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Comparative study

ASEAN ports

Group 6A
• Association of South-East Asian Nations • Statistics
• Geo-political and economic organization of 10 – Indonesia has 42% of the total land
countries located in Southeast Asia area, 39.1% of total population among
• Formed on 8 August 1967 by Indonesia, Malaysia, ASEAN nations
the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand – Singapore has the highest per capita
• Membership has expanded to include Brunei, income at US $ 50,347 followed closely
Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam by Brunei Darussalam at US $ 50, 234
– Singapore leads the pack with nearly
27% of the ASEAN region exports
followed by Malaysia at 22.12%

Regional shares of full containers
Container throughput forecast per
country by 2015
• Rise of Port of Singapore • 7 FTA’s and 6 bilateral shipping
• Geographic Location agreements (BSAs) give Singapore
• Status as a free port outstanding access to all the key markets
within the region and around the world
• Commercial Policy of Govt.
• World's busiest port in terms of shipping
• 29 mn TEU handled in 2008
• 4 terminals Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, Brani,
Pasir Panjang serve 200 shipping lines

• Indonesia has around one hundred ports of which port of Jakarta is
the largest
• The Port of Jakarta has 20 terminals: general cargo, multipurpose
terminal, scraps terminal, passenger terminal, dry bulk terminal,
liquid bulk terminal, oil terminal, chemicals terminal and three
container terminals, 76 berths, a quay length of 16,853 metres, a total
storage area of 661,822 m2 and a storage capacity of 401,468 tonnes.

• Only export gateway for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), one of Malaysia’s
major exports
• Dedicated ultra modern deep sea container port for handling LNG
• Possesses Vessel Traffic Surveillance System (VTS) - crucial in
monitoring, controlling and navigating vessels safely in the port water

• Strategic Geological Location
• Deep Port
• Big Hinterland
• Good Shipping Frequency
• Efficient Service
• Efficient Customs Procedures

Comparison of Major Ports
General Information Transport Services

Indonesia Singapore Indonesia Singapore

Shipment Direct Personal Direct Personal
Coordination Contact + Contact + Guaranteed Service
Inside the Port Electronic Electronic Response Time of
Messaging Messaging Haulers

Docs for cargo Bill of Lading Bill of Lading a. Actual Response

clearance Time 16 hrs NA

Custom's Custom's b. Required

Clearance Clearance Response Time of
Means for Paper docs Fax and EDI / Client 24 hrs NA
Document Internet
Transmittal Merchant Merchant
Types of Haulers Hauler Hauler
Pilotage fees Per ship basis Per hour basis
EDI Capable Mostly No Yes
Inland Waterway
Information on Mostly Yes Yes Transport Available
Real-time ? Mostly No No

*Source: Survey Matrix on Logistics Mgmt as of July09, from
Berth Facilities Warehouse/Storage in Port
Indonesia Singapore Indonesia Singapore
Refrigerated Refrigerated
First-come- Window Types of Cargo Containerized Containerized
Policy on first-serve system Accommodated in the
Berth Allocation Warehouse Bulk Bulk
Allocation Small ports
Break bulk
have fixed
assignments Haulers' Have
Difficulty in Meeting
the Deadline ? No` No
Are there
preferential Average Dwell Time of
berth policy Cargo (in hours)
? Yes No a. Non-Containerized 48-144 336
b. Containerized 48-144 96
Average 214 (smallest % of Cargoes
Vessel Calls port) - 4500 Stripped/Stuffed at:
/ Month (largest port) 1800
a. Cargo Owner's
Premises 80-90%
200 - 5000m
Average (variation from b. Distriparks 0-10% 100%
Vessel Size smallest to c. Port
(GRT) largest) 2,500 TEUs Warehouse/Storage 10-20%
Collection of Custom Duties
Indonesia Singapore Indonesia Singapore
Percent of Cargoes Import Entry Import Entry
Subject to Internal Internal
Custom's Duties Mostly Revenue Revenue
and Inspection 100% 100% Declaration Declaration
Custom's Require Clearance
Pre-Collection or from govt Authority to
Advance Deposit agency Import
for Duties ? Yes NA
Commodity Invoice/ invoice and
Custom's Import
Clearance Bill of Packing list Packing list
from govt Lading
Requirements Clearance
Invoice/ Invoice/ from govt
Packing list Packing list Bill of Lading agency
Custom's Export Shipping Export Delivery Import
Documentary Note Certificate order certificate
Requirements Cargo Cargo
manifest manifest
Export Import
certificate certificate
Rest of the ASEAN Ports
General Information

