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Scope of the

 Introduction
 The way Solar Energy is used
 Significance
 Cost
 Applications
 Solar Energy in Pakistan
 Conclusion
 Solar energy is the radiant light and
heat from the Sun {1.4 kW/m2)
Introduction continued…

 The amount of solar energy that

reaches the Earth’s surface every
hour is greater than humankind’s
total demand for energy in one year
Introduction continued…

Earth as viewed from space in December 1990. South America is near the
center of the left-hand picture, while Africa is near the top of the right-hand
image. Antarctica is visible near the bottom of both images. Note how much
sunlight is reflected back into space by clouds and by snow and ice. Note also
how light the deserts of northern Africa appear as compared to the Amazon
forests of South America and the jungles of central Africa.
The way Solar Energy is
 Directly to heat water using large
thermal reflector or thermal
absorbers {Solar Thermal Energy}
 Convert into electricity by means of
Photovoltaic cells {Solar Photovoltaic

 Solar Thermal Energy

 Used in clear, bright weather

 Solar Photovoltaic Electricity

 Cold Weather
 Cloudy Conditions

 Isolated Generation
 Fastest –growing power generation
technology in the world
 Solar industry has a 15 year history
of 25% annual growth
 One of the hottest areas in energy
 Declination of oil & coal
 Currently Solar industry is growing
By 40 %

 Currently solar power is 5% of total

worldwide energy
 Solar power is predicted to become
10% of total worldwide energy in
 More competitive in terms of price
also. Solar panel price is going down
so more countries are investing in
solar energy
 Cost of setting up a solar power plant
is around Rs 20 crore per MW

 Cost of setting up a solar thermal

power plant is around Rs 4 crore per

 5 acre land is sufficient for setting one

MW plant.
 Architecture applications
 include heating systems, cooling
systems, and ventilation systems
•Passive solar
heating can use
overhangs to shield
the home from the
sun in the summer,
and warm the
home when the

 Solar Cookers

 Solar Oven
 With this solar oven, you
can cook for a family of 10
 The cooking process takes
twice as much time as a
traditional oven
 The temperature can

 Solar Water Heating

 Solar Traffic Signals

 Solar Vehicles

 Solar Power Plant

Solar Energy in Pakistan
 Pakistan has a good potential of solar
energy and the country has 300
sunny days per year
 If 0.25% of Baluchistan was covered
with solar panels with an efficiency of
20%, enough electricity would be
generated to cover all of Pakistani
 We have both the thermal and panel


 The solar plant of 400 watts cost Rs

400,000 while the 200 watts plant
cost Rs 225,000 only
 In a village about 50 kilometers from
Islamabad, 100 solar panels have
been installed by a local firm, free of
cost, to promote the use of solar
 Solar energy is fastest growing
profitable industry. So Pakistan
should enter in solar power as soon
as possible
 Pakistan should set up the solar
thermal plant because it is cheap
compare to solar power plant