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Recruitment industry :-most precious resource for organization

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With Reference to SaiCores (P) Ltd .

About Company
SaiCoreS is a fast growing staffing company in India. SaiCoreS is not just another temp agency. Whether youre looking for temp, temp-to-hire, direct hire or project staff outsourcing, Their resourceful team of professional recruiters can pro ide you with carefully screened and !ualified people and costeffecti e solutions. They offer a powerful com"ination of locally focused market e#pertise coupled with a proud heritage of inno ation and e#cellence.

$ifferentiating features of Their Ser ices%

Technology & their state-of-the-art testing and training software com"ined with current technological tools ensures we pro ide highly !ualified candidates to the most prestigious companies in India. '#perience & their staff has o er () years of com"ined human resource e#perience in recruiting and staffing in our local market. *nowledge & continually trained and updated pertaining to domain specific staffing. +le#i"ility & "eing locally owned and operated, we can !uickly pro ide you with customi,ed solutions to meet your need.

-"out Technologies .sed in /ecruitment 0 Selection.

-s technology ad ances in recruitment and selection, it not only allows jo"seekers more options to find a career, it also allows companies to streamline their hiring processes. There1s a need to organi,e the massi e amounts of applications recei ed, so most companies use a ariety of technologies to assist them.

/ecruitment Techni!ues

2i ing a detailed jo" description and jo" specifications in the jo" postings to attract candidates with the right skill sets and !ualifications at the first stage. '-recruitment is incorporated into the o erall recruitment strategy of the organi,ation. - well defined and structured applicant tracking system is integrated -long with the "ack-office support a comprehensi e we"site to recei e and process jo" applications 3through direct or online ad ertising4 is de eloped. Therefore, to conclude, it can "e said that e-recruitment is the 5' ol ing face of recruitment.6

Recruitment Process

Job analysis Sourcing Screening and selection Onboarding

7nline /ecruitment
Online recruitment is the process of recruiting candidates through means of internet. These days, almost every company owns a website and they make use of their websites to get the best results. The advertisement about the vacant job positions are being post on the website and the interested candidates can apply for the same through internet only. Once the company receives desired numbers of applications, the company shortlist candidates and call them for personal interviews. With this kind of approach towards recruitment, professionals can save lots of their precious time.

ifferent companies hire these agencies and thus help them in finding the right candidates for different positions vacant in their company. These agencies offer different packages to their customers that include different services. epending on the budget and re!uirements, a person can choose the package for him. These packages are popularly known as flat fee packages. The price for each package is fi"ed and fi"ed numbers of services are available. #owever if a company wants services to be modified a little then agencies are free to do that.

The ad antages of online recruitment

Cost effecti e. 7nline recruitment is !uick. 7nline recruitment gi es you a "etter chance of success. 7nline recruitment gi es you a "igger audience. 7nline recruitment is easy.

-d antages of /ecruitment Industries

1. Improved focus. 2. Specialization 3. Contract labor. 4. Access. 5. Simplification. 6. Guarantees

$s we all know that manpower is the essential or crucial resource for an organi%ation, so the process of recruitment needs a lot of attention and focus. &n today's fast moving world, companies has not enough time to focus only on the recruitment, so outsourcing the recruitment process will help a lot to the organi%ation(s .

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