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Winning and connecting hearts



Certainly not in the area where I stay. Besides there are

a lot of industries, hospitals and hotels in and around.

Short term: Balance both social awareness and to run

a profit making centre

Long term: Create awareness about environment

conservation and also to come out with branches in all the metropolitan cities

To ensure at least every

To change the way

house hold has one memorabilia plant.

people think heralding a greener environment.

Women entrepreneurship

Self employment
Less capital Eco-friendly

Creating social awareness

Promotion through road shows, friends & networking

Life in the cabin Novelty

Sole trading concern

A part of car shed of my own home which I have taken

for rent to start with and then develop this business world wide.

Research shows that plants as gift ideas have not really

caught up with the corporates. As socially responsible units, it is imperative that the companies start taking this quite seriously. My market research tells that it is fully eco-friendly This gift concept can also be used in marriages, hospitals and other social functions.

Corporate world

Schools & colleges

Hospitals Hotels

Government agencies

Word of mouth

Paper inserts Stickers on the pots that are used by me

Direct to the customers

Quality is purity and is ensured from procuring the

samplings from quality renowned source

people may have their own reservations in accepting

the new gift ideas and it may take a while for them to accept the same. Breaking the barriers in all forms of social gatherings

Recycled plastic Pots -50 Transport -20 Labour -50 (1500/30) Saplings -30 Total =150


Transport Labour



-150 -20 -50 -30 =250

Recycled plastic pots

Wooden pots

=300 =400

REASON: Depending upon the cost of the raw

materials and including my profit margin as my business is a seasonal one

Pots(recycled plastic)

Total Saplings rent salary Samples Transport Labour Grand total

= 50*50=2500 = 50*150=7500 = = 25*100= = = = =(100*20) = = 10000 2500 2000 500 500 2000 1500 19000

Loan of Rs 20000 from my father

UNITS a Sales Total (a) b Cost of sales Total(b) c Gross profit=(a-b) Fixed expenses(cash) Rent Salary 500*(150) 500*(250) 500*(300) 500*(400)

RUPEES 150000 200000 350000 75000 125000 200000 150000 2000 500

UNITS Samples d e Total Operating profit(c-d)

RUPEES 500 3000 147000

Fixed cost/selling price-variable cost 3000/300-150=20pots