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• Teenage pregnancy is defined as a
teenage or underage girl, usually within
the ages of 13-17, becoming pregnant.
• There are additional medical concerns for
younger mothers, particularly those under
15 and those living in developing
Global incidence
• The highest rate of teenage pregnancy in
the world is in sub-Saharan Africa, where
women tend to marry at an early age.
• In the Indian subcontinent, early marriage
sometimes means adolescent pregnancy,
particularly in rural regions where the rate
is much higher than it is in urbanized
Country Teenage birth rate per 1000
women 15-19
South Korea 3
Netherlands 5
Tunisia 7
Australia 16
United Kingdom 20
Russia 30
United States 53
Indonesia 55
South Africa 66
Brazil 73
Bangladesh 117
Niger 233
Causes of teenage pregnancy
• Adolescent sexual behavior
• Contraception
• Age discrepancy in relationships
• Sexual abuse
• Dating violence
• Socioeconomic factors
• Childhood environment
Limiting teenage pregnancies
• Many health educators have argued that
comprehensive sex education would effectively
reduce the number of teenage pregnancies,
although opponents argue that such education
encourages more and earlier sexual activity.
• Joined up action, making sure branches of
government and health and education services
work together effectively.
• prevention of teenage pregnancy through better
sex education and improving contraceptive high-
risk groups………
Medical outcomes
• Young mothers who are given high-quality
maternity care have significantly healthier
babies than those that do not
• Many pregnant teens are subject to
nutritional deficiencies from poor
eating habits
• Complications of pregnancy result in the
deaths of an estimated 70,000 teen girls in
developing countries each year
Socioeconomic and
psychological outcomes
• Impact on the mother
• Impact on the child
• Impact on other family members
Teenage fatherhood
• In countries such as India and Greece, the
majority of teenage births occur within marriage.
• In other countries, such as the United States and
the Republic of Ireland, the majority of teenage
mothers are not married to the fathers of their
• In the UK, half of all teenagers with children are
lone parents, 40% are cohabitating as a couple
and 10% are married.
In the arts, films and literature
• Teenage pregnancy has been used as a
theme or plot device in fiction, including
books, films, and television series
• Other fiction, particularly in a long-running
television series, looks at the long-term
effects of becoming a parent at a very
young age
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