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Maximo Reporting Options & Intro to BIRT

David Rosenbacher
Vice President Sales Engineering, Actuate

Jason Leach
Maximo Solutions Engineer, Actuate

Actuate Corporation 2009

The IBM Maximo Reporting Story

Open Report System

Maximo 7 Reporting


Upgrade Only

Integration Q4 2009






Cognos Reporting 8

Business Objects X1 Enterprise

External Report Integration

Open Database Platform


Actuate Corporation 2009

IBM Maximo & Actuate History

OEM Relationship

Delivered Actuate as embedded reporting solution since

2001 Maximo Release 5.0 and 5.1 (Dec 2001 & 2002)
Actuate 5 (iServer, eReports, Page Level Security & Active Portal)

Maximo Release 5.2 (2002)

Actuate 7 (iServer, eReports, Page Level Security & Active Portal)

Maximo Release 5.2, Patches 1 5 (June 2003 August 2005)

Actuate 7 (iServer, eReports, Page Level Security, Active Portal, Query & eSpreadsheet)

Maximo Release 6.0 6.2.2 (March 2005 June 2005)

Actuate 8 (iServer, eReports, Page Level Security, Active Portal, Query & eSpreadsheet)

Actuate Corporation 2009

IBM Maximo & Actuate

Whats changed?

Maximo Release 7.1

Delivers a new embedded reporting technology Uses Actuate developed open source BIRT Next Generation Web-based Technology Delivers 150 BIRT reports Provides QBR for simple, ad-hoc queries using BIRT Aligns with IBM standardization of BIRT across software products Does not ship with the same Actuate technology provided in Maximo 6.x

Actuate Corporation 2009

Impact to Maximo Customers

Increased costs & risks in migration to Maximo v7 Expensive to rewrite Actuate reports in new technology
Estimates are 1 to 3 weeks per report depending on complexity Conversion costs of $10K to $30K per report using 3rd party Significant change management costs associated with abandoning existing solution

Lost functionality
No replacement for e.Spreadsheet Enterprise-class capabilities of Actuates iServer

Actuate Offer: Upgrade Packages for Maximo Customers

Actuate Corporation 2009

Actuate Corporation
$130M Public Company (NASDAQ: ACTU)


San Mateo, California


Regional HQs: Fribourg, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto R&D: San Mateo, Kansas City, Shanghai, Toronto
Over 4,400 with top-tier accounts in banking, insurance, securities, government, health care, education, utilities and high tech Design, consulting, development, integration, training, support


Services Key Partners

Building Web 2.0 Rich Information Applications

Actuate Corporation 2009

The Eclipse BIRT Project Founded, Organized and Led by Actuate

Open-source BI and reporting initiative started by Actuate in 2004 Professional open-source software technology Thriving BIRT Community
BIRT Downloads
Millions of downloads
4,500 4,000 3,500 3,000 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 500 0 2005 2006 2007 2008

6.5 million+ downloads through Dec 2008

How BIRT Helps You Builds community of developers and enterprise users Drives software quality with high-value, extensions provided by community Guarantees conformity with industry 7 standards as they evolve
Actuate Corporation 2009

Project Management Committee Member Developers contribute code De facto standard in IBM products

Actuate and IBM Integration Broad adoption of BIRT

WebSphere Application Server WebSphere Business Modeler WebSphere ILOG JRules* WebSphere Process Server WebSphere Registry & Repository*

Rational Application Developer* Rational BuildForge* Rational ClearQuest* Rational Method Composer Rational RequisitePro* Rational Quality Manager* Rational Software Architect* Rational Software Modeler* Rational Systems Developer* Rational Team Concert*

* designates IBM Products that embed BIRT

Tivoli for WebSphere Management Tivoli Directory Server Tivoli Common Reporting* Tivoli Composite Application Manager* Tivoli Maximo* Tivoli Monitoring* Tivoli Netcool* Tivoli Omegamon* Tivoli Storage Manager* Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager*

