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(09-----------------) Mr. ---------------------------(09J------------------) Mr. ---------------------------(09J-----------) Mr. ------------------------------(09J-----------)

This device is designed to provide with a greater advantage

producing voice based announcement for the users i.e., the user gets the voice which pronounces his need as and when it is required.

Speech and gestures are the expressions, which are mostly used in communication between human beings. Learning of their use begins with the first years of life. In human communication, the use of speech and gestures is completely coordinated. Machine gesture and sign language recognition is about recognition of gestures and sign language using gloves.

number of hardware techniques are used for gathering information about body positioning; typically either image-based (using cameras, moving lights etc.) or device-based (using instrumented gloves, position trackers etc.), although hybrids are beginning to come about. However, getting the data is only the first step. The second step, that of Recognizing the sign or gesture once it has been captured is much more challenging, especially in a Continuous stream. In fact currently, this is the focus of the research.

An embedded system is some combination of

computer hardware and software, with either fixed or programmable capabilities, that is specifically designed for a particular kind of application device.
Embedded systems do a very specific task, they cannot

be programmed to do different things.

Consumer appliances

Office Automations
Industrial automation Medical electronics

Computer Networking
Telecommunications Wireless technologies


Microcontrollers are widely used in embedded systems products. Microcontroller is a programmable device. The Intel 8052 is, single chip microcontroller (C) which

was developed by Intel in 1980 for use in embedded



MEMS which is abbreviated as Micro electro mechanical

system is a combination of mechanical and electrical systems. Its fabricated using micro fabrication technique. This acts as main functional block in our project. Its sensor device it has the capability of sensing the slightest tilt produced.

Features : Single -chip, high-quality voice recording & playback solution - No external ICs required - Minimum external components Non -volatile Flash memory technology - No battery backup required User -Selectable messaging options

- Random access of multiple fixed-duration messages

- Sequential access of multiple variable -duration messages User -friendly, easy-to-use operation - Programming & development systems not required - Level-activated recording & edge-activated play back switches Low power consumption - Operating current: 25 mA typical - Standby current: 1 uA typical - Automatic power-down

Chip Enable pin for simple message expansion .

Keil software Keil compiler is a software used where the machine

language code is written and compiled. After compilation, the machine source code is converted into hex code which is to be dumped into the microcontroller for further processing. Keil compiler also supports C language code.

Automatic Controlling through Speech and Gestures Easy to install and use.

For the further development of this project we can add

GPS to the current device so as to monitor the exact location of the patient.