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Ranjeet Nambudiri Indian Institute of Management Indore


Kochi SF Hiring (Accountability

1. 2. 3. 4. METRICS 300 numbers ( 25 per month) Fin Hiring numbers 60 for the year Campus 25% Parichay 15% (Family connect, Parichay mail 2 letters per month) 5. Direct 65% 6. Offer Drops 20%
1. STRATEGIC INITIATIVES Divide Kerala into two ( North and South ). Developing Training Institutes to Vendors has been a successful initiative for us in Trivandrum. Would like to do the same in markets like Thrissur, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Calicut, Palghat. ( Help required would be one more Manpower) By April 2007 Start independent operations from a Business Centre in Trivandrum, By August 2007 at Trichur and Nov 2007 Calicut. Brand Building Initiatives ( corporate communications help to build the brand in Kerala) Media Initiatives not very successful till now) This has to be immediately done with the Corp Comm team as all our joint initiatives have failed to attract media. Leverage KSITM and MG University tie up for brand building Parichay Focus programmes on Parichay starting Jan2007.

Deepa Murali) 2007

CUSTOMERS AND PEOPLE 1. Vinod Menon Training calendar for 2007 already sent. Would like to see him to move to MT this year and handle South Kerala Market ( Trivandrum, Kollam, Pathanamthitta)

2. 3.

4. 5.

RISKS TO BE MITIGATED 1. Aggressive Competition compared to last year. 24/7, Sutherland hiring office already in M G Road. Would try to get into our model of tie up with universities, government, training partners. 2. Software companies like TCS, wipro, infy, MBT, IBM, Accenture recruiting huge number of graduates from Kerala giving fat salary. 3. Local players like OPI, Sutherland, Allianz Cornhill becoming very strong in F&A and Tech hiring.


Urgent vs Important Separate Focus areas !

Staffing challenges and decisions

Right number of people of the right quality at the right time Forecast accuracy : demand (growth, attrition and new business) , supply (sources) Overstaffed, carrying large bench strength? OR Under-staffed? Make or buy? Time constraints and quality of selection process? Seasonal supply /rolling selection (different levels)


Recruitment and selection framework

R&S practices Training

Ability Individual performance Organizational Performance



Pre-recruitment: Factors to be considered

Recruitment budgets
Sourcing costs Overheads Signing bonuses / notice period payouts Travel and relocation expenses

Quick results recruiting

Ready data bank of applicants Data bank on existing employees



The process of searching and obtaining applicants for a job from among whom the right people can be selected. The process of seeking sources for job candidates Effective recruitment is beneficial because, - Attract qualified and competent talent - Ensure that selected candidates continue longer - Cost-benefit - Create culturally diverse workforce


Factors affecting recruitment

External Supply Labor markets Political-legal framework Perception Brand image


Internal Policies Size of firm Growth and expansion Nature of the job / Diversity Attitude of current employees


Recruitment process

Stage I: Recruitment planning Yield ratios Quality of hires Stage II: Recruitment Strategy development Make or Buy Technology as a tool Sourcing channels Internal sources : Referrals, promotions, ex-employees, previous applicants External sources: Associations, ads, exchange, campus, walk-in, consultants competitors Stage III: Searching- includes selling and RJPs Stage IV: Screening Stage V: Evaluation of the recruitment process


Effective Recruiting: The Yield Pyramid

New hires Offers made (2 : 1) Interviewed (3 : 2) Invited (4 : 3) Leads generated (6 : 1)


Recruitment Special issues

Some metrics for evaluating the recruitment process Yr Offer-to-join ratio / Offer drops Cost per hire Recruitment Cost Ratio Early attrition TAT Fill rate RJPs JCQs Alternatives to recruitment Overtime Outsourcing / Employee leasing Contracts
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Recruitment sources: Traditional

Source Advertisements Campus recruitments Advantage Wide reach, high response rate Opportunity to reach top students Future management leaders Contingency workers Direct mail Can fill jobs urgently Personalized and selective Disadvantage / Challenge Costly, Calls for careful planning Seasonal Hard to assess potential (across the board) Possible legal ramifications, reaching out issues Time intensive, risk of delivery failures, availability of data banks


Recruitment sources: Traditional

Source Employee referrals Search agencies Former applicants Government agencies Job fairs Internal Job posting



Expeditious, inexpensive Risk of employee unrest (?), safer(?) Access to large labor pool Good for PR Cost effective Access to larger pool, time effective Employee morale, Culture fit Costly Outdated information Quality of labor pool Risk of shopping, offer drop ratio is high Managerial control issues / Morale

Recruitment sources: Traditional

Source Newspaper inserts Outplacement firms

Advantage Availability, cost effective Large number of applicants

Disadvantage Easily overlooked, branding issues Incomplete information risk

Professional associations
Radio and television

Wide reach, reaches potentials. Costeffective(?)

Risk of hiring rejects

Costly, recall issues

Voice advertisements / Messaging service


Easy to produce, cost effective

Effort in data mining


Recruitment advertisements
Stand out of the clutter and capture the job hunters attention (ideally, s/he should stop looking at adverts after seeing yours) Actual #s Convey accurate information about the job Cost effectiveness Pipeline - Target audience

Issues to be considered
Media Position of the advertisement Attractiveness of ad title and message
Use of graphics, colors etc

Content: Establishing linkage between the job hunters need and your solution
Info about the job / JS / Process / Brand building

Cost comparison with other sources and historical Yr

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Recruitment agencies
Contractually bound by Yr it is their job to screen and send only those who may fit the bill Refrain from compromising on the specifications Replacement clause Selective partnerships Communicate organizational philosophy clearly (equal opportunities)



Recruitment sources: Some innovations

Airplane banners

Attention catching

Expensive, unprofessional, Too new in Indian context Branding issues, unprofessional, require busy location Risk of message dilution / limited, need busy location


Cost effective


Attention catching

Bumper stickers

Incentive for employees


Recruitment sources: Some innovations

Company sponsored events / Competitions Customers, clients and guests Pre-training

Branding, opportunity to get referrals, evaluation opportunity Useful for smaller businesses, Allows for RJP Creates trained workforce, culture fit

Limited reach, Time consuming Relationship risk

May lose the trained people, tapping the trainable



Recruitment sources: Some innovations

Source Kiosks

Advantage Easy access to applicants

Disadvantage Unmonitored applicant flow, quality of applicants Intrusive, costly Time consuming Inflexibility, inappropriate

Movie advertisements Response cards Retirees

Encourage non-actives Personalized, selective Experienced candidates, safe bets



Application Forms

Nature and Role of Application Forms A pre-employment screen in the form of a series of questions designed to provide information on the general suitability of applicants for jobs to which they are applying
Purposes of Forms To decide if applicants meet the minimum requirements of a position To assess and compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of individuals making application



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