WebSphere Portal Server Workplace Services Express

Actuate Corporation 2009

WebSphere RFID Center* InfoSphere Data Architect* WebSphere Information Server SPSS Showcase Suite* DB2 Universal Database

What is BIRT? Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools

A New Generation of Web Design and Data Visualization Technology
Easy to use for all types of developers Modern, web-page design metaphor Component-based development Open and standards-based Flexible APIs and rich programmatic control Full support for libraries and reuse Foundation for a range of Actuate products (Interactive Viewer, Dashboards, BIRT Studio)
Simplicity that makes simple reports easy Power


to create very complex report layouts

Actuate Corporation 2009

BIRT: Premier Development Environment

for Building Web 2.0 Rich Information Applications

Bringing rich information to web applications

Workgroup and enterprise application deployment platforms

Making application development faster and easier

Accesses the data

Transforms and integrates the data Performs summarizations and functions on the data Formats data into usable and meaningful visualizations Delivers it to users in preferred file format and method

BIRT Dashboards & KPIs

Interactive and Ad-hoc BIRT Reporting Scheduling, distribution and administration Scale Performance Reliability Security Service and Support

Over 6.5 Million downloads thru 2008

million developers BIRT Exchange community Actuate customer community BIRT Global Partners BIRT Marketplace

Actuate Corporation 2009

150 Formatted, Static BIRT Reports:

Provided with Maximo v7

Actuate Corporation 2009

BIRT Interactive Viewer

Maximo BIRT reports become interactive
When presented with information, users become smarter

Interactive & Engaging Encourages users to seek new perspectives Save their changes Leverages their ideas Creates self-sufficient users

Fully controlled by IT 100% Secure Components are reusable Use changes to drive requirements
when users become smarter, they change their questions

Actuate Corporation 2009

BIRT Studio
Ad-Hoc & BIRT Report Creation by Maximo Users
Template-driven development
Web-based Ad-hoc

Drag and drop development Users pick template and data set Group, filter, sort & aggregate Supports all Excel functionality

Templates controlled by IT Metadata secured Content can be scheduled, shared & used with Interactive Viewer

Graphical Objects
BIRT Studio is the only template-driven ad-hoc environment that works within a collaborative design architecture that includes BIRT Designers & Interactive Viewer

Built-in charting Hide & show elements Select themes

Actuate Corporation 2009

Visual BIRT Content Engages Users Integrated Dashboards, KPIs & Reports for Maximo
Animated Visualizations
Highly Visual Draws user in Zero training Simplifies information Joy to use

Powered by BIRT 100% Web-based Built-in graphics 266 Flash objects included Lightweight and reusable

Information is Compelling

Actuate Corporation 2009

Seamlessly Integrated Within Environment

Present Content Seamlessly
in customer portals

All Data Secured

Multi-layered security model Standard and JavaScript portlets Seamlessly integrates user security

Any Format
in the palm of your hand

Brochure-quality PDF Live Excel, PPT, etc Live documents & spreadsheets Mobile devices like iPhone & BlackBerry

even in blogs
Supports your branding Integrate marketing & up-sell opportunities Simple, guided interaction & help

Actuate Corporation 2009


Actuate Corporation 2009

Maximo and Actuate Joint Solution

Maximo Portal
Uptime 1000 2000 Down Time 2000 3000 Total 3000 5000

Core Users of Maximo Application

Operational Reports

KPI, Dashboard, EIS, Balance Scorecard

Multiple Data Sources Reduced Maximo License Fees No Datamart Needed

Maximo Data Ad Hoc, OLAP Cubes Other Data

Consumers of Maximo Information

Analysis Other Data Actuate BIRT iServer

Actuate Corporation 2009

Actuate BIRT Platform enhances Maximo

Capabilities for Maximo Users (no SQL skills required)



User creation of simple listing report Grouping with totals and sub-totals Support for complex filtering User specified sort sequence BIRT report design can be shared with others

User modification of published reports

Add calculated columns to a report Easy-to-use drag & drop design paradigm Parameters visible on final report Incorporate data from other systems in a report Add graphs & charts via wizard-driven interface Templates for rapid design and consistency

Actuate Corporation 2009

Joint Solution Use Case Scenario Manufacturing Company

Critical business information exists in silos, within Maximo and other mission critical systems. Requires time consuming, error-prone manual processes necessary to bring information together for decision making and analysis.


