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Rahn (rahana): continuity Mortgage Taking a property as a security against a debt The secured property can be utilized to repay the debt in the case of non payment.

Legality of Ar-rahnu
Based on two major proofs: Al-Quran Sunnah wa Ijma

Al-Quran: if you are on a journey and cannot find a scribe, then use the receipt of pawn objects

Sunnah wa ijma: narrated by Aisyah: The Prohet (S) bought some food (on credit) from a Jew and he pawned his iron shield to him. Narrated by Abu Hurayrah, Rasulullah (S) said: pawned riding animals may be mounted in exchange for their expenses; and the one who rides or drinks is thus responsible for the animals expenses.

Basic rules and

1. Conditions related to sighah (ijab kabul) 2. Conditions related to the contracting parties 3. Conditions related to the pawned object 4. Conditions related to the liability/debt

Appication of Ar-Rahnu in Islamic mortgage and financing

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