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BW on HANA Migration
Practical Guide To Quantify Business Value and Calculating ROI

Gopal Krishnamurthy

Copyright 2014 Wellesley Information Services, Inc. All rights reserved.

In This Session

Gain insight from real-world projects on decisions and factors that contribute to SAP HANA migration for BW Assess and quantify IT and business benefits associated with the migration Compile and present the overall ROI/TCO associated with the BW on SAP HANA migration using BW on SAP HANA ROI/TCO Analyzer Prepare and assess BW on SAP HANA migration options and costs associated with it

What Well Cover

Evolution of SAP BW Why BW on HANA ? Are Benefits Real ? Myth Busters on BW on HANA Costs and Value BW on HANA ROI Calculator Building a Business Case for Higher ROI with BW on HANA Migration Scenarios and ROI impact Wrap-up

Evolution of SAP BW
What Well Cover

SAP BW Maturity SAP BW on Classic DB Challenges SAP BW 7.4 Features SAP BW Adoption

SAP NetWeaver BWs Many Strengths Constant Innovation = Mature Solution

Mature solution: 15 years of SAP investments into extractors from ERP Rich BI content including reports and existing data models (hiding complexity) Full Lifecycle Management Sophisticated Security, Authorization, Time Dependency, Hierarchy and Identity handling Best in Class OLAP Performance and other performance enablement options (Aggregates and BWA) Advanced and mature Integrated Planning capabilities and tight integration with Enterprise Performance Management suite (BPC) Robust Connectivity Options for Non SAP BI third party tools
Source - Power Your Data Warehouse with SAP HANA by Dan Kearnan , Vijay Vijayasankar and Gopal Krishnamurthy

NetWeaver BW Running on Classical DB

Typical Challenges
Business User Dissatisfaction Real-Time Data Access Planning Performance Loading Performance Remodeling Effort
Long wait times, slow reporting, not optimal to meet needs of business users Traditional latency issues in getting timely information Planning speed slow due to bottleneck of reading & writing data to/from a classical database Challenging loading windows; loading and consolidation of data not optimal Complex and difficult to apply structural changes quickly enough to meet business user requests Requires management of database like indexes, aggregates and DBA operations as well as management of BWA High IT workloads, restricted self-service capabilities, complex modeling; IT becomes the bottleneck 6

Performance Optimization
IT Responsiveness

Source - Power Your Data Warehouse with SAP HANA by Dan Kearnan , Vijay Vijayasankar and Gopal Krishnamurthy

SAP BW 7.4 Constant Innovation = Rich Features

Long Text Handling ( Bye Bye 60 Characters ) Push Down Transformations Push Down Calculations and Optimizations Composite Providers Near Real Time Extraction with latest data provisioning features

Read Further @ 9c0127-5f1c-3110-9c9eddab845e800f?QuickLink=index&overridelayout=true&59017145670 821

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Widely Adopted/Proven Track Record

BW is here to stay ; Continues to grow /solutions/net-weaver-bw

Source - SAP BW 7.4 SP5 powered by SAP HANA and further Roadmap by Lothar Henkes, January, 2014

SAP content

Why BW on HANA ? Are Benefits Real ?

What Well Cover

SAP BW on HANA Architecture SAP BW on HANA Benefits (SAP Pitches) SAP BW on HANA Benefits (Customer References )

BW on HANA Architecture

Source - SAP BW 7.4 SP5 powered by SAP HANA and further Roadmap by Lothar Henkes, January, 2014

SAP content


BW on HANA Architecture (Push Down)

Source - SAP BW 7.4 SP5 powered by SAP HANA and further Roadmap by Lothar Henkes, January, 2014

SAP content


BW on HANA Value Proposition (SAP Pitch)

First level text Second level text Third level text Second level text First level text

Source - SAP BW on HANA Overview by Christian Tauber March, 2013

SAP content


What Is The Value Proposition Of SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA (Beyond Speed)?
Leaner data models avoid layers modelled for performance boosting
Plan and Report at a level of granularity not possible before like SKU level instead of Store level Being more agile to business processes changes quickly remodel your data flow according to your business needs BW Workspaces Combine spreadsheets with BW data on the fly, without IT help Use sophisticated analytics using BI 4.x that was not possible before BW worked on HANA like Lumira, Predictive Analytics, Design Studio Use BPC on HANA and PAK for real time planning on Hana Use Hana as an analytics platform across business suite (SHAF), BW on HANA and Data marts on HANA to combine strategic data with operational data

