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An Overview of Marketing Communications


The Role of Marketing Communications

Reminding Informing


The Marketing Communications Mix


Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC):

The strategic integration of multiple means of communicating with target markets to form a comprehensive, consistent message.


The Marketing Communications Process


Marketing Communications Planning

Marketing Plan Review

Monitoring, Evaluating, Controlling

Situation Analysis

Integration & Implementation

Communications Process Analysis

Budget Development

Program Development


Marketing Communications Environments

The Competitive Environment

The Economic Environment

The Social Environment

Marketing Mix Considerations


Communications Process Analysis

Set Marketing Communications Objectives

Apply the Basic Communication Model.


Budget Development

Influences on Budgeting:

Size of the company Its financial resources The type of business The market dispersion The industry growth rate The firms position in the marketplace


Budgeting Methods

Percentage of Sales Competitive Parity All-You-Can-Afford Objective-Task


Marketing Communications Program Development

Explicit Communications:

Convey a distinct, clearly stated message through personal selling, advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, or some combination of these methods.

Implicit Communications:

What the message connotes about the product itself, its price, or the places it is sold.


Push, Pull, and Combination Strategies

Push Strategy:

Involves convincing intermediary channel members to push the product through the cannel to the ultimate consumer.

Pull Strategy:

Attempts to get consumers to pull the product from the manufacturing company through the marketing channel.


Push, Pull, and Combination Strategies

Combination Strategy:

Aiming marketing communications at both resellers and ultimate consumers.


Integration and Implementation


Setting the marketing communications plan into action.

The key aspect of implementation is coordination !!!


Monitoring, Evaluating, and Controlling

Examples: Monitor sales promotion by the number of coupons redeemed.

Measure the effectiveness of a new personal selling strategy by looking at the number of new accounts opened. A firm might run tests to see it consumers noticed the ad. Review sales results and attribute fluctuations in sales volume to MC.


Ethical and Legal Considerations

M C Element Legal / Ethical Concerns


Deceptive advertising Unfavorable stereotypes

Lack of sincerity Using economic power unfairly Misleading consumer promotions Paying slotting allowances for shelf space High-pressure selling Misrepresenting product benefits Telemarketing privacy invasion Misuse of consumer database information

Public Relations

Sales Promotion

Personal Selling

Direct Marketing


Legal -- but Ethical?

Some marketing communications may be technically legal but raise significant ethical questions: Liquor industry now advertises on cable and local television stations.

Extensive promotion of higher-cost drugs when health care costs are spiraling out of control.
Heavy promotional allowances to pharmacies for agreement to push proprietary instead of generic drugs. Promotion of legalized gambling.


Deception in Marketing Communications

Deceptive Advertising:


Communicatio ns intended to mislead consumers by making false claims or failing to disclose important information.

False pricing offers Misleading or overstating product benefits Nonsubstantiation of claims made in marketing


Additional Regulatory Concerns

Comparative advertising requires that comparative claims be supported.

Product endorsers must be qualified to make judgments and must actually use the product being endorsed.

Packaging and labeling practices of food and drug marketers are heavily scrutinized by consumers and regulatory agencies.


Effects of Globalization

Adjust the communications mix from country to country to avoid legal and ethical problems. Sales promotion techniques that involve contests and giveaways are regulated quite differently in various countries.


Effects of Globalization

Acceptable personal selling behavior varies significantly across countries and cultures. Special precautions must be taken to not perpetuate unfavorable stereotypes of ethic and racial groups.