A platform and framework for supporting the efficient development and delivery of dashboards and ad hoc reporting to accelerate decision making and improve value to the business. Integrates data from the following systems: - IBM Maximo - Intelex Safety Management - Plant Machine Control Data - Custom ERP Application - Electricity costs via real-time feed Ease of development, deployment and management Integration and ease-of-use with Maximo Existing BIRT, Eclipse and Actuate skills within IT Availability of info & non-proprietary extensions with open source

Why Actuate BIRT Platform:

Actuate Corporation 2009

Value Points Maximo and Actuate Joint Solution

Reduce Costs and Risk of your upgrade to Maximo v7
Eliminate expensive rewrite of existing reports in a new technology Eliminate change management costs Dramatically reduce risk using the same iServer

Preserve existing investment in Actuate reports and spreadsheets while incrementally adopting new BIRT technology
Unique capability of Actuates BIRT iServer For any Maximo release v6, v7 and beyond

Reduce IT costs and improve service by enabling Maximo users to easily modify and create BIRT reports
Enable ad-hoc reporting with BIRT Interactive Viewer and BIRT Studio Gets IT out of the report writing business Reduces report backlog dramatically

Reduce Maximo deployment costs while reaching more users

Extend reports to non-Maximo application users Avoid costly software license fees, user training and change management expenses

Actuate Corporation 2009

Value Points Maximo and Actuate Joint Solution

Enable an enterprise-class BI platform using common BIRT technology
Deliver integrated BIRT dashboards, KPIs and Operational Reports Combine Maximo data with data from other systems Single platform meets all requirements

Delivers lowest TCO through alignment with IBM Maximo IP and product road map using BIRT
150 BIRT reports delivered in Maximo v7 Leverages IT skills in BIRT

Improved technical support with direct access to Actuate and BIRT experts

Actuate Corporation 2009

Upgrade for Maximo Users Actuate BIRT Platform

Maximo 7 Users
Enables continued use of existing Actuate with Maximo v7 and beyond Ability to incrementally adopt new BIRT reporting Seamless integration within Maximo UI

Maximo 6 Users
Enables adoption of new BIRT reporting Co-exists with existing Actuate reports Investment preserved with upgrade to Maximo v7

Plus Enhanced Capabilities

Allows reports to combine data from Maximo and other systems Enables delivery of dashboards with drill down to operational reports Extends Maximo with full featured ad-hoc BIRT reporting Includes direct technical support from the Actuate & BIRT Experts

Integration delivered through IBM supported interface

Actuate Corporation 2009

Actuate Upgrade Prototype

FREE Offer
Rich Maximo Reporting in Just 3 Days

Co-existence of Actuate & BIRT Reporting Full featured ad hoc BIRT reporting Use your reports, your data add up to 3 new BIRT reports Combine Maximo data with other enterprise data Integrated within Maximo v6, v7, or stand alone Use of Actuate products for 30 days Must meet qualifying criteria Prototype built by September 10th Limited number of FREE prototypes to be delivered Complete prototype assessment through phone discussion Confirm active Maximo project is funded and underway Conduct business meeting between Sr. Manager & Actuate

Limited Offer

Qualifying Criteria

Actuate Corporation 2009

Next Steps Maximo and Actuate Joint Solution

Highest Functional, Integrated Solution Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Least Risk by Eliminating Change Management
Next Steps Email prototype requests to:

Check out the Maximo BIRT InfoCenter:

Get started with BIRT:

BIRT: A Field Guide to Reporting 2nd Edition Practical Data Analysis and Reporting with BIRT

Actuate Corporation 2009