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Personal selling

Personal presentation by the firms sales force

for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships

The nature of personal selling

Personal selling is one of the oldest

professions in the worlds

The people who do the selling go by many

names like salespeople , sales representatives , district managers , account executives , sales engineers , agents
Salespeople are well-educated , well-trained

professionals who add value for customer and maintain long term customer relationships

An individual representing a company to customer

by performing one or more of the following activities :

Prospecting ommunicating Selling Servicing !nformation gathering "elationship building

The role of the sales force

There are two roles of the sales force : #inking the company with its customers oordinating marketing and sales

#inking the company with its customers

The sales force serves as a critical link

between a company and its customers

Salespeople serve both master $ the seller

and the buyer

Salespeople represent the company to

The find new customers and communicate

information about the company product and services

oordinating marketing and sales

The sales force and the firms other marketing

functions should work together to create value for both customer and company
Some companies still treat % marketing& and

%sales % as separate functions

A company can also create 'oint ob'ectives

and reward systems for sales and marketing

(anaging the sales force

(a'or steps of sales force management )esigning sales force strategy and structure "ecruiting and selecting salespeople Training salespeople ompensating salespeople Supervising salespeople *valuating salespeople

)esigning sales force strategy and structure

Three types of designing sales force strategy

and structure
Sales force structure Sales force si+e ,ther sales force strategy and structure


Sales force structure

Territorial sales force structure a sales force organi+ation that assigns each

salesperson to an exclusive geographic territory in which that salesperson sells the company-s full line
Product sales force structure A sales force organi+ation under which

salespeople speciali+e in selling only a portion of the company products or lines

Customer sales force structure A sales force organi+ation under which the

salespeople speciali+e only to certain customer and industry lines

Complex sales force structure Salespeople can be speciali+ed by customer

and territory . by product and territory . by product and customer . or by territory , product , and customer

Sales force si+e

Sales force may range in si+e from only a few

salespeople to tens o thousands

(any companies use some form of workload

approach to set sales force si+e

,ther sales force strategy and structure issues

Outside sales force ,utside salespeople who travel to call on customers in the

Inside sales force !nside salespeople who conduct business from their offices via

telephone , the internet , or visits from prospective buyers

Team selling /sing teams of people from sales , marketing , engineering ,

finance , technical support , and even upper management to service large , complex accounts