Brunei Cambodia Myanmar Philippines Thailand Vietnam

Not much Direct Direct Direct Direct Direct
Shipment importance Personal Personal Personal Personal Personal
Coordinatio to Contact + Contact + Contact + Contact + Contact +
n Inside the Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic
Port Messaging Messaging Messaging Messaging Messaging Messaging
Bill of Bill of
Docs for Lading Bill of Lading Bill of Lading Bill of Lading Lading Bill of Lading
clearance Custom's Custom's
Clearance Clearance
Means for Paper docs Paper docs Paper docs Paper docs Paper docs Paper docs
Receipt/Tra Fax and EDI Fax and EDI / Fax and EDI / Fax and EDI Fax and EDI
nsmittal Fax / Internet Internet Internet / Internet / Internet
EDI Capable Yes No Yes Mostly Yes Yes Yes
on Real-
time Yes Yes Unsure Mostly Yes Yes Yes
Berth Allocation

Brunei Cambodia Myanmar Philippines Thailand Vietnam

Policy on first- First-come- First-come- First-come- First-come- First-come-
Berth serve first-serve first-serve first-serve first-serve first-serve
Are there
berth policy ? No Yes Yes Mostly Yes Yes No
Vessel Calls / 170 (for Manila
Month 39 62 30 international) 300 167
Average 165 meters LOA
Vessel Size 140 meters (for Manila
(GRT) 160 m - LOA 130 meters international) 400 Feet 7800m
Warehousing / Storage in Port
Brunei Cambodia Myanmar Philippines Thailand Vietnam
Bulk Containerized Containerized Refrigerated Containerized Refrigerated
Types of Cargo Break bulk Containerized Break bulk
Accommodated in
the Warehouse Bulk Bulk
Rolling cargo
Haulers' Have
Difficulty in
Meeting the
Deadline ? No Yes NA No Yes NA
Average Dwell
Time of Cargo (in
a. Non-
Containerized NA 72 72 240 240 360
b. Containerized 64 120 96 120 120 168
% of Cargoes
Stripped/Stuffed :
a. Cargo Owner's
Premises NA 80% 50% 80-95% 60% NA
b. Distriparks NA 20% 50% 5-17% 20% NA
c. Port Warehouse NA 0 0 0-3% 20% NA
Transport Services

Brunei Cambodia Myanmar Philippines Thailand Vietnam

Guaranteed Service
Response Time of
a. Actual Response within 24
Time NA 5-7 Hrs Hrs 30-40 mins 40 mins NA
b. Required Response within 24
Time of Client NA 1-2 Hrs Hrs 30-40 mins NA NA
Carrier Merchant Merchant Merchant Merchant
hauler Hauler Others Hauler Hauler Hauler
Types of Haulers
Carrier Carrier
Carrier Hauler Hauler Hauler
Inland Waterway
Transport Available ? No Yes Yes Yes for some No Yes
Collection of Custom Duties

Brunei Cambodia Myanmar Philippines Thailand Vietnam

Percent of Cargoes
Subject to
Custom's Duties
and Inspection 100% 100% 100% Mostly 100% 100% 100%
Custom's Require
Pre-Collection or
Advance Deposit
for Duties ? NA Yes No Yes Yes NA
Shipping Invoice/ Bill of
Note NA Packing list Tally Sheet NA Lading
Cargo Shipping Invoice/ Authority
manifest Note Packing list to Load
Custom's Export
Documentary Invoice/
Requirements Export Admission Packing
certificate Permit list
Shipping Packing
instructions Bill of Lading list
Collection of Custom Duties

Brunei Cambodia Myanmar Philippines Thailand Vietnam

Entry Import Entry
Internal Internal
Bill of Revenue Bill of Revenue
Lading NA Declaration Bill of Lading Lading Declaration

Clearance Commercial
Delivery Bill of from govt invoice and
Custom's order Lading Tally Sheet agency Packing list
Import Invoice/
Documentary Invoice/ Invoice/ Packing
Requirements Packing list Packing list list Bill of Lading

Delivery Admission Release

order Permit Clearance

Insurance Packing list
Total ships handled
Total cargo handled (in metric tonnes)
Thank You!

Group 6A:
Adity Kaushal
Agus Sahyadan
Purba Mazumdar
Gopal Rathnam
Sushant Karol