Customer Value of BW powered by SAP HANA

1. Supercharged BW with Dramatically Improved Performance

Business: Improved decision making, faster reporting, and the most up-to-date information IT: Faster data loading and decreased data latency

2. Simplified Administration and Streamlined Landscape

Business: Reporting requests executed faster and minimal IT involvement IT: Reduced administration and lower TCO

3. Unlock The Power of Your Data Across The Enterprise

Business: Self-service access to all information at the most granular level

IT: Simplified IT workload with easy access to operational data marts

4. Preserve Your BW Investment without Disruption

Business: Minimal training impact to business users and administrators IT: Migration without disruption of your BW application

BW on HANA Value Proposition (Customer Reference)

DSO activation time


Faster Reports

%Increase Increase in in Query Query % Performance Performance

Total access time (seconds)

Total Time

Read Time

1333% DB Read time (seconds)


13 x

50 x


Faster Reports

Hierarchy Drill down time

LOS Net - Production Month Report

HANA 0.08



15 x Faster

Faster Dashboards

Dashboards on HANA
Dashboard Response time HANA RDBMS




Accelerated Planning functions Faster Analysis & Reports

Planning functions run on HANA DB Model complex scenarios

Performance boost for Ad-hoc Plan vs Actual analysis and Reports

CAPEX Net Report Performance

14 x



Faster Data Loads

% Improvement in DSO Activation time

Average DSO Activation Time

27 %

27 %



Simpler Data Modeling

Faster Remodeling Flat structures - InfoCubes Aggregates and Indexes not required

Future of InfoCubes?



Reduced Landscape Size / TCO

% Reduction in DB size
DB size in GB


74 %

74 %

Column based storage Dimension tables Indexes Aggregates Change log tables

Myth Busters on BW on HANA Costs and Value

What Well Cover

We already have SAP BWA ? Suite on HANA will make BW redundant BW on HANA is very expensive


Why Move To SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA If We Have the SAP BW Accelerator?

BWA is redundant if BW on Hana is used Query acceleration in BW on Hana is comparable or better than BWA Unlike BWA, there is no need in BW on Hana to build index after a data load. All data is immediately available for reporting after load and DSO activation BWA accelerates reports only on pre-selected infoproviders , where as BW on Hana accelerates all reports on BW BW on Hana has significantly better performance on load performance, which BWA does not help with Please check with your HW partner and SAP Account executive to see how you can protect some of the BWA investments in HW and Licenses

Do We Need BW Powered by SAP HANA If We Also Have Business Suite On SAP HANA ?
SAP HANA Analytics Foundation
Getting real-time analytics back to where it belongs: Into the operational system! Operational reporting: Analytics directly on the original transactional data Real-time: Zero latency of data Lightweight modeling and consumption: Modeling and access based on open standards (SQL, MDX, ODATA) including SAP Business Objects clients Extensible: Easily extend SAPs model Uniform: All models across SAP Business Suite are built according to the same guidelines. Deployment model: Models come as part of the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. Model reuse in analytical applications: Analytical models will be used to build new analytical applications for the Business Suite powered by SAP HANA

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

Performing strategic and tactical reporting in an Enterprise Data Warehouse: Strategic and Tactical: Analytical scenarios with complex logic, sophisticated KPIs, benchmarking Integration, Harmonization, Cross-System Consistency of enterprise systems incl. third party data Consumption through SAP Business Objects BI clients and certified 3rd party clients Planning: modeled, and on aggregated levels. Preconfigured content, extensible by customers Persistence of historical data: long time-series, compliance, data lifecycle (incl. archiving)
Governance: Providing a mature environment for Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) Full-blown analytical suite: including e.g. hierarchy processing or complex analytical calculations. 25

Introducing BW on HANA ROI Calculator

What Well Cover

Where to Access it ? Who are the Users ?


