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Gurbaksh Singh Chahal (born July 17, 1982) is an American internet

entrepreneur, philanthropist, and writer.

Popularly known as G

By the age of 25, he founded and sold two advertising companies for a
total of US$340 million.
Born in Tarn Taran sahib , Punjab to Avtar Singh
and Arjinder Chahal .
In 1985, his parents settled in San Jose, California
after receiving a VISA through green card lottery
His parents had arrived to states with only $25 in
their names, and they struggled at menial jobs
to make a future for 4 children
Gurbaksh singh started his business life by doing what thousands of
people do these days to make a living online.
He went to the free market and got some renovated printers for $50
and sold them on eBay for $200.
This action, opened his eyes into what else he could do to make money
The internet was only 3 years old then and had limitless opportunities
that were un explored
G spotted was is the same thing that is hot for most businesses
He knew to succeed everyone needed to advertise and the internet
offered various new methods
He worked full time at his first venture, ClickAgents.
ClickAgents was an advertising network which G
had started in his bedroom
ClickAgents one of the first companies ad networks
that focussed around performance based
The business grew and bigger and at age of 16,
Gurbaksh dropped out of high school to pursue a
dream as an entrepreneur
He created another employee - head of Sale
named Gary Singh , who was played by Gurbaksh
himself , to make ClickAgents seem bigger

He wasn't inventing the wheel but improving something that was having a
great success at the moment.
The space websites had for advertisers and sponsors worked in a simple way.
Traditionally, the advertiser, would pay certain amount of money for a
specified time your banner would show on a site or a network of websites.
THE IDEA : ClickAgents worked on the idea of charging the advertisers only
once the potential customers clicked their ad.
This initially may have felt a loss of income but later realised that win win
situation for both the company and the advertiser as it added value and
repeated clients

Two year later , November 1, 2000 ValueClick announced it agreed to
buy ClickAgents
A $40 million all-stock merger.
A three year non-compete agreement with ValueClick was made by

After Gurbaksh was free from the 3 year non compete agreement , he
went and created a similar company on January 12, 2004.
It had improved tools for controlling the advertising campaigns and
better targeting the niches.
This company was called
Bluelithium specialized in behavioral targeting of banner advertising
The advertising network which was recognized as an innovator in
the online advertising space.

In 2006, BlueLithium was named Top Innovator by AlwaysOn.
On September 4, 2007, Yahoo! announced the acquisition of
BlueLithium for $300 million.
Chahal remained CEO of the company through the transition period.
BlueLithium is now known as Yahoo! Advertising.
BlueLithium is the fifth largest ad network in the United States and
the second largest in the United Kingdom, with 145 million unique
visitors per month.
After selling off his second venture to Yahoo for $300 million and a non
compete agreement in 2007.
In September 2009, Gurbaksh focused on creating a new category of
real-time advertising.
He started his next business venture Gwallet
Gwallet was a virtual currency platform for social developers
October 18, 2010 as Gurbakshs non compete agreement ended
Chahal announced the founding of RadiumOne.
RadiumOne absorbed gWallet and expanded its efforts into
programmatic advertising.
If you genuinely want something, dont wait for it teach yourself to be
Ive also learned that the biggest lessons came from my biggest
Find something you love and do it better than everyone else.
People tend to think that in order to start a new business they have to
come up with something new and dazzling, but thats a myth and its
often propagated by venture capitalists.

Apart from being invited for dinner with the US President
Gurbaksh has also appeared on the famous The Oprah
Winfrey Show . In his interview, Oprah Winfrey introduced him
as "one of the youngest and also the
wealthiest entrepreneurs on the planet Earth
2006: AlwaysOn Top Innovator of the Year
2010: BusinessWeek, Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs
2011: Most Influential CEO - Under30CEO
2011: Forbes Greatest Risks
2012: Light of India Awards 2012: People's Award for Excellence
in Business Leadership
2012: Light of India Awards 2012: Amrapali Award for
Entrepreneur of the Year
2012: Complex Magazine's: The 25 Richest Tech Entrepreneurs
Under 30
2013: Anokhi's Prestige Awards 2013: Tech Entrepreneur of the
2013: Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
2013: 40 Under 40 by Direct Marketing News

"You can have the will, the desire, the
discipline, the ambition, but when you marry
it with passion. There isn't a single thing you
can't do."