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Kaplan University School of Business and Management GB530 Marketing Management Personal Marketing Plan Unit 5

Vision Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan A. Vision

a. Strategic Intent
To become an executive manager in my chosen profession of Software Engineering

b. Desired Company and Job

To enter into the role of Chief Technology Officer at a company of between 50 and 100 employees.

Marketing Summary Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan B. Marketing Summary

a. SWOT Analysis
Strengths - High standards of performance
- I set high standards for myself because I cant expect anyone to entrust me with the full confidence if I cant ensure success.

- Aware of myself and the world around me

- I am always taking stock of myself and what I am doing. It helps me identify areas where I need to improve and areas that are helping me to succeed.

- Modest and friendly

- I do not seek praise or accolades. I am more comfortable with letting my work speak for me.

Marketing Summary Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan

Weaknesses - Poor time management
- I have difficulty in applying an appropriate amount of time to solving problems. On occasion I can become absorbed with a task to the exclusion of everything else, which can lead to delays overall.

- Stubborn
- I would like to think that my stubbornness is an asset because I am unrelenting in pursuing the completion of tasks, but it can be a detriment. It can lead me to draw conclusions about something that may not be correct, and changing my mind is difficult.

- Cant say No
- I have a habit of trying to please people, which makes me very non confrontational. Unfortunately, it also leads me to make unrealistic commitments, which become very stressful to me.

Marketing Summary Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan

Opportunities - This Masters in Business Administration degree
- Receiving this training will give me the credentials to pursue an executive management role in the next organization I join. Having this education is very important to me personally and professionally, and I believe it will assist me in furthering my career.

- Employment outlook
- Even though the employment outlook is generally grim and employees are doing more with less, I think of this as an opportunity to find a position that will expose me to a greater variety of experiences.

- Economy
- The economy is slowly but surely recovering. As it heals, there will be a greater demand for software engineers, which will spur an increase in hiring in that sector. I will be in position to take advantage of that situation once I complete this training.

Marketing Summary Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan

Threats - Economy
- Even though the economy will most certainly present a great deal of opportunities, it can also prevent me from moving up in my profession. There is a deep pool of talent available to draw from that has management experience already, so until that is depleted I could be waiting awhile for my chance.

- Change in organization
- If my current employer reorganizes, there is a chance they could downsize my department, which would put me at risk of being laid off. This will not be helpful to me in future searches for employment

- Family concerns
- As a new father, I have been faced with a new set of responsibilities that could present difficulties for my career choice. There has to be a balance between work and family.

Marketing Summary Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan B. Marketing Summary (continued)
b. Competition
There is a large number of software engineers who have the same general skill set. For a person with eight years of experience and an high level of expertise, a company can expect to pay between $80,000 and $100,000 in salary plus benefits. Software engineers are usually very mobile and often move to where the jobs are more plentiful. This makes the entire country a potential target. Headhunters can receive a high commission for placing a software engineer, so the demand for them exceeds the cost of advertising for them and promoting them.

Marketing Summary Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan

c. Core Competency
A core competency is my ability to solve problems efficiently and apply the appropriate technology as part of the solution. This requires continuing education in new technologies, new development methodologies, and new design philosophies. By staying current in the software engineering field, I will put myself into a position where I am able to more effectively lead a team of developers.

Target Markets Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan C. Target Markets

Any industry that supports social justice endeavors or politics

Small company of between 50 and 100 employees or a small departmental organization of 50 to 100 employees

Prefer to work with a progressive organization that is socially oriented in its mission

Firms or organizations 1. Democratic National Committee 2. American Civil Liberties Union 3. National Organization for Women Reasons these are attractive target markets. 1. Serve society at large by seeking equality and justice for all 2. They have a growing need to take advantage of web-based technologies to distribute their message and accomplish their goals 3. While they are often funded through donations and are most often non profit, they still pay competitively and offer a variety of management experiences.

Positioning Statement Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan D. Positioning Statement

Keith Flores is a highly motivated individual with the experience and training to

operate in a team environment.

Keith Flores offers loyalty and a determination to achieve success Keith Flores brings a can-do attitude and a drive to innovate

Marketing Mix Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan E. Marketing Mix

Keith Flores has eight years of experience in the field of

Software Engineering using every programming platform to build web-based applications. He has several years of management experience and training in a military environment. Keith brings his knowledge of the world and different cultures from travel.

Marketing Mix Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan

According to, the salary range for a Manager of Information Technology is between $90,000 and $125,000 annually plus bonus. Keiths level of experience would be valued at no less than $100,000.

Marketing Mix Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan

GeographicalSouth East United States, preferably the Atlanta, GA area.
Distribution Channels
Local executive level headhunters and active solicitation and personal network of technology professionals built up over years of working in the field

Marketing Mix Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan

Advertising to companies looking for a good fit via head hunters and executive

placement firms will be used.

Promotional Efforts

Meet and greet lunches with prospective hiring managers in the area
Cold call and arrange meetings with technology executives in the local area. This information can be found on Hoovers or at the local Chamber of Commerce
Meeting prospective employers in an informal setting is a good way to break the ice and create opportunities to meet again

Investigate trade shows for potential needs

Trade shows often send executives if the company is small enough. At the very least, they send subject matter experts who are always willing to talk to a colleague
Developing relationships with professionals in the area makes it easier to get in touch with hiring authorities and spread the word about availability

Attend local technology seminars and network with attendees Advertise services on a contractual basis to get the word out Volunteer at charity events

Marketing Mix Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan

Attend local technology seminars and network with attendees
Local technology seminars are always attended by technical experts. Typically, these people are in management roles and appreciate talking to a colleague of similar skills and interest. Developing relationships with them will make it easier to advertise availability.

Advertise services on a contractual basis to get the word out

Hang out a shingle as a contractor or an expert who can be brought in for a limited period. During that time, it is crucial to develop relationships with management in order to potentially transition from contractor to full-time employee.

Volunteer at charity events

Charity events always appreciate help especially if that help saves them a great deal of money. It also creates great opportunities to rub elbows with business owners and develop relationships with them.

Implementation Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan

Next Steps in Next Quarter
Create a resume and have professional copies printed and bound Begin researching executive placement firms in the area Decide on a general region to target

Next Steps in Next 6 Months

Plan and prepare to move household within a 30 day timeframe Begin actively working with placement firms to set up interviews Travel to target region to get a better feel for the area

Implementation Keith Flores Personal Marketing Plan

Next Steps in 1 Year
Secure a position in the target region as a Technology Manager Begin building personal relationships with other managers and executives Make a concerted effort to become an integral part of the company culture

Next Steps in 5 Years

Seek and obtain promotion to an executive role (Vice President or equivalent) Continue to hone expertise by staying abreast of changes in the field and the companys industry Make strategic moves to facilitate mobility upward in management

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