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Knowledge of customers

Gender Age Geographical area On the basis of characteristics shy, talkative , Suspicious, friendly , sarcastic , pompous , impatient , handicapped ,ill mannered , group shoppers On the basis of purpose ( industrial / consumption buyers)

Sales Organization

Function based Product Based Territory / Geography based Customer based

Function based

Chief Sales

Personnel Manager

Marketing Research Manager

Advertising Manager

Production Manager

Product Based
Marketing Manager

Sales Manager ( Product : Soaps )

Sales Manager( Products: Food )

Sales Manager ( Product : Cream)

Assistant Sales Manager: Product A

ASM : Product B

ASM : Product Y

Territory/ Geography Based

Chief Sales Manager

Sales Manager : North

Sales Manager : South

ASM : Product A

ASM : Product B

ASM : Product X

Sales force staffing

Establish responsibilities Decide the no. of sales people needed Outline the type of sales people needed (job analysis , job description , develop job qualifications )

Identify sources of sales recruits Evaluate the sources of recruits

Develop tools and procedure for measuring applicants Select the sales people

Sales force staffing contd.

Make the job offer Acceptance of the job

Socialization Assimilation

Sales force job description

Title of the job Reporting relationship Types of products and services sold Types of customers called on Duties and responsibilities Job demands Technical requirements Location and geographical area to be covered

Why Recruitment ?
To replace the vacancy created To cope with the expansion programmes

Recruitment : Process
Job Analysis :
Determination of job traits : nature of duties and responsibilities Job description

Personal Analysis
probable chracteristics and qualities General qualities :personality , sound health , integrity , honesty etc . Particular qualities : educational qualification, past experiences etc . Technical knowledge : languages known , legal implications etc .

Recruitment : Process Contd

Sources of Recruitment : Internal / External Careful Selection of Candidates
Application Blank References Personal Interviews Psychological Tests Medical Examination Final Interview

Appointment Letter

Sales Training
Training is the process of learning that is specifically directed to the acquiring and developing of specific attitudes ,skills and knowledge for carrying out of specific objectives and tasks

Sales Training : Importance

To improve Sales Performance To influence Prospects in better way Provides expert knowledge Reduces Wastage Reduces Control and Supervision Develops High Morale Low Turnover of Sales Force

Managing the sales training process

Assess the sales training needs Design and execute the sales training programme Evaluating and reinforcement of sales training programme

Popular Sales training needs

Product knowledge Competitive knowledge Sales techniques /skills Company knowledge

Methods used for assessing the training needs

Sales managers observation Sales force survey Customer survey Performance testing Sales force audit

Methods used in sales training programmes

Classroom /conference training
Lectures Demonstrations Group discussions

Behavioural learning
Role playing Case studies Simulation games

Online training
EPSS Interactive mutimedia Distance learning

Methods contd
On the Job training
Mentoring Job rotaion

Absorption training /Self study

Audio cassettes Manuals CD ROMs

Involves Expenditure Interference with the routine work Attrition

Remuneration of Sales men

A good compensation or remuneration plan motivates the sales force to perform selling activities n the most productive manner and achieve the objectives of the organization .

Essential features of a sound Remuneration Plan

Simplicity Flexibility Economical Promptness Fair and Equitable Adequacy Incentive Oriented Controlling Capacity Stability Low administration cost

Methods of Remuneration
Time spent on the job The volume /amount of sales made

Modes /Methods
Straight Salary method Straight Commission Method Salary and commission method Bonus /Profit Sharing/Other benefits Travelling/ Reimbursement