Introducing the BW on HANA ROI Analyzer Purpose:

Qualify and Quantify the costs and benefits associated with migrating SAP BW from traditional DB to SAP HANA DB Provide a HANA Migration Project Chartering / Planning / Evangelizing Tool
Data Entry
BI Project Manager


IT Infrastructure Director

BI Program Manager


BI Basis Team Lead

BI Technical Team Lead

BI Functional Leads

BI Power Users


Where Next?

Try The BW on HANA Analyzer NOW on or from VisualBI Website:

VisualBI Website:


Introducing BW on HANA ROI Calculator

What Well Cover

Introducing BW on HANA ROI Calculator Project Inputs / Charter Elements BW on HANA Cost Elements Building up Business Value and Quantifying the same ROI Reports and Summary


Project Inputs


Project Inputs


BW on HANA Sizing Exercise

SAP Note 1736976 ABAP based report Input annual growth estimates Cleanse large PSA and Change log tables Average compression expectations are 4X 6X Think remodeling, eliminating aggregates and summary cubes !!!

Cost Elements


Benefits Business Case


Benefits Business Case


ROI Reports / Summary


ROI Reports / Summary


Migration Scenarios and ROI impact

What Well Cover

Migration Scenarios Scenario 1 : Side Car Approach Scenario 2 : In Place Migration / Big Bang Approach Scenario 3 : Parallel Systems / Safety First Approach


Option 1: New Installation

Configure & Install

HANA BW 7.3x

Transport Metadata &Objects

Initial Data loads

Re-design Functional Enhancement


Option 1: New Installation

BW 7.0x /7.3x

1 3
BW 7.3x (SAP HANA)


No risk to BW production system Clean system without obsolete data models



Unicode Enabled
Ability to leverage latest BW

Transport of metadata, configurations and objects Complete re-load of data from source system

In-ability to perform real data comparisons


Option 2: Migrate Existing System (Big Bang)

Upgrade to BW 7.3

Migrate BW Authorization Unicode Conversion

Migrate DB to HANA ( Technical upgrade )

Functional Upgrade


Option 2: Migrate Existing System (Big Bang)

BW 7.3x

DB Migration

BW 7.3x (SAP HANA)


Fast scenario
Side by side operation of Production SAP Netweaver BW and BW on HANA



Production must be on SAP BW 7.3 SP5 or higher

Downtime of production system required for migration

Option 3: Parallel Deployment

Upgrade new system to 7.3x

BW system copy

Migration authorization
Unicode conversion

Migrate new system

Operate two systems in Parallel

Cutover to new system


Option 3: Parallel Deployment

Homogeneous System Copy

BW 7.3x (SAP HANA)

BW 7.0x

BW 7.3x

DB Migration

No risk for Production BW system Short downtime during migration



Production SAP Netweaver BW and BW on HANA can operate in parallel

Ability to perform real time data and performance comparisons

Sophisticated migration procedure and correct handling of delta queues required


ROI driven migration approach: Illustrative Scenarios

Small Scale of Business -> Medium Large


a. Old installation that needs significant clean up b. Need for process/data re-design and infra revamp c. Poor BW adoption

Big Bang

a. Need fast ROI b. Need coverage of all scenarios instead of piecemeal/selected scenarios c. Willing to bear downtime instead of spending for a parallel installation

Parallel Deployment

a. Old, large , mature installation b. High user base, minimal tolerance for prod downtime c. BW adoption is high 45

What Should We Do About Old Data In SAP NetWeaver BW?

Before Migration, We suggest that some data clean up should be done See recommendations in cook book Make use of multi-temperature storage concept for BW Hot data, frequently used for read/write, in RAM Warm data, infrequently used, in Disk Cold data, sporadically used, in NLS SAP delivered Sybase IQ NLS solution is now available for BW 7.3 SP09. This solutions does not need any third party solution or middleware


Where to Find More

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7 Key Points to Take Home

BW 7.4 constant innovation ensures relevance BW on HANA compute in db layer not app layer BW on HANA faster data loads, faster reports, smaller landscape/TCO, simplified modelling BW on HANA proven IT and Business benefits BW on HANA scores over BWA HANA ROI Calculator Migration to HANA business scenario driven approach


Your Turn!

How to contact me: Gopal Krishnamurthy @GopalBI Please remember to complete your session evaluation

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