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(Basic and Advanced)

MCM-401 (08)


Mohammad Tariq Bucha

Created Private Media

Private Media. 1. House Journal. 3. Slides. 5. Spoken word. 7. Seminars etc. 2. Videos 4. Audio Cassettes. 6. Private exhibitions. 8. Educational Literature

4 Types of House Journals. a. Magazines - - A4 size. b. Newspapers - - like a tabloid. c. Newsletter - - 2 to 8 pages like progress etc. d. Wall newspaper - - like a poster.

Created Private Media

Points to note when planning a house journal 1. Readership. 3. Frequency. 5. Title. 7. Style & Format. 9. Advertisements. 11. Budgeting. 13. Obtaining material 2. 4. 6. 8. 10. 12. 14. Quantity. Policy. Printing process. Priced or free. Distribution. Considerations. Designing.

Created Private Media

New Forms of House Journals. 1. Audio Tapes. 2. CD/Video House journals. 3. Corporate video. 4. Electronic Newspaper. Videos. CD Roms, Videos etc. Slides. Another important media for TVs Cinemas etc. Transparencies , 35mm slides, OHP films. Audio Cassettes. Use of Audio cassettes in cars, conferences etc. Educational Literature. For encouraging ,explaining use of a product.

Created Private Media

The spoken word. Talks etc. Seminars & Conferences.

Receptions in hotels , basically educational.

Private exhibitions. Could be permanent on company premises or at a special venue , site.

Evaluating Results
2 Kinds of Results. 1. Qualitative. Cannot be measured statistically

2. Quantitative. Statistics based results. 3. Self Evident results. Results which are seen
or experienced. Methods of Assessment. By Enquiries received. By Statistical data. By source. Opinion Polls. Media feedback.

Marketing Research.
Definition A branch of social science which uses scientific methods to collect information about markets for goods & services. Research Terminology 1. Population or universe - total number of people relevant to a particular survey. 2. Respondent or interviewee - A person questioned in a survey.

Marketing Research (Terminology-Contd.)

3. Sample - a proportion of the population or universe to be questioned.

4. Characteristics - distinctions which are known to exist in the population.

5. Sampling frame - specification of the kinds of people. 6. Random walk - list of names & addresses may not exist. Random method calling homes like select every 10th house.

Marketing Research (Terminology-Contd.)

7. Structured interview conducted with a prepared questionnaire. 8. Depth interview one with no prepared questionnaire. 9. Questionnaire. A specially devised format. 10. Social grades classification of people into socio economic groups. .based on incomes.

Marketing Research
Methods 1. 2. 3. 4. Published survey findings. Commissioned surveys. Advertising media research. Original or primary research.

Types of Research 1. 2. 3. 4. Desk Research using exisiting statistics. Field Research interviewing in the field Ad hoc Research one - off surveys. Continuous Research surveys carried out regularly

Marketing Research
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Opinion , attitude or shift surveys. Consumer panels. Motivational research. Discussion group. Tele(phone) questionnaire. Postal questionnaire. Coupon survey. Dealer ,retail or shop audit. Qualitative research. Image study.

Marketing Research ( a model survey form )

(a) Do you drive a car YES YES NO NO

If YES , Do you own a car

(b) Which of the following makes of car do you normally drive? Suzuki Honda Santro Fiat Toyota Kia



(c) How would you rate the reliability of the car you normally drive?
Very bad Bad Poor Fairly good Good Very Good

(d) State briefly why you would , or would not buy the same make of car again ------------------------------------------------------