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Rochelles Salt as An Alternative Piezoelectric

Leader: Sudharshan K.Y.


Members: Pranav Utpalla 2011B2A3778P Abhishek Poonia 2011B2C7364P Vamshi Krishna 2012B2A4749P Jyotir Ghosh 2012B2A1760P Atul Anand 2012B2A8742P

To determine the piezo-parameters of Rochelles salt to justify its use as an alternative piezoelectric material To show the feasibility of production of these crystals and their commercial viability

Project Deliverables
Performance in comparison to other materials A sample application (Piezo transducer) will be prepared to support the claim Following parameters will be used for evaluation: 1. Voltage as function of stress and time 2. Aging rate

Existing Technology
The use of naturally- occurring piezoelectrics have not been extensively researched due to their low sensitivities. (Quartz is the only exception) Quartz has been used in variety of applications such as clocks and microbalances.

Why Rochelles Salt ?

Rochelles salt has only been used as a demonstration material so far. It is easy to prepare and easy to degrade, making it an ecofriendly alternative to quartz and PZT (Lead Zirconate Titanate).


Preparation of Crystals

Voltage vs. Stress studies

Voltage vs. Time studies

Aging Rate


Tentative Schedule
Starting from Day Zero: Preparation of Crystal: 2 weeks (includes preparation of seed crystal and crystal growth) Voltage vs. Stress Studies: 1 week Voltage vs. Time Studies: 3 days Aging Rate: 2 weeks (includes time under voltage vs. stress studies)

Piezoelectrics are being used in a wide variety of applications. Uses include: A) Power and voltage generation B) Sensors and Actuators C) Piezo-motors Piezoelectrics have been in used in fertility treatment and in surgical applications The study will give us an idea about the sensitivity and durability of Rochelles Salt. This will help us determine the possible applications of this material.

Feasibility of Experimentation
Preparation of crystals can be done in the chemistry lab, either by using available chemicals or starting from scratch from starting materials. Studies of the voltage variation requires the use of a CRO apparatus available in the material sciences lab of our college.

Further Research
Can be done to improve sensitivity of material To determine parameter variation for different crystal shapes Effect of impurities and defects on the piezo-parameters

Being a natural crystal, its sensitivity is low compared to manmade alternatives.