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Land Transportation

Transportation Technology

Who invented the Wheel?

Only means of transportation was by foot or animal. Sleds began to be used in places like the artic and desert Middle East over 5000 years ago the wheel was invented.


Roadways at the beginning of the 20th century were little more than cleared stretches of dirt. Roads and highways were originally made for horses and carriages This image was taken in 1913.

With the advent of the automobile, and concrete, roads were changed from mud bogs. To clear, all weather stretches of roads


President Eisenhower in 1956 saw a need for an interstate road system to better connect the states. Much of his experience was from the troubles of transporting equipment and troops in Europe during WWII. It started out as 41,000 miles of road.


Were NOT invented by Henry Ford! Automobiles were already in development in Great Britain, Germany, and France. Steam engines were put on bicycles and carriages, but were slow and noisy.


Autos were becoming more popular in the US, but. Most could not afford them, and there was a distrust of their noise, safety, and that they would scare horses! Many people like Diamler, Benz, and Maybach were producing engines and cars in Europe. Still, they were too expensive.


Enter, Henry Ford His invention of the assembly line took the production of the automobile to another level. He streamlined the process cutting the production, and reducing costs, which resulted in a more affordable product. His dream was for every American to be able to own an automobile.

Model T

Henry Ford made his dream come true with the Model T. Produced from 1908-1927. The price dipped as low as $250! Making affordable to the common working man.

Present Autos

Automobiles have gone through various changes over the years. Still, we use the internal combustion engine to power our cars. Will future cars be powered by the same energy source? What will you drive in the future?


First railroad was developed in England in 1627. First iron rail system came along in 1767. First started out being humans powered, then steam, and now electric. Can carry very heavy loads. Can only travel where rails exist.

Transcontinental Railroad

Completed in May of 1869. Linked the eastern U.S with the west. Followed the same route of the old wagon trails. Ended with the famous golden spike ceremony.


Two kinds of trains Freight- For hauling material

Passenger- For hauling people.


Monorails ride along on a single rail. Have you ever been on one? A MagLev train floats on a cushion of air in between two repelling magnets.

Pipe Transportation

Most are underground, however some like the Alaska Pipeline are above ground. Transports materials such as oil, natural gas, water, coal, and gravel. First started being used in the 1500-1600s to transport water via bamboo or hollowed out logs Now they are made from various materials like steel or plastic.