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(Presentation Evaluation-2)

Guided By: Mr. Vinod S. Pareek Associate Professor Department of Electrical Engineering MNIT Jaipur

Made By: Vivek Nandwani-2010UEE109 Gaurav Gurjar-2010UEE110 Bharat Rathi-2010UEE174 Shubham Sharma-2010UEE182

Objective Literature Survey Eigen value analysis Proposed Methodology Progress after Evaluation 1 Time Plan References


The major objective is to investigate Sub Synchronous Resonance characteristics of a power system network in detail with different compensators using eigen value analysis.

The detailed study of SSR is carried out based on eigen value analysis and transient simulation. A brief survey of the research work done in this field is discussed below: A study the sub-synchronous resonance by establishing a system, analyzed it and how it can be reduced. Eigen value analysis of Sub-synchronous oscillations in power system.


Any dynamic system can be represented as X(t ) = AX(t )+ BU(t) ; Y(t ) = CX(t ) + DU(t) where X(t) State variable U(t)- control input Y(t)- Output vector By applying Laplace transformation on it assuming initial condition X(0) sX(s) X(0) = AX(s) + BU(s) Y(s) = CX(s) + DU(s) On further simplification X(s)= [sI- A]-1(X(0) + BU(s)) = (adj[sI A]/sI- A)*(X(0) + BU(s)) Y(s) = C[sI-A]-1(X(0) + BU(s)) + DU(s)

Initial condition are kept zero , now assume no feedback from input to output is given Now for single input single output system Y(s)/U(s)= C[sI- A]-1B = C(adj[sI-A]/sI-A) B Here denominator gives the characteristic equation and the roots of characteristic equation are roots of the equation : sI-A= 0

For stable conditions all eigen values must be at the left of imaginary axis. If the locus of a particular eigen value approach or cross the imaginary axis, then a critical conditions is identified that requires the application of one or more countermeasure.

Proposed Methodology
Analyze the eigen values with Different compensators

Establish a system by using different compensators

Real Part<0 TRUE System is stable


System is Unstable

Progress after Evaluation I

Continued to collect more information about the project through literature survey. Started Eigen value analysis , identified the parts of the system on which we have to analyse and formulate the problem.

MONTHS Aug 2013-Sept 2013 Oct 2013-Nov 2013 Dec 2013-Jan 2014 TARGETS Literature survey Study about sub-synchronous resonance and work on proposed methodology. Compensators on the system will be used.

Feb 2014-Mar 2014

Analyze all the data, compare it and obtain the result.

Final Submission of Report

April 2014

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