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exvo Overview

exvo provides market research outsourcing and support services to global market research organizations
Conducts multi-industry research in over 90 countries in Africa Asia Australia !urope and

"orth America and in over #$ !uropean and Asian languages

%upports its clients across verticals in both &usiness to &usiness '&(&) and &usiness to

Consumer '&(C) segments *ith multi-geo multi-language and multi-data collection research
+ounded in (00( and is head,uartered in "e* -ork *ith #$00. employees in the group Operates as one of the largest third party CA/0 centers in Asia 1acific exvo symbolizes 2excellence and evolution3 in the arena of market research Operates as a #004 subsidiary of 5oody3s Corporation '"-%!6 5CO)

Moody's Corporation
5oody3s Corporation '5CO) is a global organization *ith an annual revenue of 7(8$ billion employs approximately $000. employees *orld*ide and maintains a presence in (9 countries8

5CO provides credit ratings research tools and analysis that contribute to transparent and integrated financial markets8 5oody9s operates through6

5oody9s 0nvestors %ervice6 1rovides credit ratings and research covering

debt instruments and securities

5oody9s Analytics6 Offer leading-edge soft*are advisory services and

research for credit and economic analysis and financial risk management exvo is a part of 5oody3s Analytics8

About exvo
5arket :esearch +irms Consulting +irms &usiness 0ntelligence +irms %erves #;0. clients globally

Geographical Presence
Chicago !ondon

New "elhi # Gurgaon

"orth America

50% !urope 35%

Asia 1acific

New Yor Bei%ing

&ndustry 'xperience
14% 5% 7% 18% 20%

Buenos Aires
IT & T elecom Financial services Logistics Healthcare Retail & holesale !"t omotive & T rans#ortation $"%lic &ector 'thers






'ntrepreneur "evelop(ent Progra(

<nder this program the incumbent *ill get an opportunity to *ork directly *ith the C!O of the

0nnovation = >ynamism are the key for this role :isk = :e*ards of this program6
+lexibility (?@$ Availability !xcellent Communication !ager to learn = innovate Creative = out-of-the-box thinking Aggressive Ability to perform under pressure = strict deadlines %elf A motivator Optimistic

'"P Positions

)ey *esponsibilities+
( 0dentifying marketing opportunities

)ey *esponsibilities+ - :esearching = analyzing sales options - 5aintaining relationships *ith clients by providing support information and guidance - 0dentifying service improvements or ne* services

)ey *esponsibilities+ - 1reparing internal = external communications - >eveloping *ebsite content blogs and ne*sletter - 0mplementing the %ocial &ookmarking %trategies

by identifying client re,uirements - 1reparing marketing strategies

- 1roviding marketing tracking and research information

Mar eting &(presario

$ales 'vangelist
'ligibility ,uali-iers+ - :e,uired an aggregate of $04 or more in Class #(th - Adept at understanding and managing client needs and expectations - 1roficient in analytical and logical reasoning

Press 'ditor

'ligibility ,uali-iers+ - :e,uired an aggregate of $04 or more in Class #(th - !xcellent presentation and communication skills - !xcellent 5% Office %kills A !xcel Bord = 1o*er-point

'ligibility ,uali-iers+ - :e,uired an aggregate of $04 or more in Class #(th - !xcellent command over *ritten !nglish *ith Creative Briting and ability to play *ith *ords - 5ust have a good eye for detail *ith excellent spelling grammar and punctuation skills

.han You

Office contact details

)&! &"ite 8233 8453 3r* aven"e ;e- >or?3 ;> 10022 )&! $"%lic Finance Regional '22ice 'ne Front &treet3 &"ite 11003 &an Francisco3 4! 14111 )nite* +ing*om 1 +nights%ri*ge ,reen Lon*on s-1. 7ne In*ia g(8:%(13 6ohan co( o#erative in*"strial estate3 ;e- 9elhi( 1100443 In*ia 6a"riti"s 4th Floor3 !mo* 7"il*ing 113 $o"*riere &treet $ort Lo"is3 6a"riti"s t/ 0 230 212 1855 2/ 0 230 212 1871 4hina Room 4033 Tai $eng mansion 10 Hai*ian %ei er &t<Hai*ian *istrict3 7ei=ing 4hina 100080 )!5 5213 '"* 6etha '22ices3 $' 7o. 750843 9"%ai )nite* !ra% 5mirates t/ 0 171 4324 3005 2/ 0 171 4324 5020

t/ 01 848 210 5213 2/ 01 848 310 3411

t/ 044 845 330 7201 2/ 044 207 511 0570

t/ 011 11 418 71440 2/ 011 11 418 71431