practiced in the Primer Recinto defined as an oasis of typical vegetation of the Arabs, with a variety of subtropical species native to the region, with the sound of water running down gutters and power to stand in the ponds . Image courtesi of Joaqun Lpez Torres

But this landscaping was far from the typical rural Arabic and in the 90 were restored much of these gardens, installing a real garden herbs Arabic and fruit trees. Some years later (1993 to 1995) were performed various jobs assigned to the restoration project on the grounds of the Primer Recinto, led by architect R. Torres

Wardens House. Segundo Recinto.Actually