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One's relationship with other

human beings

Human Relations

Employee Relations


Good Manners and Decorum

Human beings are interdependent because of the principle of individual differences Individual differences bring about personal idiosyncracies of a truth therefore, we live our lives managing relationships The discipline that studies behaviour and relationships is human relations.

According to Keith Davis: Human relations is an area of management practice which is concerned with the integration of people into a work situation in a way that motivates them to work productively , cooperatively & with economic , psychological & social satisfaction.

Characteristics of human relationship with others:

HR Integrative process through which the relationship of the people & the interests of the people working in it are harmonized. Human relations is an interdisciplinary field. It involves use of knowledge from sociology , psychology , anthropology & other sciences for the study of human behavior. Human relations is an action oriented approach to build human cooperation towards other human beings. It is an action oriented approach to build human cooperation towards other human beings it seeks to make employees both happy & productive. Scope of human relation is wide.

Human Relations

There is nothing as well received as a cheerful word of greeting. It is not just the words Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening It is also the tone, the sparkle in the eyes, and the expression on the face

Human Relations

When someone smiles out of genuine delight, a facialwith muscle called the orbicularis Be generous your smile involuntarily contracts, oculi It takes 72 muscles to frowncrinkling and onlythe 14 around the eyes. Most of us are to skin smile. incapable of deliberately moving The smile must come through yourthis eyes muscle, means that a person not just which your lips. It has towhen be a genuine, fakes a smile, hersmile. orbicularis oculi likely warm, and bright won't budge. The orbicularis oculi is a muscle in the face that closes the eyelids.

Human Relations



President Reagan oftenmusic is referred as the greatest The sweetest toto anyones ears is communicator ever to serve as President. And for good the sound of his or her own name. reasons. He used to speak slowly in a well-modulated voice, Even if you thehe person many looks directly in thehave personmet or people is speaking to, remains calm under pressure and uses simple, easy-totimes and you are very familiar with him understand words. Mr.Reagan employs many subtle but or her, the person will bepublic. impressed on persuasive techniques in dealing with Very importantly, at his news conferences which are typically a very hearing or her name. difficult presidential task, Mr. Reagan would address If you have met the person only once but reporters by name when accepting a question rather than remember his or her name, the juststill indicating with a hand motion which reporter might speak next. It may like aimpressed. small point, but his method person willseem be too was conducive to help create good relations with the press.

Human Relations


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It can be even simple things like promising to give a telephone number of an old friend that someone wants to contact, or sending an SMS or e-mail the next day. One does not have to do big favors. In fact, these are not expected.

Human Relations

Speak and act in a spontaneous and cordial manner as if everything you do is a genuine pleasure. And our interaction should not be an intrusion, but a soft and warm dialogue.